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[GAME] Bruma - Open world - Airship flight simulator

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    [GAME] Bruma - Open world - Airship flight simulator

    Hello every one!

    This is my first project with Unreal Engine, and despite it's so green I would like to share with you the progress made so far.

    Bruma (Mist) pretends to be a flight simulator where you will have to survive, build and pilot from Hot air balloons and gliders to airships in order to survive and fly above Bruma.

    The game will take place in a dystopic world, during the industrial revolution, where the pollution, and hence the climate change generated by it, has evaporated 90% of the world's water in form of mist. All with a steampunk/industrial revolution technology and aesthetics.

    I did my first video on youtube, hope you enjoy it!

    Any feedback on the game concept will be so helpful.


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    Hi everyone!

    I've been working on cloth simulation for the hot air balloons and the future zeppelin. Also, I added "wind tube" system trying to represent the wind mechanics.
    Here I leave you the first successful take-off and landing made so far!

    Fly safe!