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  • Thank you for the update, Le Samedi.


    • Got the plugin since the default landscape spline tool is just too limited. So far working great - so easy to Place roads now. But with big 6km^2 map the road actors vanish when playing in editor (or simulating). No issues on tiny map and removing cull volume didnt help. Anyone else with similar problem? Cant even see the road actors listed in outliner so something seem to delete them. With tiny map the road actors stay there when playing. What I could be missing? :S

      Edit: Now found it. Seems like sublevels cant be se "always loaded". After setting them to "blueprint", the roads appear now. Just strange that the landscape and roads are all in persistent (root) level.

      EDIT2: Very strange stuff. If any sublevel is visible, then the roads get deleted instantly. If I load sublevel e.g. 5 seconds after play start in editor, first roads show but instanly when sublevel (that have only some static mesh actor, no any landscape) comes visible then the roads vanish.

      EDiT3: Not having the issue in packed Project so no real problem. Loving the plugin so far.
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