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    Originally posted by ThePassenger View Post
    The game looks great!


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      Looking better everyday !!!! So good to see this work Keep it up


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        wow nice work guys looking forward to buying it or trying it out if u have an close beta or alpha at some point as well great to see new teams coming from countries like Siberia gos to show every one their is tatent in every country which doing a nice job


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          Originally posted by Atomicfire View Post
          wow nice work guys looking forward to buying it or trying it out if u have an close beta or alpha at some point as well great to see new teams coming from countries like Siberia gos to show every one their is tatent in every country which doing a nice job
          Originally posted by Kalleal View Post
          Looking better everyday !!!! So good to see this work Keep it up
          Thank you guys, we'll do our best
          Atomicfire, you can apply for the Closed Alpha test here.


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            In our latest WIP article we told about threee another special modules: Point Defense, Antiradar system and decoy module which will confuse your enemies' minds, giving a burn to new evil tactics.

            Point Defense module - a system which helps to defend your fleet. This module is an active skill which destroys 25 projectiles (including bullets and missiles), within a certain range on activation, not depending on their size and speed. It's very effective if enemy shoots you with heavy rockects which have a long cooldown and heavy damage - eliminating even four or five of these projectiles prevents a ship loss. At the same time, you must avoid weapons with high fire rate, launching dozens of bullets and rockets - it shuts down Point Defense in seconds.

            Antiradar system - By adding this module to the engineering bay you guarantee that enemies won't see this unit on the minimap, missing some of your tactical movements and getting confused with what's going on everywhere. However, Antiradar system is a very special tool which can't fit into every fleet - so think through your great strategy when taking it!

            Decoy module Decoy module is another great tool to fool your enemies. This module produces a holographic copy of the ship where it is installed - it can't be destroyed, does not deal any damage and all projectiles always fly through it. It's not so easy to use, but you will understand the true value of it as soon as enemy fleet will try to focus on it instead of your precious battleships and dreadnoughts.


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              The more modules with active and passive abilities Starfall Tactics gets, the more interesting and unique fleet everyone can build. This time we contine introducing new special equipment - there are a lot of cool things to show.
              • Engine Disruptor has a unique ability to switch off engines of target ships, making your opponents lose control of the ship. It's hard to underestimate the value of such ability in your arsenal - everybody loves disables, which give you extra time and an important advantage.
              • Scanner is a tiny tool created as a help for your army - and it does exactly the thing it's named for: scans ships and shows what you can find inside of it - precious modules and abilities captains want to hide from you.
              • Shield Disable module grants an ability to temporarily shut down shields of a target ship: it doesn't destroy it, but for a short period of time you have an ability to directly damage next layers of defense.


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                And here is our latest update - we've just created mines, cards and new logo for Starfall Tactics!

                Don't miss it and watch the evolution of logo in this new video, showing all versions of it - from the first and the one you got used to, to the new logo you will see from now on!

                We hope you liked it - anyway, feel free to write about your impressions!


                No, that's not the place where you get coal - it's a real mine which explodes when you step on it or, in our case - flies too close to it.

                There are four mine types for now:
                • Flack mine - works as a usual mine - activates and deals damage when you get close to it;
                • Stalker Mine - if you get a ship close enough, Stalker Mine rushes to you, explodes and damages armor and structure;
                • EMP mine - deals damage to shields, activates when you fly close to it.
                • Heavy Plasma Mine - unlike other mines, it has a friend or foe recognition system. Activates and deals damage when you get close to it.
                • They are very small, so you will need to watch the battlefield carefully in order to not get cought by mines - remember that three of those will not distinguish between friendly and enemy ships.


                At the moment we have 4 types of rarity of blueprints: Basic, Refined, Advanced and Prototype. All of them you can get while opening booster packs or, if you are lucky enough, buy from the Black Market, or get it by destroying fleets of other players on the Galaxy map.


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                  Great news:
                  We are running a special Galaxy Explorers event from 9th June 18:00 CET to 12th June 23:55 CET in Starfall Tactics. You will be able to create and customize fleets, play quick matches and discover an MMO part - a huge open world to explore with thousands of planets available to name, pirates and rivals! This is a pre-alpha event, available to a limited amount of players. You are not just going to help us crush the game and find a few new bugs (hey, we are counting on you!) but there is also a chance to earn special rewards and just have a lot of fun exploring Starfall Tactics as one of the pioneers

                  Apply for the test here, if you want to participate!



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                    As we promised before, we are here to tell more about Starfall Tactics, important changes and present something new. Today you can read about:

                    • Clarent, new Vanguard Frigate
                    • Ship classification
                    • Engines rework
                    • Boarding Mechanics

                    And here is a fresh in-game shot:


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                      We are happy to welcome everyone to the next test phase!

                      New maps, modules, ships, 2x2 quick matches, co-op, tutorial and many other interesting things are waiting for you to be played and tested from 14th July 18:00 CET to 17th July 23:55 CET.

                      This is the second pre-alpha event, available to a limited amount of players. So, everyone who wants to join will need to apply for the Closed Alpha here. We will try to grant access and invite everybody who sent an application before 16th of July!

                      And it's also the last opportunity to try Starfall Tactics before a short break, which we'll take to have a couple weeks of vacation and start doing Faction Wars feature, a massive MMO content expansion!
                      More info:
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                        Looks awesome, I checked the first video and I fav'ed this thread, going to come back and check everything

                        Keep up the amazing work!
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                          Hey, Snowforged Team is back again and ready to conquer the peaks of game development! We've already done some important changes which will improve next experience with Starfall Tactics - most of them we will show in our upcoming news articles.

                          Now, let us show you three new ships - since it's one of the most important things in Starfall Tactics for you, we always make sure that everybody can find good allies among all fleets.

                          Faust Deprived Battlecruiser

                          New Deprived battlecruiser is something you will definitely love if you prefer laser ships - 3 of 4 Faust modifications are going to have weapon bays which can fit Large Lasers! In exchange it will have a not-so-huge engineering bay, which basically means that you can't make it too special with special modules.

                          Skullstar Eclipse Battlecruiser

                          Skullstar is a long awaited Eclipse ship which name describes it the best. It is designed only for active participation in battles and will not have a SpecOps modification - just consider it as a good strike force which needs some support ships.

                          Gwydion Deprived Frigate

                          This ship confused us a lot of times and still has a lot of surprises inside. Gwydion is going to have assymetrical structure inside.


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                            Well, It's definitely not even half of what we have already done, as there is simply too much for one news article, but here it is in a couple words:
                            • We reworked Control points and health bars

                            Control Points will give players more "come back" possibility and depend on upgrades a lot. Health bars now clearly represent the difference between dreadnought hit points and frigate hit points.

                            Another dozen of new modules will give a better choice then ever, and here are four of them:
                            • Engine Boost is an activatable module which increases all ship movement characteristics, including maximum speed, angular speed, accelaration speed and deceleration speed. It has a 2x2 size - a very convinient form for most ships in Starfall Tactics.
                            • Weapon Overload module deals damage to your own structure on activation, but in exchange reduces cooldown time for all weapons installed on the ships. This thing has a usual 4x2 form making it available for many different ships.
                            • Another passive module, a 2x4 Warp Homer, is a very good tactical feature allowing you to warp-in ships in a small zone near the ship with this module - just as your Mothership does. Perfectly fits support (SpecOps) ships.
                            • Sensor Disabler module has a pretty self-descriptive name - on activation it disables all sensors of a target ship. So, it can make a single ship lose it's vision, but since it's a 2х4 module, it fits better on SpecOps ships.

                            And we also created a new Eclipse frigate - Halley! It's going to be a very heavy ship with a good defence level, but in exchange its firepower will be average.

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                              The Summer is almost over and the winter is coming - a period of nine cold months has just begun in Siberia, a home to Snowforged studio, creating a space wargame.

                              Last week we decided to rework Mothership abilities to improve quick match experience, make Mothership more helpful in terms of defence and give a small advantage when players fight against enemy forces close to it.
                              • So, repairing is now a passive Mothership ability - just fly close enough to it and it will send a drone.
                              • Mothership will also have new defensive active ability - on activation it deals a sufficient amount of damage to ships in the target area. It has a long cooldown, so use it only as an emergency ability to gain temporary advantage.

                              There is another minor change: now Commanders will have more WP at the start of the battle - 9000 instead of 3000. This will help you make a good start in terms of Control Points - a rebalance we talked about in previous news.

                              And another set of modules is ready! Note that most modules here and the ones we told about in a previous article will be available only after leveling up a fleet.

                              • Mass Shield module is a special defensive feature, allowing you to create a supporting tank ship. It's an active ability, which temporarily increases area which covers shield of a ship with this module, allowing to share this shield with other units standing close to it. Has a 3х4 size.
                              • Mass Stealth module gives you an opportunity to make all nearby ships invisible. It's a 2х4 sized, active special equipment, using the same principles as a normal Stealth module.
                              • Ammo Dispenser module is an extremly helpful thing for all fleets using weapons which require ammo - it's a 2х3 module which passively gives ammo to nearby ships - just as your Mothership does.
                              • Aiming hack system is an active 2x3 module which hacks a ship's guidance system, making it count ally ships as enemies. Affected ship starts attacking allies if auto fire is on.

                              We also created two new ships: Ancile Vanguard frigate and Libra, the first Vanguard cruiser.


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                                Will this game come to the xbox one and ps4 soon after the PC release?