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    [PLUGIN] Player Creation Tool (PCT)

    I am working on a tool to add to the marketplace which will allow players to build their own content in-game by placing parts together.These creations will then be saved and I will add networking features so that the creations can be shared with other players.

    The developer will be able to set rules for how each part can be used and placed along with setting one of the different placement methods.


    Parts Component - Includes logic for placement/selection - Just drop into any blueprint to allow creation
    Master Component - Includes logic that holds the main build together
    Pawn - A pawn which will let the user actually build the item (could easily be parented to another type of pawn such as a player character to allow them to build instead)
    Resources to Build - Easily customisable for various game types and needs.
    Save/Load system- System which stores the players creations and recreates them when the client is loaded back up
    Multiplayer - Will be network ready once finished

    Example levels:

    Spaceship example
    Ground vehicle example
    Weapon example
    Zombie Survival building example

    THIRD WIP - With some commentary on where the plugin is up to

    I am interested to see what the community thinks - Any suggestions?
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    This second update shows an example of how the system may be used to create a zombie survival game.

    Similarly I can think of the Farming genre as an easy use.


      Hi All,

      Third WIP update video which is showing a bit more polish - A few more features to add before the project is taken into the testing phase!