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    Okayyy, the dedicated server will cost a lil to much to start up for me, trying to save all my pennies no point of my showing a local dedicated server build. Hoping to win the grant to fund the project and accomplish my goals within this project thank you for coming by everyone. I'll await a result so I can work on the PS5.... My career,dream, and love for gaming is in Epics hands now.

    It'll just be a waste of money but I have a 1.0 version functional I'll do some more test on it but it's good for the vast majority. Need to pinch the pennies.
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      I set off on this journey to try and do my best. Therefore learning Computer Science and C++ is highly important to represent myself in a professional manner in the industry to and to have enough confidence to proudly sell my product. Also to not have to worry about updates on any plug-ins and properly represent my titles with the latest greatest tech all around from Unreal Engine which a new version may come and third party plug in breaks it or just creating my own engine in the future. To be able to professional timely and accurately handle upgrades in a professional manner is highly important especially a title with the huge volume of content being open to changes at ease is important. Property of FrostyPawsLLC- Only authorized use from the company through legal notary is allowed. Click image for larger version  Name:	Quality.png Views:	0 Size:	51.3 KB ID:	1824825