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[APPLICATION] 3DCinema VR - Virtual Theater for Oculus Rift

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    [APPLICATION] 3DCinema VR - Virtual Theater for Oculus Rift

    Hi there! I know that a few programs like this already exist, but I decided to try and make one in UE4 as a side-project from my main game.

    3DCinema VR
    Have you ever wanted a home-theater but couldn't afford it even though you have bought an Oculus Rift dev-kit and probably the commercial version in the future as well?
    Have no fear! You can get the full experience of an entire theater to yourself, with the power of 3DCinema VR.

    Have you ever wanted to see an anime, or a film that can't be watched in theaters?
    Have no fear! You can watch what ever you have using the Content Manager!

    The cinema is half-done at the moment, I just need to find/make some good theater chair models. I'm hoping to harness the real-time GI capabilities to illuminate the theater slightly, but there is a delay in adapting to the emmisive lighting, forcing me to disable it for now. FXAA is also has to be used due to the artifacts with temporal AA. The VLC media plugin is used so it can support a wide-range of formats, although the ones relying on the VLC plug-in cannot use subtitles and it's generally unstable at the moment.

    The content manager is also in the works, hoping to add capabilities for a full library of content. At the moment, you can specify a video through a file explorer, and then launch 3DCinema VR to play it, and there are a few more settings within the 'player', such as reverb gain, aspect ratio, volume etc. VR-Chan does hand gestures and expressions for different actions and errors you may encounter.

    The controls are basic at the moment, but provides play/pause, a seek bar, back to start, skip to end, and displays the current time and time remaining. As I do not have an Oculus dev-kit of my own, once I am almost certain that it will function as it should, I'll release the pre-alpha for the program.

    These are ideas that I plan to implement in the future:
    -Adjustable Screen Size
    -Adjustable Screen Pitch
    -Online features with multiple users having the same media file, being kept in sync and communicate using VoIP.
    -Clicking on a seat to move the user to it's location.
    -Multiple Files and Folders to add to the Content Manager, being displayed as a list within 3DCinema VR to select a video.

    I'll upload a video of it in action when I get the chance.

    Here's a short video of the progress so far.