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Sketchbook Thread: Neil Gallagher (LittleClaude)

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    Sketchbook Thread: Neil Gallagher (LittleClaude)


    I have decided to start a sketchbook thread, more to come soon.

    To kick it off here is a Dinosaur "Carnotaurus" presented in UE4 - 2.41

    I hope to come back to this project over the summer as I am starting to learn Houdini and it will be a good opportunity to clean up the topology, rigging and animation.

    As dinosaurs had a tendency to teleport around due to their size I used the Materialize VFX to show how they might have done this, it was also good to know how to trigger material parameters in the sequencer and play around with the FX speed, although I may have got a little carried away like a kid with a new toy.
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