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    jayderyu floor planner is the least developed one. Use the grid dungeon for this. if you want it to be in some confined space - use the new flow grid planner.


      AngeIV , thank you for the suggestion. I've tried tinkering with the Gridflow planner. Which I like having the control over in regards to the connections. I'm having some difficulties though. I can't seem to tinker it quit right to get a more corridor with rooms feels, rather than a grid of rooms with a rare corridor. I've provided a pic to sample out.

      The left is the direction I'm more aiming for, where as the right is what the grid flow is producing, but I'm not aiming for. Any thoughts to get the grid flow generate a style more similar to the left rather than block rooms of the right.
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        hey there,

        is there a tutorial somewhere on how to integrate the minimap? struggle a bit to integrate that. tried to copy the code from the example project but at some point i must have done something wrong haha.

        if there is i would be glad to see it :P


          Hi, please join our discord channel, you'll find the invite link in the launchpad. We have an active community (1.2k+ users), you can chat with the devs and the community for better support
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            Using Unreal 4.26, I created a 3rd person template, dragged a dungeon builder actor into the scene, and tried a bunch of differen themes with otherwise default settings.
            (Except I have a dungeon negation volume around the 3rd person template sample floor)
            When I use the D_ToonLand template, it comes out looking like this. Are the gaps between floor tiles intentional?

            dungeon architect toon land gaps


              jwatte the theme and default dungeon use different tile sizes. make sure to match tile size in the settings option of the dungeon to the one in theme visualization settings. judging blindly I would say the theme uses tiles 300x300x300 and the default theme is I think 400x400x100.

              Also, you should add "marker spawner" "adjacent cells" to the dungeon actor in the world to make those hills.


                Got an answer in the Discord -- the theme contains the art assets, but doesn't set the grid size, so the default grid size may not match the art of a particular theme. I need to adjust the grid size of my dungeon to match the art to make this go away.