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Our Ghosts of War - World War 2 Survival Game

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    Im super excited about this, looks good.


      WN 68
      Click image for larger version

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      Hey everybody, I'm Jack and I'm one of the other environment artists/modelers working on "Our Ghosts of War". This is the first of the fourteen bunkers on Omaha Beach. I'm adding a modified Panzer IV turret to the top of the bunker.
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            Looks kinda rea... dat DOF effect JEZ. Remove that DOF effect its like so lacking. :c


              This looks very well done, the lighting and environment atmosphere are fantastic!

              Well done, looking forward to seeing how this progresses.
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                Spent Artillery Shells Version 1




                    Here's a test to add a burned metal look to the spent shell.


                      "Bouncing Betty" S-Mine WIP


                        Dragon's Teeth Textured WIP 1

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                          9/13/15 UPDATE

                          Hey guys.

                          Pixel Perfect Polygons here. Thanks for visiting our thread. We finally have more information for you!

                          There hasn't been much posted so far but that's going to change starting today because we're moving into production. There have been a ton of ideas and conversations inside Pixel Perfect Polygons on what "Our Ghosts of War" should be and after much heated debate we're ready to finally tell you about it.

                          "Our Ghosts of War" is a realistic open-world sandbox survival game set in Nazi occupied France in the days following the Allied invasion of Normandy. Inspired by survival games like "DayZ", "Ark: Survival Evolved", "Rust", and "H1Z1", "Our Ghosts of War" is intended to be the greatest World War 2 game ever created.

                          The first thing we'd like to announce is that we've created the largest, most accurate representation of Normandy, France ever in the history of video games.

                          Using satellite DEM data we've managed to create a 400km historically accurate terrain that is larger than even DayZ. There has NEVER been a more historically accurate terrain in history than the one you will find in Our Ghosts of War. Here is the first preview of that map. You can see first hand how much ground the terrain will cover along with all the towns and locations that will be in the game. We've worked our butts off to make this possible and we really hope you'll be able to enjoy the fruits of our labor very soon.

                          Our next update will be posted here on the 15th so keep your eyes open. The update will deal with how we intend the game to play. We'll break down some of the mechanics of the game along with more information on how we're intending "Our Ghosts of War" be among the most customizable experiences you've ever played. Thank you for reading!

                          Pixel Perfect Polygons


                            Looking superb, the best motivation and luck for the project. Cant wait to see more.
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                              WOAH - That MAP! THAT MAP!

                              How did you do that?!

                              I know that you used SRTM DATA but ... hell... That map...

                              A Tutorial would be most welcome even if it is on a small scale.

                              Please show me your work flow.
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                                If the map can be pulled off correctly, i would be very very impressed!

                                Quick question, i am guessing the SDEM Data is from current images and not representative of Normandy at the time?

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