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    Note the new snap map builder works only at runtime. I create transient map files (for the spawned module maps) so we don't have the overhead of creating asset in the content browser and saving them. This keeps things fast
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      Originally posted by JBernhelm View Post

      Awesome! Any idea on when the next update will be released?

      With the new stability of SnapMap / level-based snap builder, do you plan to deprecate the actor based snap builder?
      I'll keep the blueprint / actor based snap builder around as people are using it and possible merge them in the future so you can use either of them
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        Originally posted by Ubersoldat42 View Post
        Hey Ali,

        AMAZING WORK ON THIS PLUGIN! It's absolutely amazing.

        I'm using it now and have a few questions.

        1. I'm using the snap builder for my game to create a procedural world, how would I ensure that at runtime, a random world is generated but the player starts at at start modules?
        2. In terms of saving the game, I want the world to always be unique when the player starts a new game. However, if you load game, you are returned to a level which was created for that playthrough.

        Thank you Ubersoldat42

        1. The start module is spawned at the dungeon actor location. You could alternatively place a player start actor in your start module
        2. Response from @AngelV would work nicely
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          Originally posted by elec2ron View Post
          Very cool, looking forward to the update.

          Wondering how the level based snap builder works in the editor, do you end up with loads of level instance files as you place modules?
          This works only in the runtime mode for now. You can build in the editor mode but that would create a bunch of map files for each spawned module and they would not be saved as they are tagged as transient
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            Originally posted by LuaChunk View Post
            Hi Ali,

            There are two places in DungeonBuilder.cpp you're calling FTransform::Multiply and passing the same pointer for the first and third parameters:

            FTransform::Multiply(&transform, &spatialRotationTransform, &transform);
            FTransform::Multiply(&transform, &prop.Offset, &transform);
            This works fine on platforms that use FTransform from TransformVectorized.h, but on platforms that use FTransform from TransformNonVectorized.h (i.e. Switch) it can cause the transform to be wrong because the code actually writes to parameter 1 during the calculation which writes over parameter 3 mid-calculation.

            In most other places you use a temp FTransform as the first parameter and then copy the result to where you want it, like this:

            FTransform out;
            FTransform::Multiply(&out, &logicOffset, &transform);
            transform = out;
            LuaChunk Thank you Ryan, I've updated the code and is part of 2.9.0
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              Originally posted by n00854180t View Post

              Can we get a download that does use Fantasy Dungeon? I have that and it's kind of a pain to set up as a theme, so I'd love to be able to work off yours.

              Obviously WITHOUT the actual Fantasy Dungeon assets, just the theme.
              Sure, I'll provide that too.
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                Changed the way snap map doors are managed. The doors are generated in the persistent map and adjacent rooms share the same door object (unlike the previous one where there were 2 door instances spawned in the same location, one for each room)

                The map module's blueprint graph can also grab an instance of a door and lock / unlock it. I have a demo where the doors lock when the player enters the room and unlocks after a while. This can be used for opening a door when a puzzle is solved or when all the NPCs in the rooms are destroyed
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                  Originally posted by Kjeld Pedersen View Post
                  Hello guys finally bought it via marketplace, excited to start, Not finding Dungone1 actor in the outliner

                  I'm following the instructions, I've installed it on 4.19.
                  When I open the "DungeonDesignTime"
                  It says,

                  Select the Dungeon1 Actor from the Outliner window
                  Click "Build Dungeon" button from the Details window

                  but its not there,
                  message log,

                  /Game/DA_StarterPack/Maps/DugeonDesignTime : Can't find file for asset. /Script/DungeonArchitectEditor
                  /Game/DA_StarterPack/Maps/DugeonDesignTime : Can't find file for asset. /Script/DungeonArchitectRuntime
                  /Game/DA_StarterPack/DungeonTheme/D_StarterPackTheme : Can't find file for asset. /Script/DungeonArchitectEditor
                  /Game/DA_StarterPack/DungeonTheme/D_StarterPackTheme : Can't find file for asset. /Script/DungeonArchitectRuntime

                  Am I'm missing something from the manual installation? I've checked for Dungeon Designer under plugins to see if I had to turn it on like on the manual version, it showed up after restarting both, unreal and epic games, there it shows up as Dungeon Designer 2.5, although the downloaded package is 2.8 , but when I attempt loading it errors out, when opening the project, it says,

                  Binaries for the 'DungeonArchitect' plugin are missing or incompatible with the current engine version.
                  Would you like to disable it? You will no longer be able to open assets that were created wit it,

                  I say "no" and it loads.
                  when going back to the plugins it shows as unchecked,

                  Thanks! UPDATE this might be an issue with my setup, having projects set up outside of the unreal content folder so one content area can't find the other. Being that my plugins are not manually installed I can see that perhaps being the case.

                  SOLVED: Wiped out unreal and removed plugins, installed a fresh one on a new location and launched it, there I was able to see the 2.8 dungeon architect plugin.
                  Kjeld Pedersen Great to hear. Let me know if you face any other issues
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                    Originally posted by FS Creations View Post
                    Hello Ali, hope you're well.

                    I can't get this to work properly in mobile. I made a very simple theme (Just the 1M default cube), added it to the map, and run the "Build" on begin play. It works perfectly in windows but nothing happens whatsoever in the device.

                    I tested in Samsung Galaxy S4, S7 and a LG Spirit as well with the same result. It happens whether I use "Instanced" or not.

                    Any clues? Thanks!

                    FS Creations I disabled mobile builds in the last update (2.8.3) in the marketplace as there were some deployment issues. I've re-enabled it in 2.9.0 and tested it on Android and runtime creation works fine. I'll submit 2.9.0 shortly
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                      Originally posted by PhosphorArt View Post
                      One feature that would be really nice is having a connection that can just be checkbox be active / deactivate

                      For example, if you use multiple themes for a dungeon, the BP preview essentially no longer works because you are using custom markers it doesn't understand; it doesn't know how the connections should work . So then you need to temp wire it up for the BP preview and then unwire it for the actual dungeon. Ideally there should be some way so you wouldn't need to do this.
                      PhosphorArt Could you elaborate? by BP preview, do you mean theme editor preview?
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                        Originally posted by Ubersoldat42 View Post
                        So I have 2 questions for the snap builder. Is there a way to reconnect a side branch back into the main branch?
                        And my second question, is there a way to limit how many times a given module is generated in any given snap dungeon?

                        Thanks a lot! Amazing work...
                        For now, no. However, in the future updates, you can do some really interesting stuff with the mission editor and graph grammar

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                          Originally posted by Ali Akbar View Post

                          PhosphorArt Could you elaborate? by BP preview, do you mean theme editor preview?
                          Yes. In some of your examples you provide you do this, where one theme might be just the walls and not the whole dungeons. Sometimes the theme might even be some new marker "details" of dungeon, so the preview is just blank. I'll often hook these up to something just to see them and then unhook them and build it, etc. It would be nice if you could just null them out so you wouldn;t have to temp construct / destruct

                          For complicated setups, I have like 8 themes or so to a dungeon so it is more modular to add things later w/o disturbing the main hierarchy


                            It seems good, I want to play the demo >_<


                              Submitted a new update with Epic for review with 4.20 engine compatibility

                              Version 2.9.0
                              * Update: Added 4.20 Engine compatibility
                              * Improved the stability of Snap Map builder
                              * Added level streaming support on the Snap Map builder
                              * Early implementation of the Dungeon Flow system using graph grammar (mission editor)
                              * Enabled mobile builds in the marketplace so it works on Android and iOS
                              * Added a Marker window in the theme editor to jump to a marker. Useful if you have a complicated theme graph
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                                Originally posted by Ali Akbar View Post

                                Thank you Harald. Sorry I don't have the demo yet, I'll create one soon
                                Hello Ali,

                                that would be very great
                                Looking forward to it.

                                Best regards,