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    Ali, thank you so much for the improvements to SnapBuilder, I hope you can manage to alleviate the issues some people are having with their lighting.

    I have a request!

    When you first started SnapBuilder, we were limited to only one copy of a map being present in a level at a time.

    Now that you're using blueprints for the room modules, I was wondering if you could add that functionality back in as a toggle on specific blueprints.

    My projects require that certain rooms only show up once in a world.

    If this function is already present then please ignore me.


      where is the code for 'GetFurtherestRoom' ?


        Can terrains be used in the new blueprint format the snap builder is using? If not is it possible to add that support? If that's not possible what's my alternative? Converting to static meshes? Build the height map into the material?


          Originally posted by drarem View Post
          where is the code for 'GetFurtherestRoom' ?
          Using the dungeon query system. From the dungeon object, get query, cast to grid dungeon query. From there you can get furthest rooms.


            Originally posted by owenprescott View Post
            Great plugin, how can I group placed blueprints connected by the ground node? I want to place a trigger blueprint in the same location as another BP spawned on the ground.
            If you want to group actors or meshes, you have to create a marker. Drag from the bottom of the initial actor/mesh and reference your marker. The actors will then be grouped.


              Originally posted by n00854180t View Post
              Meh, it's not a handful, it's basically *all* players interested in the game that request this. And I also agree with them: randomized layouts at runtime provides a lot more replay, even if the areas are more generic (I have plans to combat this anyway).

              Plus, runtime generation is a major benefit of using DA in the first place.
              Epic's TimH had some ideas about lighting randomly generated dungeons:


                I have a dilemma. Since instancing doesn't work on mobile (especially on mobile VR) and the way culling is done is quite primitive (and precomputed visibility culling has to be used), how would I be able to generate either offline or runtime dungeon using SnapBuilder (or any other builder for that matter) so that there are no instances, but actual actors (which I could manually merge using Actor Merge tool, if I had to; for offline generated dungeon) ?

                Also it would be nice to create cull distance volume for each actor-module, which matches its bound, automatically with culling distance set globally (which then can be overridden per culling volume, if necessary). This way culling also is done this way. Could only work for offline dungeons I suppose.



                  Hi Ali,
                  Is there a way to force the furthest rooms (or any rooms) to be a minimum size?


                    [MENTION=2631]ali[/MENTION]_akbar When will we get a 4.15 compatible version of the plugin? I want to start migrating my project to 4.15 ASAP.


                      I've been playing with the new snap builder in the EA version and had some feedback. First and foremost, this is a great addition. Much easier to work with than the old snap builder. I do have a couple bits of feedback that could be useful though.

                      The main problem I've run into is that the doors for whatever reason sometimes overlap two on top of one another. And this causes problems when building a lightmap if I have any type of a door/wall snap connection. It doesn't happen all of the time but when it does it prevents the lightmap from being built properly (it gives the weird WorldSettings error that is unfixable). Since the new snap builder doesn't have any options for selection logic or anything and since we can't edit the child actors inside of the snap actors individually, we can't manually disable or remove the overlapped model, but its obviously overlapping as I can see the two meshes Z-Fighting. Then there is the more obvious performance issue since we are unable to instance actors, but that is to be expected.

                      All in all though I'm pretty happy with it.
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                        @Ali Akbar I read awhile back that you might add more functionalities to the paint/edit the dungeon after procedural generation. Have you seen this painting/building workflow on D.R.O.N.E? The three things that I like from it are:

                        1) Ability to quickly block out a play area using a painting style.
                        2) A symmetry option to create PvP maps.
                        3) A prefab option to save and load a chunk of the map.

                        Maybe you can add 1 of those functionality when you work on the paint/manual edit of dungeon architect .


                          [MENTION=28980]Ali Akbar[/MENTION], I think I found a bug with setting collision options for dungeon parts, say I want my walls to ignore the camera channel, I set it up in the theme, set up a custom collision for the wall in the collision section of the static mesh node and set it to ignore for the camera, but when I rebuilt the dungeon the collision flags for my walls have the default settings.
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                            Hi Ali, I'm just learning DA for my new project and so far is very good, thanks for the awesome plugin.

                            I have two questions:

                            first, how can i remove the walls between two rooms? i mean the walls that usually are next to a door, like this (without using a override volume, i want to do it procedural) its posible? :

                            Click image for larger version

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                              It seems that development slowed down...


                                Originally posted by motorsep View Post
                                It seems that development slowed down...
                                Not really by what I know about the author. Hes just polishing the "terrain architect" at the moment for publish