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    Peterson, I am not able to reproduce this locally

    I'll be uploading a new build soon. My automated build scripts compiled for 4.10 with Visual studio 2013 and deployed it. Instead it should have been done with VS 2015 and that could be the reason.

    To make sure this is not a setup issue, please do the following:
    1. Remove Dungeon architect from your game project. Reopen the project and let me know if you still get the error
    2. Install dungeon architect again, as mentioned in the video
    3. If issue still persists, then please PM me the following:
    - Contents of the file <GameProjectDir>\Plugins\DungeonArchitect\DungeonArchitect.uplugin
    - Output log (Window > Developer Tools > Output Log)
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      If I disable Dungeon Plugin in Edit>Plugins>Procedural
      Work fine...
      Look the picture.
      Im using VS2015

      Click image for larger version

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        Ver 1.3.0

        New Build 1.3.0 is available. It has the following new features / bug fixes

        Paper2D support is provided in a separate plugin (DungeonArchitect2D), which extends the core plugin (DungeonArchitect). If you don't use Paper2D, you can remove Paper2D and DungeonArchitect2D from your build

        This gives you access to new type of nodes (sprite, flipbook and tile). You can use the tile node to select tiles of arbitrary size from the tileset picker. This is useful if you have a tree, for e.g. of size 2x3. So you are not restricted to just 1x1 tiles in a single tile node. I'll post a sample soon

        Mirror Volume
        Added a Mirror Volume, which mirrors the dungeon layout along its local X-axis. Rotate the volume (in steps of 90) to mirror along X, -X, Y, -Y. Multiple mirror volumes can be placed to mirror along both X and Y

        Viewport Toolbars
        Added new tool options in the theme editor's preview viewport to change the camera projection and lighting models

        Mesh Node
        Mesh Nodes have more options to customize the spawn mesh (physics properties, shadows etc)

        Bug Fixes
        * Fixed a bug where actors with static mobility were not getting their transforms updated with the dungeon was rebuilt at runtime (reported by Jmeletou2014, Thanks!)
        * Light actors spawned during runtime no longer give mobility warning message in the output log (fix suggested by sch5, Thanks!)
        * Fixed a bug where lights were not being spawned when dungeon was rebuilt during gameplay, while running the game in Standalone mode (fix suggested by sch5, Thanks!)

        * Added a Mirror Volume for creating symmetrical dungeon layouts (e.g. for strategy /.moba games)
        * Mesh nodes have a "Advanced Options" section for more control (e.g. for setting physics, shadowing etc)
        * Internal refactoring to make DA more modular and extensible
        * Created extension points to let external modules plug in new type of nodes into the theme editor (e.g. paper2d nodes)
        * Created extension points to let an external scene provider render any type of geometry in the theme editor's viewport without knowing the implementation details (e.g. sprites)
        * Fixed a bug where static actors were not having their transforms updated when the dungeon was rebuilt at runtime
        * Dynamically spawned light actors no longer give mobility warning message in the output log (fix suggested by sch5, Thanks!)
        * Lights were not spawned in dungeons when it was rebuilt at runtime (fix suggested by sch5, Thanks!). You'll have to resave your theme file with the new build (open it, move a node and save)
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          Fantastic... Messing about with it now


            If purchased off coderespawn, is there a way to get it in our library/vault after it makes it onto the marketplace?


              I'll try to get that done. Since there are quite a lot of users who purchased it from my website, I'll have to work with Epic on getting this done. Alternatively, you can wait for the release (no timeline yet)
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                Cave Builder [Early Prototype]
                I'm working on a Cave Builder (Cellular Automata)

                Early Results:

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                  I see for Paper2D you have support for different tile sizes, but I was wondering if we could have it place almost pre-made rooms? I'm looking to create a random dungeon generate that stitched Zelda style rooms together. Think like Binding of Isaac if you've played that.
                  So the majority if rooms would be precreated and I'm just looking for an easy to to randomize that. Is this tool something that would help?
                  Here is an example of what I mean. Below are 4 rooms I have made.
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                    @Tanag We don't have a way of explicitly defining the positions of the doors in a room, so this tool won't help without creating a new type of a builder.

                    Beautiful artwork btw
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                      Thanks for the quick reply. Guess I'll stick with rolling my own solution then. Thanks!

                      Awesome looking tool by the way. Hopefully one day I can find a use for it.

                      Originally posted by Ali Akbar View Post
                      Beautiful artwork btw
                      Thanks. Wish I could take credit but my artist is the real hero. I'll pass along the praise.


                        Will Cave Builder be part of the Dungeon Architect or will it be a separate plugin?
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                          Originally posted by btengelh View Post
                          Will Cave Builder be part of the Dungeon Architect or will it be a separate plugin?
                          It will be a part of DA
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                            Cave Builder (Paper 2D Awesomeness)

                            Created a Paper2D version of the cave builder too. This was generated procedurally using DA

                            Initially, the builder algorithm generated this structure:

                            Then I created a reusable Marker Emitter BP to beautify it. The marker emitter queries the surroundings and emits custom markers to decorate the tiles based on the context. You can use reuse this blueprint for your other levels too. I'll post this in the quick start samples soon. Heres the blueprint:

                            Theme file with custom marker implementations:

                            Some more random genearted levels:

                            Credits: Awesome art by Blarget2
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                              The cave generator (personally most interested in 3d) looks amazing!
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                                Hey @Ali, have features like the building generation already been implemented or are they being held for a later release?