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    Focused on runtime procedural generation by exposing more functions/events to blueprint

    Here is an example level blueprint that spawns a new random dungeon layout every time it starts and places the player in a valid platform

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      Thanks! I'll create the tutorials soon. In the mean time, you could have a look at the opensource Haste plugin (signature) for a custom Editor mode panel customization. BTW, nice work with the Building Generator
      Yeah , I looked at it and implemented it as well. Very nice. Still will take me a long time to learn this , but after watching your videos , I have started to believe that making my building generator similar to the way buildings are made in Sims 4(nothing can be better than that , you can create practically any building in less than an hour) is absolutely possible. Just like how you added extra options within your dungeon Edit mode, this will work. Please release your pack in the market soon, I will just buy it for learning purpose.
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        I found this tip very useful from Micheal Noland in the Extending the Editor tutorial video

        If you want to develop a feature for your extension plugin, do the following:
        • Find a similar existing feature in the editor (e.g. the foliage edit mode tab)
        • Use the Widget Reflector (Window > Developer Tools > Widget Reflector) to home in on the engine code that was responsible for creating this
        • Copy the code and strip out all the dependencies till you have a bare minimum (in my case an empty custom edit mode tab)
        • Start adding your custom code on top of it
        • Rinse / Repeat

        With this method, you don't have to understand how everything works (I still don't) but you can learn as you go. Step 3 can be overwhelming since you have to deal with a lot of code clean-up before you can compile successfully. Patience and persistence for a few hours will eventually get you there
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          Impressive! Can you provide an information on how can it be used on runtime generation mode with multiplayer?(if its possible, but i think it is) Any updates on release date?


            @rozenbor In multiplayer, the server decides and replicates the dungeon configuration structure (seed etc) to all the clients so the clients also generate the exact same layout. I haven't tested this yet but it should be possible. I'll be submitting soon
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              Gonna be first day buyer!) i thought on same architecture, if random seed is an option,then it's definetely possible(at least with some magic )


                This is an insta buy for me. Get it into our hand Ali!!!



                  @rozenbor @TommyBear Thanks for your support!

                  Bought the awesome SciFi Props Pack and created a new indoor theme.

                  Checkout the video where the entire level was built procedurally with a single click (and some manual modifications made to it later on)
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                    Definitely a first day buy for me too. Good job and looking forward to its release.
                    Quinton Delpeche
                    Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard


                      @qdelpeche Thanks!

                      Added a new feature to apply rule based transformation on the props. These rules are defined in blueprints, which we all are familiar with

                      Here is an example where I want alternate meshes to be rotated by 180 degrees so they look like connected tubes

                      You do this by selecting the node and defining a new blueprint in the Transform Logic section (plus icon)

                      Define you logic by overriding the Get Node Offset function
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                        Created support websites:
                        Main website:
                        Support Forum:
                        Issue Tracker:
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                          This is AMAZING.


                          Keep up the good work Ali.


                            I plan to purchase this and that awesome sci fi pack. Nice stuff


                              @Ali, any guesses about when this will be available? Price?
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                                @Ali: It just gets better and better ... this is really an awesome plugin. I have two projects that have been sidelined because of lack of a level design, this plugin is going to enable me to get the POC for these projects out.

                                Thank you and I am eagerly looking forward to your release. Keep up the awesome work. 8-}
                                Quinton Delpeche
                                Founder - Gobbo Games | Designer - The Colony 2174 (Board Game) | Developer - Riders of Asgard