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Dragon'$ Gold:A Sci-Fantasy Co-Op, FPS Action RPG, Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Treasure Hunt for Cash!

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    [GAME] Dragon'$ Gold:A Sci-Fantasy Co-Op, FPS Action RPG, Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Treasure Hunt for Cash!

    Dragon'$ Gold is a simple game of Mazes and Monsters, but, could be more elaborately described as A Fantasy-themed Co-Op, First-Person Action Role Playing, Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Hack n Slash Treasure Hunt for CA$H. A Massive Labyrinth in which Heroes battle Monsters on a Quest to be the First to seize the Dragon's Gold, a Virtual Treasure with a Real-World Ca$h Value!

    Heroes dispatch monsters with a combination of Melee (short range), Projectile Weapon (Moderate/Long range), and Magic (Area effect). Encounter a wide assortment of Monsters types from Titans to Hordes, each with their own behavior, movement patterns, and combat tactics utilizing multiple offense and defense strategies.
    Combat uses a ternary equal-opposite relationship (aka Roshambo) between Elements (etc: Fire/Ice/Metal) to determine Attack/Guard effect for both Hero and Monster. Heroes must rely on strategy, memory, and each other to navigate the maze, solve puzzles, and defeat traps.

    Beat up Monsters, Grab Loot, Survive, Level Up, Unlock more powerful Weapons - Attacks - Guards - Skills - Spells -
    Achievements....Seize the Dragon's Gold To Win the Cash!

    • Cash-Driven Skill-based Monetization Models
      • 'Competitive Questing'
      • Several Traditional PvP/PvE Cash-Driven Tournaments Game Modes: CTF, Micro-MOBA, DeathMatch, Maze Race, Others
    • Item Mall Cosmetic Enhancements
    • Procedural Generated Mazes
    • Collage Construction 3D 'Art Style'
      • Dynamic Dismemberment
    • Extreme Player Customization Options for Function and Appearance.
    • Three (3) Party Cooperative
    • Fast-paced Action Combat
    • Sophisticated Enemy AI
    • VR Support, Stereoscopic Modes
    • Distinct Styles and Input support for First-Person Melee Combat, Magic Casting, Dual Firearm
    • Targeted for PC Platform

    Design Overview
    Dragon'$ Gold embraces modular design at several layers of development. Comprised of a game-play core and several editing app modules that can operate as standalone Apps. Editing Apps are scripted entirely in Blueprints providing a in-game UMGUI Frontend/Backend.

    All high level 3D Entities Categories: Character & Monster Head/Body, Character Armor, Monsters, Melee & Fire Weapons, Crafts/Vehicles, Props/Furniture, Architecture, Structures, and Hybrids are modular to support manual customization, semi-automatic assembly, and procedural generation at run-time.

    On the Backend, Game Devs can collaboratively prefabricate Entities for Treasure Hunts/Tournaments. On the Front end, Players can collaboratively customize Character, Armor, Melee & Fire Weapons.


    About Me
    Frankie 'TechLord' Taylor
    Responsibilities: Principal Game Design Engineer, Project Admin Support, UE4 Programming/Blueprints Scripting, UE4-Web Interface Programming, Programmer's Art (Blender), Programmer Audio Production (FLStudio), Online Product Marketing/Distribution.

    Previous Work:
    Online Portalfolio, 1yr experience UE4 UnrealEd & Blueprints.
    Additional Info:
    Online only
    Cannot travel
    Hours of Availability: 0600-0800 GMT M-F, Flex on Weekends
    Can only speak English, will Google Translate

    Want to help? Need...
    Experienced UE4 3D Artist
    Knowledge of UnrealEngine 4 Material System. Skilled in the use of Blender3D, skills in other 3D Applications a plus. Skills in both Organic and Hard Surface Modelling. Can adopt to a Modular workflow authoring base meshes and compatible interchangeable parts/pieces (attached to base meshes). Can work with pre-existing 3D Mesh Texture Material Assets. Can work with Morph-target.
    Experienced UE4 3D Animator
    Knowledge of UnrealEngine 4 Persona & Matinee Editor, Animation Blueprints, and SkelControls for procedural driven IK. Can adopt to a modular workflow and work with Motion Captured data. Skilled in both real and exaggerated Bi-ped and Multi-ped Creature Animations. Skilled in facial animations and morph-target based animation. Monsters may possess one or more Attacks: Wall Climb, Aerial Attack, Guards/Cover, Taunts, Deaths. Facial Animation: Jaw movement for Roars and Bites desired. Eye Rotation will be applied procedural.

    Note: All Animations must extend on the default UE4 4.8 Humanoid Character Rig. All Monsters are essentially Were-beast, humanoid (biped) or partial-humanoid(multi-ped). Examples:Minotaur, Harpies, Centaurs, Werewolves, Medusi (serpent body), Were Spider-men, Others. See
    Humanoid Rig Chart.
    Blueprints Scripting Guru
    To assist me directly with scripting, reducing development time for on-the-fly Research and Development for Game-play Core and Editing App Module functionality and feature implementation, performance optimizations and profiling.

    UMG UI Designer/Artist

    To assist with improving the Flashiness of the Frontend/Backend Menu Layout, User-Friendliness, Aesthetics and Animation.

    UnrealEngine 4 (I personally use the compiled version)
    Perforce Helix P4V: Visual Client - Source Control [Login Settings]. Built-in UE4. User Guide's: Brief, Detailed
    TeamViewer - Online Meetings

    Skype- Instant Messaging / Screen Sharing
    Dev on Discord Discord Server - Instant Messaging
    Trello - Planner


    PM Me Title: TEAM DRAGON
    Skype: techlord_on_skype (rarely used. see Discord info)
    Project uses
    Perforce Source Control
    Optional Reading Column

    The re-imaginary spiritual successor to two games that never existed: Gauntlet FPS and Maze War 2016
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    GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO

    I'm interested in the competitive questing aspect, can you elaborate more on that?


      Originally posted by zlspradlin View Post
      I'm interested in the competitive questing aspect, can you elaborate more on that?
      Hi zlspradlin,

      Thanks for your inquiry. Competitive Questing is essentially multiple Adventurers in a Race against each other to be the first to complete a quest/task. In Dragon'$ Gold, the overarching 'Quest' is to seize the prized treasure: Dragons Gold.
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      GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


        That sounds cool! Currently in Gauntlet my friends and I allow each other to share in the gold, it would be unique to have competitive questing!


          The Game Plan
          also known as...

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          GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


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            GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


              2017 Development Tasks

              Task #1 Develop Multiplayer support over the Internet. I'm developing both the HTTPS Server-side
     Online API (AKO) and the UE4 Client-side AKO Online Subsystem (AKO OSS). Development of the AKO OSS requires C++, thus I'm forced to break my oath of Blueprints Only Scripting Oh well. With the new BP to C++ Converter I might as well drop the Oath in favor of performance. I'm currently scripting the AKO web API and I have plans to modify JvtheWanderer's GameJolt OSS Plugin for use as the AKO OSS. I've purchased Lobby Group Chat Blueprints Module for a decent starter point providing in-game Lobby in the Game-Play Core. However, I'm considering re-factoring LGC with Centralize Processing to decouple UMG GUI from the Module's Logic.

              Task #2a Once Multiplayer support over the internet in a simple or empty level is achieved, I will start adding functionality to the Player Controller to expand into a Multi-user Editor App Module Framework. This Framework should support the following actions: spawn [create], orientate & swap materials [update], and destroy [delete] Static/Skeletal Meshes from the scene and replicate these actions to multiple users in real-time. I can then further expand on functionality to support these actions for other UObjects.

              Task #2b The ability to Save/Load data in the Editor App Framework will be required. The ability to Save/Load this data from both remote and local sources is desired. Saving many types and pieces of data locally is the purpose of
              SLOT I/O Visual Slot Manager and I'm 60% complete. Saving Remotely can be achieved by 1) UE4 network replication to clients, followed by each client saving locally; 2) Generating a file containing Level/Entity data in a specified format and pushing the data to a Remote server. Loading from remote source could be achieved by reversing the steps to Save Remotely. Its desire that Saved Data be loaded into the UnrealEd to take advantage of Nav Mesh and LightMass. I'm researching means to achieve this.

              Task #3 Extending Editor App Module Framework to a operational state equal or greater than that of
              Sahkan's MapBuilder (preferably with a GUI, not Keyboard shortcuts) would make me very happy. I would then start adding functionality to assemble and customize high-level game Entities: Characters, Weapons, Architecture and more. These Editors will require additional Actions to swap Parts, attach/detach uobjects, morph target adjustments, others. This would be stage we're we start experimenting with implementing Collage Construction for Character Armor, Monsters, and Weapons, Procedural Dungeon Generation.

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              GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


                I've noticed a recent surge in the interest of Dungeon Crawlers (1,2,3,4) which has reignited my excitement for the genre. Some Devs include Design Docs which is nice, but I personally think WIP Forum Post can serve as the Design Doc itself. The advantage is, one can insert media directly into the Post, and get direct input from the community.
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                GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


                  Haha,oh my word X'D I feel it's fair mentioning, this is because we are all at university with a similar master's year task. Wait a year and you might see the exact same surge happen again!



                    t h e... m u n d a n e
                    GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


                      GUESS WHAT I AM?
                      GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


                        GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


                          Dragon'$ Gold (D$G): A Sci-Fantasy Co-Op, FPS Action RPG,Roguelike Dungeon Crawl, Treasure Hunt for Cash!
                          Forum Thread | Project Web | Messaging
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                          GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO


                            The Game Plan Part II
                            SLOT I/O: Visual Folder/Slots (SaveGame) Management System. Demonstration of UMG Development
                            EyeManga3D: Demonstration of Materials.
                            Lore of Yamaia: Demonstration of player controller/character/camera
                            P R O T O S: In-game Collaborative Multi-user World & Entity Construction System. Demonstration of UE4 Network Replication Development.
                            GOLEMCraft: Creature Creation System Prototype: Demonstration of the Collage Construction Methodology.
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                            GOD of DREAMs: A Unique FTPS/RPG Sandbox MMO