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Age of Reconstruction (A dynamic FPSRPG)

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    Age of Reconstruction (A dynamic FPSRPG)

    An MMORPG FPS RTS (of sorts) that I've had in the works for over a year now. Progress has been slow as I've been the only one working on it and am now getting close to prototype.

    Setting: a fallen United Europe (majority of Europe brought together out of necessity, destroyed for the third time by the rest of the world)

    You can explore the lands and uncover useful items and inventions from before "The Old War", build your own weapons, customize and rig vehicles, survive the elements, gain followers and make your name known; or take more laid back, less dangerous tasks: Build a town, conduct trade and jolly cooperation with your trusted neighbors, protect it and your trade partners from bandits, warring factions, and the old wandering robotic police (hostile to everyone, nobody's been a registered citizen for 20 years!)
    Creep your way through the abandoned, shattered cities of a fallen superpower. Hide from bandits, macho faction soldiers, possessed psychos, and those pesky robots again. Or join one of the many macho factions in the world and help rebuild.

    I plan to feature immense environments using dynamically textured landscapes, as well as cities and towns you can explore, revisit, and perhaps try to conquer if you're feeling tyrannical and perhaps a little crazy. Town hall is right there, after all. Each zone will represent different parts of different nations across the European Continent.

    Most weapons will be customizeable: new stocks, new barrels, bigger or smaller calibers, faster or slower receivers, take your pick if you can find them
    Armor and clothing fit much the same idea: find some old metal scraps, make a chest plate, or a full set.
    And believe it or not, vehicles follow the same philosophy: Slap a bigger engine on that tank, watch it roll off at unnatural speeds until the tracks give out. Find a mech, fix it up, change out that sissy .50 cal for a 50mm automatic cannon, proceed to hunt those jerks who took your wallet, shot you in the gut and thought you dead

    Civilian NPCs will settle in random towns and do their darnest to try to keep it safe and tidy, while hostile NPCs may try to take it away. They'll march in, knock down some walls and leave it for the next settlers to come along and fix everything up again. The cycle never ends, and neither will the game.

    In truth my goal for this project is to be able to one day release it and watch it grow on its own, I'm not content to wait for AAA to make it for me. And even if they do, it probably wont have what I want.

    Currently, I'm finally working on getting a team together. After about a year and inconsistent results (me getting distracted by "But wait, what about this part??" and "I think I could make that a bit better") I've decided that it's a little too much for me alone to create this.

    -If you have any questions I might not have answered above or perhaps are looking to get in on the project, feel free to message me or go to the recruitment page for more details.
    Would alpha/beta test, maybe buy
    Too convoluted, no thanks
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    Forgive me if some of the future models don't look exactly the way they do in the concept pieces above... Art style changes slightly over time.
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      Whoa Daverex, this is my type of game! A Multi-genre: FPS,RPG,RTS; Chock full of Customization, minus the MMO in favor of LPC (Large Party Co-Op upto 64 Players). I recommend starting a separate Recruitment Thread in the Got Skills? Looking for Talent? Forums to avoid having this thread relocated.

      Based on the description provided, you're going to need a massive amount of content. Efficient resource re-use is paramount and this is what I seek in my own game development. With that said, I foresee the need for a suite of in-game editing applications, several procedural and modular entity construction methods to support requirements real-time. I'm developing a suite of in-game editors for my Co-Op First-Person Role Playing Hack n Slash Shooter Rogues-like Dungeon Crawl Treasure Hunt.

      The in-game editors are the first game dev milestones as a majority of the content will be customized. I've designed my editing apps with the intention of populating the game world pre-fab content, Player-creations, and re-skinning/re-purposing whole or parts of these editing apps for other game features, mechanics, etc. Each Editor includes network-support for collaborative editing, back-end (administrator)/front-end (player) Roles. The Editing Suite alone may be entertaining in themselves as players could effectively use them to create there own adventures once game mechanics are added. is now part of


        You hit the nail right on the head, good sir! That is precisely the case. I've got one other person helping me at the moment but with this kind of undertaking, the more the merrier (maybe?) But it is still an indie game and I would still like to let my overactive imagination fuel the interest and progression of the game if I can... so giving it to AAA is not really what I want :'(
        As for the MMO part, it's just that it's ALWAYS online unless you don't have an internet connection (I want to make it so that you can make an offline world of your own if you really really want to...) But I don't know if UE4 will support more than 64 players anyways, so no worries there. The game world will mostly be made up of NPCs who will either want to be your friend or want to murder your guts out for loot...