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Shader Reader Pro plugin for UE

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    [PLUGIN] Shader Reader Pro plugin for UE

    Hey ya!

    Here I am once again, this time I did an advanced version of my plugin to write custom shading code in your favorite IDE and see your changes reflected immediately inside your materials, also now you can control your code using what ever folder structure you like, it is meant to be easy share with your team in case you are working as a group, all your code will be self contain in your project, also it has support for #includes, so now you can code all your cool materials inside libraries that you can use across multiple materials , plus the fact you can always include the whole library shipped within UE.

    Here is the link to the market place:

    Here is a demo tutorials about it:

    Hope you like it guys, if you have any suggestion, question, request, please write a comment or ping me at this mail
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