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[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

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  • Hi ^^
    Possible to stop water without disable ocean infinite system and make a hole ?
    Thank you for beautifful project


    • Hello, I was also working on Water material. Im sure im using a different system. mostly using the ocean water plane project from UE. ill take a look into your project. see if ican help
      btw the material i use have alot of problems currently. im stuck here.


      • Hey guys, just a heads up.
        For those of you who struggle to get a transparency on a mesh inside the water, you can copy your mesh (or make a super simplified version of it), turn off shadows casting for it, check "render custom depth" and uncheck "render in main pass". Just make sure to also turn off collision and physics for your transparency mesh.

        Custom transparency for objects on ocean surface tutorial

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Boat_transparency_example.jpg Views:	1 Size:	113.2 KB ID:	1396446

        1. Create a mesh, that covers the top of the object
        2. Place it on top of the mesh
        3. Setup your content inside UE4.
        Here is a modified version of Construction Script of BP_BuoyantActor

        Click image for larger version  Name:	BP_BuoyantActor_modifed.jpg Views:	1 Size:	175.1 KB ID:	1396447

        Notice that I added additional transparency mesh. With this way of setting up BP you can have your transparency mesh empty unless you need it. Make sure to make it public to easily acces it.
        Here is a list of settings you need to change for your transparency mesh inside BP_BuoyantActor

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Transparency_mesh_settings.jpg Views:	1 Size:	96.2 KB ID:	1396448

        Also notice that I don't chance index for custom depth, but I do change stencil mask to 1 bit (works with other too, but gives better performance) That is because this system uses the same post process material that is used in pp volume array.

        4. Place your BP into scene (or copy existing one and modify it's properties the way you need it to be)

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Boat_mesh_transparency.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.9 KB ID:	1396449

        This should give you transparency as long as you not trying to submerge your camera into the water surface. The moment you do it - illusion breaks apart. Sometimes clipping still happens, but you can fix it if you make sure your mesh follows waves precisely.
        Big shout-out to Obscura on polycount forum for posting a solution for the exact same problem

        If you are going to make a submarine, you still need to follow this tutorial and implement your own mask into material, which is unfortunately limits amount of vehicles you can have in your scene and gives a headache if you need a custom shape for your vehicle, because not only you gonna need to mathematically explain it to the engine, you also gonna need to find a way to rotate it on ocean surface.

        I also recommend you to check out this thread, it has a whole bunch of possible solutions to this problem.

        Hope it helps.
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        • Ohhh ,work perfecly
          Thank ^^
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          • Sure this will be very helpfull ( I was wondering how to do), thanks a lot for sharing
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            • Hello, can you tell what settings will help completely remove these black spots which I have highlighted in red, tried a lot of settings did not help.


              • Originally posted by Marfear View Post
                Hello, can you tell what settings will help completely remove these black spots which I have highlighted in red, tried a lot of settings did not help.
                Those artifacts are caused by Screen Space Reflections. Click on your Ocean Blueprint, look for Ocean Shader and set it to whatever has (No SSR), or you can go to your Post Process, scroll down to Screen Space Reflections and set Intensity to 0.
                Click image for larger version  Name:	Ocean_screen_space_reflections.jpg Views:	1 Size:	119.0 KB ID:	1399296


                • Since were on topic of artifacts, in the new 4.18 Ocean Project, in 4.18.0 Engine , i ran into a problem that i have seen before but cant seem to locate it in the 143 pages of posts.

                  It reminds me of a low shadow map cascade bias issue, but this is not the case. It happened directly after dropping the Ocean_BP actor from content browser into my map with default settings just like the example map as far as lights and what not go.

                  Hopefully someone will recognize this cause, i'm at a loss attempting to get corrective results.

                  If anyone could give some insight i would be greatly appreciative.
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                  • It looks like a problem with custom depth or stencil, I had the same kind of effect when my character was outlining an object in the scene (its post process material is based also on custom depth)
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                    • Does this work with blueprints or C++ only?


                      • Parts of the plugin like the managers have been moved to c++ and the rest is blueprints, as far as i understand, it works with both.


                        • Howdy all,

                          I'm very new to UE4, but I really love what you guys have done with this plugin. So please forgive the extremely nooby question here buuut... just how do I go about installing this?
                          I've had a muck around with a few other Git projects, but I've never had any real success getting any of them up and running, though a few of them did have instructions on their Git pages. I actually found another post in this thread from early 2016 asking much the same question, but I've got to say the answer to his question was a bit over my head.

                          I've got my project directory's plugins folder, the engine installation's plugins folder, and the engine installation's shaders folder. Of the .zip I downloaded from Git for this project, which of the subdirectories go where?

                          I'm a programmer by trade, so I'm sure I'll get it eventually, but for now this engine is a bit out of my experience (for reference, I'm looking after a COBOL project of all things at the moment... very different and very old!). Hoping to learn plenty over the coming months!

                          Thanks for any help you can provide, and sorry again for backing it up to noob level.


                          • I have yet to find any settings for custom depth or stencil
                            Any one care to point out where those are located?


                            • Originally posted by DWGS View Post
                              I have yet to find any settings for custom depth or stencil
                              Any one care to point out where those are located?
                              I don't know if it's what you are looking for, but there are settings for each plane in the ocean BP:

                              And in the underwater post process material instance:
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                              • @Paranoia1987

                                To run Ocean Project,Create a new folder in your project directory(windows) for the .zip contents,extract files there.
                                Run Unreal Launcher, Click the drop down arrow on the yellow launch button on the left.
                                Select the engine version that matches Ocean Project engine version you downloaded, then click launch.
                                Once the engine is loaded, select the newly created Ocean Project, it should not be greyed out.
                                Once loaded,You should get prompts in the bottom right about plugin changes, click there, or, if they do not appear,
                                Goto the top menu, select Edit> Plugins.
                                When the plugin dialog opens, scroll to the bottom where the project plugins reside. You should find one name Ocean.Click that name.
                                Dialog will display Ocean Plugin information, ensure the Enabled TickBox is checked. Save the project and Close the engine.
                                Restart the Launcher as well for safe measure, this will update the new project in case the launched didnt catch it(it used to have problems doing so)
                                Select your newly created Ocean Project in the unreal Launcher My projects catagory and double click.

                                There is so slightly out dated help in the github page about how to install and event merging to project. Though i recommend getting the project to launch on its own first.
                                Before merging/experimenting/exploring make a copy of the project in its default state, this will help ease you mind as you start playing with settings, if something wrong should happen.
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