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    Hi Ali, it would be great to get an ETA on 2.0 if possible.


      Hi [MENTION=59935]A[/MENTION]li,
      I have a very important feature request: Theme Override Modes (replace - as it is now - you need a full suit of prefabs) and new, additive (only things we change, like a hero room prefabs). It would be glad to have something like that, shouldn't be difficult to implement.



        DA 2.0.0 beta release

        Hi everyone, I've uploaded a beta version of 2.0.0 and you can download and play with it

        2.x Changes:

        New Builders:
        The motivation for 2.0 was to refactor DA to make it easy to add new dungeon algorithms (builders). The changes now give complete control to the builder on the generation algorithm and the editor tooling without changing the DA Core. So, this makes it possible to add new dungeon algorithms in the future. With 2.0 release, there will be 3 new dungeon builder, and more to come later:

        Floor plan builder:
        Builds floorplans for your building interiors. Also supports multiple floors.

        Installation steps of use the multi-story demo
        1. Create new Blueprint First Person project with Starter Content
        2. Copy the free Scifi Hallways content (since it is a project, create new Scifi Hallways project in temporary location and copy its content folder to this project's content folder)
        3. Close and install Dungeon Architect 2.0 plugin
        4. Download and extract the floor plan demo theme content (Content/DA_Floorplan_Demo)
        5. Open the demo map: Content/DA_Floorplan_Demo/FloorPlan/OfficeBuilding

        Isaac builder:
        A dungeon algorithm to generate levels similar to the Binding of Isaac.

        Snap builder:
        A builder inspired by Doom Snapmap. It will also have tooling similar to it

        This is still an early WIP but I've made good progress in it.

        The designer would create a module (e.g. a room) in separate levels and assign attachment points (so other modules can connect to it). These attachment points are called SnapDoors. DA would them stitch them together

        With this builder, the artist gets a lot more control on how each module looks. Here are some sample module I created, each in its own individual level

        After you have designed a module, you drop in the SnapDoor asset where an exit / entrance is expected so other modules can attach to it

        Door snap assets can be created like so:

        They have their own editor where you define how the door would look

        Sometimes the door might not be connected to another module. In this case, it's preferable to block the wall off instead of leaving an open space. You can specify that mesh by switching the tab

        Switch to your game level and register all these modules in your dungeon actor and build. not implemented yet

        Editor Mode:
        I'll add the editor mode to manually add / remove / move modules around your dungeon like in Doom SnapMap

        I'll have more info on this soon


        Customize Selector/Transformer rules
        Expose variables in your rule blueprint and customize them in the node. E.g. you can create a random rotation transform rule and expose the max rotation as a variable in the blueprint

        Selector Logic

        Transform Logic

        Customize Marker emitter variables
        Expose variables in your marker emitter blueprint and customize them from the details property

        Config Details Category
        The config section gets its own category. It automatically changes when the builder class is change to reflect its config properties

        Context Menu Cateogry
        DA gets a new category in the context menu where all DA related stuff will go in the future.


        Spatial Constraint
        In your theme node, set the desired states of nearby cells for more decorative control

        Multiple Selector/Transformer rules
        You can add multiple selector rules to theme nodes

        Selector and Transformer logic
        The rules are now specific to the builder type so you need to create a blueprint derived from the appropriate builder type it targets. This gives the builder full control on defining the interface for the rule. After you create the blueprint, simply override the function to implement your logic

        Builder specific Selector Rule

        Builder specific transform Rule

        New Demo Themes:

        Toon Land
        A new theme file create with free asset (CC0). You can download it from here and use it in your game. It uses the new spatial constraints feature

        Scifi Hallways
        A theme created using the free Scifi Hallway asset from the marketplace

        Upgrade from 1.x to 2.0:

        Your old theme files won't work. However you can upgrade them from the context menu. Version 1.x theme files are shown in red color

        This will upgrade the theme graph. However the selector logic and transform logic wont upgrade. You need to open them individually and change their parent to the appropriate class depending on the builder type.

        I'll create a proper release notes and migration guides soon. I'm also working on better video tutorials that are shorter and to the point so it doesn't take your time

        PS: windows version only for now as I am in another city and don't have access to my mac, sorry. Feel free to post any suggestions, bugs etc
        Dungeon Architect | Prefabricator


          Awesome update Ali!

          The SnapMap style builder looks amazing.
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            Thanks, Very good updates!!!

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              Hey [MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION] - I am very impressed.

              Got a question though - Do you have any plans for Dungeon Architect to be used at run time by the end user?

              Also I would encourage you to look into using the Runtime Mesh Component by [MENTION=141752]Koderz[/MENTION] If you use the procedural mesh component at the moment.



                I just purchased DA. It is really cool and I just started with the 2.0 beta as well. Questions/comments:

                1. For something like the Issac builder and the Grid builder is there a way to get the first room and then use the the distance of the minimum spanning tree to get the furthest room (to place an exit) and also use the distance as a score value for building? I.e. Changing room difficulty or room types the further you are from the starting point.

                2. In a custom dungeon builder I had on another engine I had the ability to do procedural lock and key puzzles. I.e. Have an earlier room in the tree have a key that would unlock a door/room that impedes progress into the rest of the dungeon in another room. Is there a way to do that with the current system?

                3. I love the instanced option for the Dungeon builder since I am using it for real-time generation and really need to keep my draw calls down. If we could have more options for the instancing it would be great. Like being able to select the current instance setup or have the ability to instance by room or by marker type. For larger levels it would be great to be able to have culling work on instanced levels.

                Thanks tons! Love the system.
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                  Great! When can we expect Unity 2.0 Beta?


                    Will Snap Builder work in tandem with Grid Builder like for hero rooms only?



                      I have a question regarding the Snap builder since it's a feature I'd like to use for outdoor map generation. Say I create several square "tiles" that can be rotated and snapped on any side, but some of them (for example a river), could be rotated but snapped on 2 or 3 sides with any tiles, and only on 1 or 2 sides to another river tile. Would it be possible to make such a distinction?

                      This is a 2D map with 3x3 tiles, but the result I want to achieve should be mostly something similar with 3D assets with a top down orthographic camera:

                      The idea would be for users to generate random maps with different environments to download and use in tabletop games.

                      Thank you!
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                        [MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION] - Awesome update as usual, will start playing with the 2.0 demo tonight. Can't wait till this puppy hits the Marketplace ... will be so much easier to update my projects then. 8-}

                        Thanks again for the awesome work and all the effort you have put in to this pack. 8-}

                        EDIT: I did notice that there are no Dungeon Actor Selectors available in this release. The blueprint is there but it doesn't give me the option to override the Get Node function and therefore is not available inside the theme file.
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                          Originally posted by qdelpeche View Post
                          EDIT: I did notice that there are no Dungeon Actor Selectors available in this release. The blueprint is there but it doesn't give me the option to override the Get Node function and therefore is not available inside the theme file.
                          You'll have to create a GridDungeonSelectorTransform

                          This way every builder gets to define its own selector logic function that you can override
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                            I've implemented the algorithm for the snap builder. Here's a sample level created with 3 simple modules

                            I'll upload a new build soon
                            Dungeon Architect | Prefabricator


                              I've uploaded a new build


                              Change Log:
                              * Implemented the Snap Builder algorithm (so snap builder should work)

                              The Editor mode for manual building is not implemented yet
                              Dungeon Architect | Prefabricator


                                Looks amazing!!! I might have to get this...