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New Mech turn based strategy x action [DUAL GEAR]

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    [GAME] New Mech turn based strategy x action [DUAL GEAR]

    Hi everyone

    this is my first post here. My game just launched a new teaser and screen shots too.Please check it out !

    watch a teaser

    This game is a Turn Based Strategy combination with action gameplay inspired from classical Japanese mech TBS games . Me and team still developing this game and will launch the crowdfunding campaign at indiegogo on 25 Jan 2016 also early pre alpha version for Windows will available to download with the campaign. If you interest about this game project.Visit our website or follow our facebook page here. And all feedback are very welcome

    DUAL GEAR website


    Screen shots

    Thank's UE forum and all interested !
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    Visit DUAL GEAR Campaign.

    IndieGoGo and steam greenlight live now!

    Our DUAL GEAR game just launched the campaign at few days ago. Everyone here can try out the pre-alpha demo right now.

    I place a campaign link below. Feel free to feedback with me if you're try out the demo

    See a campaign
    Visit DUAL GEAR Campaign.


      I love giant robots. I love interesting action / RPG hybrids.

      This game looks AMAZING!

      And right up my alley.

      Keep up the good work and good luck on your campaign!
      Check out our game Arcus!


        The graphics and robots are amazing. I need to see more


          Looks pretty cool, dig the clean visuals One crit is that the shadows look a tad too dark, maybe you need a skylight to lighten them up a bit. Would also help make the GI more visible.

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            Can you tell me, what technology did you use for create User interface for your game?


              This game looks super awesome!!

              Unreal needs more good strategy games and you guys are doing a good job with that!!
              Check out our game Arcus!


                Wow! Really nice crisp, clean visuals and great trailer!