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[Community Project] WIP Weather & Ocean Water Shader

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    Would definitely support this project if it was released on the marketplace. Hard work that benefits the community should be rewarded.


      plugin? Please with Linux and Vulkan support.


        Hey TK,

        Is there any chance of getting a more user friendly method for masking the water surface out? I'm specifically thinking of smaller boats where the water surface clips through the hull walls? I've struggled with this, on and off, for months with no simple solution.


          The camera on the ship seems to be broken. Is there a fix or workaround? I see the workaround for a camera glitch that Epic needs to fix in the blueprint, but the camera still doesn't seem to look at the ship properly. I'm in 4.14, if that matters.
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            Is there a tutorial on how to setup and customise an ocean? I can't seem to find any here on in the project files.


              YES MARKETPLACE PLUGIN PLEASE!!!!! OMG that would be so awesome


                +1 For plugin, will buy it for sure


                  No compatible with 4.14 ?
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                    Originally posted by AlphA-Fr View Post
                    No compatible with 4.14 ?
                    Look back through the last few pages, there's a 4.14 compatible repo.
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                      Someone knows how to fix this sea shadow problem ?

                      Click image for larger version

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                        +1 for the marketplace idea. Your screenshot of the FFT waves looks amazeballs! You would definitely have my cash in a heartbeat :P


                          One of the biggest things I loved about this, was it was an open community project. Going the paid marketplace path... I'm gonna have to disagree with everyone else on this. I also loved that this competed with the paid stuff on the marketplace and felt that it pushed those selling stuff to do better. I wholeheartedly feel there should be an open version of this, at the very least in tandem with an "easy" paid version for the weak-kneed out there. If you are serious dev, you can work with this. If you just want some plug-n-play action and code and/or more than 20 minutes of work scares you, then pay a few bucks.

                          Just my 2 cents, as a long time user of this beast.


                            Originally posted by TK-Master View Post
                            Hey people, and happy new year

                            I know there has been a lack of updates but I can assure you that progress is being done behind the scenes (slowly but surely).
                            Thanks to everyone who is sharing their updated branch for 4.14 and helping with thread questions by the way.

                            I'm trying to find more time to work on the project but it keeps getting more difficult.. which is why I'm thinking it might be a good idea to release my upcoming FFT ocean as a new plugin in the marketplace.

                            You can think of the new marketplace plugin as an early access to "kickstart" the project, that way I will be able to put much more time to it, update it more rapidly and add more features.
                            Then later down the line I will open source it to the community. What do you guys think?

                            Here is a list with the core features I'm aiming at for the first released version of the plugin:

                            -Ocean based on Tessendorf's FFT paper.

                            -Multiple ocean spectra to choose from with many tweakable parameters (amplitude, choppy, wind velocity, direction, fetch etc.).
                            Phillips and Unified Directional spectrum currently implemented.

                            -Foam generation based on the ocean spectrum.
                            Tweakable parameters: foam amount, coverage, decay rate, dissipation.

                            -Infinite ocean system using Quadtrees (video).
                            Dynamically subdivides the ocean patches for efficient usage of vertices.
                            Expands to the horizon (or up to given distance).
                            Frustum culling (removes patches outside the camera view).

                            -Custom BRDF shading based on Eric Bruneton's paper.
                            BRDF model suited for ocean rendering.
                            Added custom SSS (subsurface scattering).
                            Planar reflections (custom component) which can be tweaked in the shader.

                            -Interactive water heightfield.
                            Allows for dynamic interaction with the ocean surface (as in watch dogs).
                            Can be layered on top of the FFT waves (square around the camera will be simulated) or used as stand alone for lakes and puddles.
                            Boats leave natural looking wakes.
                            Multiple propagation algorithms to choose (MuellerGDC, Tessendorf iWave and more).

                            -Underwater post process effects.
                            Waterline (camera-ocean intersection).
                            Light absorption / fog (new method).
                            Volumetric Godrays.

                            Many more features planned for later updates.

                            I don't have an ETA yet but hopefully early this year.

                            And as always, a screenshot

                            (Click for larger image)
                            This is how the custom BRDF currently looks like (shader still far from final, wip).
                            Any release date?


                              Originally posted by jonathan light View Post
                              Any release date?
                              TK-Master said right at the end of that whole block you decided to quote (thanks for that, love when people do this):

                              Originally posted by TK-Master View Post
                              I don't have an ETA yet but hopefully early this year.


                                How much will this sell for on the marketplace? I'm looking for a good ocean shader.
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