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    The deformation can be very useful for character creations.
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      Just thought of another function that might be useful (not sure how easy it would be to implement, though). How about a snap grid mode that automatically changes the grid size depending on which object you have selected and on which axis you're moving/rotating/scaling it? For example, you've got a modular mesh like a wall piece and you want to build a wall consisting of many of these wall pieces placed next to each other. So you'd place one wall piece object in the scene, select it and alt-drag it. The tool could automatically change the grid size to the size of the object on the axis its being moved on so the two wall pieces line up perfectly with each other. (It'd probably also be a good idea to let people edit the go-to grid sizes for each axis on each mesh/object manually in case you want a different grid size than the one that's automatically detected.) Could be really useful when you use lots of different modular pieces of different sizes. Not sure how doable it is, though.


        Hey guys,

        thanks for the feedback Vollgaser, I appreciate it, but what you can currently see here is what helped me and helps in process of designing levels, before posting thread on the forums I asked people around and they found it pretty useful. My current goal is to finish "tools" i have at the moment, this is why I want to make small public test, and after that, move to other proposed features, if there will be any.

        Thanks SumFX! If you've got anything else that you think is must have, I'd like to hear about it

        Regarding the character creation as unit23 mentioned. This one is really complicated and also isn't possible without engine modification/plugin, which doesn't suit my vision, I want this pack to be small Blueprint-only library And it's not really about level-design. The deformation itself works thanks to spline mesh component and is only able to deform static mesh a long specified two points and its parameters. Though, this could be potentially a starting point for what unit23 mentioned.

        Thanks for the idea FrozenHarlequin! It actually was somewhere in my backlog, not sure I mentioned it in any of the posts. It's really easy to implement, and I thought about it as an another parameter like "Snap to mesh size", which automatically sets "distance" parameters so meshes would be snapped to each other. Rotating and scaling comes automatically with this, since they don't really interfere with any process inside the Blueprints and are pretty much independent operations.

        Thanks for stopping by!
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