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Would you be interested in a Cover System?

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    [GAME] Would you be interested in a Cover System?

    Hello guys, I've been searching for tutorials on how to make a basic cover system for quite some time and I have found nothing on it, so I decided to make one myself. I started out reluctantly at first, but before I could actually realize, it has become quite good. I was thinking of submitting it to the marketplace when it's done. Would anyone be interested in getting it? I think a cover system is a must have for the majority of third person shooting games today, but I'm a little sceptical about it, since there's no discussion or tutorials around it, wherever I've searched. And also, what do you think would be a reasonable price for it? I believe there are a lot of people who would want a cover system but don't afford to spend more than 20-30 bucks on it.

    Hey Th3Gi4nt,

    it's all about the cost-benefit analysis - Is it cheaper to buy it or to code it on my own you know ...

    So, for a price you should think about the hours you needed to create the system (without all those configurations, common users want to have), calculate a price out of it and reduce it to ~1/8. It should also fit to the general prices on the marketplace. I mean ... your goal is it to hit a bigger majority.

    But in the end I would buy it for a good price and good quality.



      I just saw this thread, and think its a good idea. If you can use it for something, go check a tutorial thread i did on something similar.

      It is however not in any condition to share as a package, since it was made for learning purposes and also makes heavy use of Mixamo animations which are not redistributable in fbx form.

      Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.


        Or you could take the traditional route and give a tutorial on it?


          Originally posted by Lumina View Post
          Or you could take the traditional route and give a tutorial on it?
          With that way of "traditional route" thinking, everything can be a tutorial, from 1 hour to 500 days. Implementing a bug-free cover system is hard, it costs time in return. So I see no problem on having this as paid personally.

          I am sure alot of FPS creators will like it. Good luck.
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            Try to get inspired by the Cover APs from Naughtydog. I'm sure this will make your tool sell a lot!

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              KAISERslin you are right. No matter how hard you may have worked if the price is too high it will make very few if any sales. I personally very rarely buy assets costing more than 50$.

              Thanks a lot aloneball. I'll be sharing my progress every time I get a new feature to work.

              Lumina, I thought about making a tutorial series, but to make teach how to make a bug-free fully functional cover system while explaining every single step in detail for the beginners would probably take at least 20-25 hours without the outtakes, the mistakes or the endless effort to solve the majority of the bugs. And I also have a comedy channel and a gaming channel and I already find it hard to keep up with both.

              Thanks Achilleon. Bugs for now are easy to spot, but as it gets bigger... As for time, I am already 30+ hours in it and I have only added standing in cover, crouching in cover and a swat turn. Now I am trying to make it turn corners like in Hitman Absolution, but it's tricky. So yeah, it's a pretty lengthy process.

              Mamoniem I really like the cover system from The Last of Us and it would be great for a stealth game, which I prefer, but for a fast paced action gears of war type third person shooter it would be useless, wouldn't it?