Hi Y'all,

How are you doing. Let me first introduce myself. My name is Ludwig and I'm pretty fresh to Unreal and have 10 year Blender experience. I have released games in the past with GameSalad and was a tutor for the time it was fun to work with it.

I'm a musician and my friends have a band that is two guys on all sorts of synths making Synth wave/Drones/Electro/Soundtrack/Darkwave/Retro Wave or give it a name Because it is a bit boring to look at two guys playing synths I am making an interactive VJ project for them to show on a big screen. They improvise live and with the app I'm making they can interact with the videos while playing. For example if they want a part to be longer they let a video loop run until a key activates the next step. To build this I use Unreal Engine of course and I love it from the start. I've done some tuts in the past but are getting into it now.

Astrogoats on spotify (new release in Feb 2020): https://open.spotify.com/artist/0XxdVmdlZGaGV8llo3U3im

Here is a video of the first rendered scene (scene3):