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    [PLUGIN] Player Creation Tool

    Hi All,

    I am working on a tool to add to the marketplace which will allow players to build their own content in-game by using a set of rules to place together sets of "blocks". I thought this system would be useful for building items such as weapons, vehicles (areal/space/ground) and even gadgets / "blueprints" which players can use to mass produce their creations...

    So far I am thinking that the final project will include:

    Parts Component - Includes logic for placement/selection - Just drop into any blueprint to allow creation
    Master Component - Includes logic that holds the main build together
    Pawn - A pawn which will let the user actually build the item (could easily be parented to another type of pawn such as a player character to allow them to build instead)
    Resources to Build - Easily customisable for various game types and needs.
    Save/Load system- System which stores the players creations and recreates them when the client is loaded back up
    Multiplayer - Will be network ready once finished
    Various components for building such as snapping grids and logic boxes

    Spaceship example
    Ground vehicle example
    Weapon example
    Zombie Survival building example

    I have been making the project in blueprint as the efficiency difference between this and C++ seems minimal due to the discrete nature of the building (not on tick etc)

    I am interested to see what the community thinks - Any tips or suggestions?

    SECOND WIP (Zombie Survival Example) - Also Rough!

    FIRST WIP (Space Example) - Very rough around the edges !

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    This second update shows an example of how the system may be used to create a zombie survival game.

    Similarly I can think of the Farming genre as an easy use.