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    Republic Sniper Resurrection


    Those of you who have been here a long time might remember some posts from years back about a mobile game called Republic Sniper:

    There's a long story behind what happened to the project that I'm not going to get into, but the game lost funding and was cancelled in late 2015 or early 2016, just as we were putting the finishing touches on our first playable demo. Most of the team was let go, a few were shifted to other projects, but we all stayed in touch over the years.

    We figured the project was dead and lost to time, but one of the original team members recently got permission to continue development and use the IP and assets. We dug up the original UE4 project (we started prototyping in UE4.1 and were using 4.11 when we got cancelled!) and got it running on 4.25. We've moved away from doing a mobile game and are now working toward a PC/Mac game, with consoles as a crazy stretch goal.

    Our second Screenshot Saturday & DevLog post just went live:

    We also did one last week:

    If you want to know a little more about the project:

    And we've started up an page for the game as well, though haven't made any builds public yet:

    We're super excited to be working on this again. We're happy to answer any questions you might have.

    Click image for larger version

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    I remember this. Glad to see you back.


      Originally posted by Mr_SquarePeg View Post
      I remember this. Glad to see you back.
      Thank you! We're glad to be back.


        Another week, another new Devlog and Screenshot Saturday post:


          A Happy Halloween edition of our Screenshot Saturday post and devlog are up:


            Did you upload a 500 + mb project in itch io, if so how?
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              Originally posted by Neongho View Post
              Did you upload a 500 + mb project in itch io, if so how?
              So, we haven't released a build, but we have been testing out an automated build process that uploads to automatically, so we have actually uploaded several builds. Our current uncompressed build is a little over 3 Gb. The compressed size is about 1.6Gb. We had no problems uploading using butler,'s command line tool. It doesn't seem to do the size check that uploading on their web site does.

              We have an alternative way to host the builds if this stops working, but as of right now, we've had no problems.


                A little late with our Screen Shot Saturday post this week, and a little distracted by the US Elections, but latest update is out: