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    Environment Art

    The Mood board

    We where working with the first two of three environment themes at this stage. The coastline and Grass-field. Each theme should give the user a unique experience not only visually, but also in gameplay and level design.

    Click image for larger version

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    Where the grass field was calm & beautiful with many open spaces, the Coastline would be wild and rough, with more narrow pathways.

    We also aimed to make the environments like a small miniature model, a goal we have not yet fully reached.


      Character Concepts

      A hard hitting Viking

      With a good idea of how our character art style should be, we started doing a few character art concepts. Also in a effort to get solid reference material for our 3d character modeller.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot_CharacterArt_04.jpg
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      One of the campaign themes in Wartile is going to be Vikings, where you take part of their internal conflicts and embark on adventurous raid campaigns across the oceans.

      In Wartile there is different classes and types of figures that you as a player control. One of the classes is the "heavy soldier" with high armor/ health and strength, the vikings name him a Brute.

      During the game its possible to collect and unlock equipment (Armor) to the characters, that both change the looks and stats of the figure.
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        3D Character

        A miniature model

        With character concepts that we believed in, our 3D modeller started creating our first Viking character.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot_CharacterArt_03.jpg
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        The end result came out really well, with maybe the detail level and poly count being a bit in the high end considering that mostly the characters will be seen from above with some distance.

        The goal of catching the miniature model look, was pretty successful, in my opinion. Now keeping this look when importing into the Unreal 4 engine, rigged and with animations without loosing this miniature feel,
        was and still is one of the greater challenges.


          Environment Art

          Taste the sea salt

          Hi everyone, it have been some time since last update, but we are more busy then ever.

          I have been working on two environment Themes the Hillside and Coastline. Today I will show our progress on the Coastline. (Everything is Work in progress and not final artwork)

          Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot_artmap_2.jpg
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          The goal is still to create an environment with a miniature model feeling to it. The Coastline is a bit desaturated compared to the Grass-field theme that will have strong and warm colors. The Cross in the background is a holy relic, that the Vikings can convert into a reward.

          Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot_artmap_3.jpg
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          The Viking brute breaking the knight into pieces. Something I just got in for testing. The characters in WARTILE are supposed to be small miniature figures brought to life, and I thought that if they shatter into pieces when they die... it really fits the concept.


            Oh, I'm simply in love with map design. Very unique and cool approach!
            Reminds me this stuff, but in 3d and better.
            Definitely looking forward to this
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              Niceee!!!!! The maps looks amazing!!! Can't wait to see more!
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                These are just beautiful. I assume the maps are statically laid out and not procedural in order to get that excellent lighting yes? And are you using a DOF post effect for that blurred background? It all looks very good. Keep it up! Cheers,


                  Hi everyone

                  Thanks for the nice words and the link, with the 3D- hex maps.

                  I remember this tiled board game, and it was an early inspiration (and still is). Today we have the art rule, that everywhere you can go, it will be a defined tile, and if you cant it will be much a much more organic and realistic part of the environment.

                  The levels are not procedural made, we might leave that for a certain game mode.. in the future.

                  The light setting and post filter will be key elements to create the effect of looking at a miniature landscape.
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                    This looks really cool! Don't know how to do it, but for the miniature feel, maybe there is a way with post processing effects to put everything out of focus besides the center on the screen. Kind of like when you see photographs of small stuff like the attached image. Might be cool to try. Click image for larger version

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                    In League


                      This is an amazing thread. Very good thought process through the whole project. I love turn based strategy games and can't wait to try this out. Keep up the amazing work, it is really coming along nicely!
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                        GamePlay & UI

                        When things happen to you

                        A lot of things have happened during the last two weeks, and we are looking forward to share it with you.
                        I know we have not shared much on game play and its about time we start doing that.

                        The first update is the Event Cards, that is used when the other player (enemy AI) trigger a event on the level.

                        In this example, it’s Heavy reinforcements that spawns new enemies. We also have EventCards for Ambush, Roadblocks, and secret passage that can be triggered, with more to come.


                          Early alpha demo

                          A fun DEMO

                          So we finally manage to develop a DEMO of WARTILE, with a full gameplay loop. It looks good, plays well and is actually really fun. A good place to move forward from.
                          The DEMO still need lack many key features, but that is what we will work on for the next few months.

                          Please enjoy our small In game footage of the Early Alpha DEMO, and remember everything is still work in progress.




                            Support from the DFI

                            The Danish Film Institute have supported WARTILE through the Danish Game Scheme. That is not only a big recognition of our hard work and the potential of the project but a great financial boost toward the Vertical slice we have started to make.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Wartile_SupportedByDFI_S.jpg
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                            Even the Vikings celebrate this as the first of many victories to come..


                              Congrats guys!
                              PLANET ALPHA


                                if i approved of this any harder i'd break something.