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VaFogOfWar: another one fog of war solution for UE4

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    [PLUGIN] VaFogOfWar: another one fog of war solution for UE4

    Hi all,

    I just want to share my current WIP project: it's a plugin called VaFogOfWar which implements fast and optimized fog of war solution for topdown games like Dota or StarCraft.

    Few WIP videos are available here:

    It works nice on mobile devices also:

    Plugin planned to be released in two editions:

    1. free "community" version (which is already available) on Github. Just core C++ code to handle the fog, but no demo content and usage examples.
    2. paid marketplace version: same as community version + demo content and extended usage example with preconfigured post process.

    Main features:
    * Three types of layers: current visibility, global visibility (permanent from black), terrain
    * Eight height levels are supported
    * Dynamic and static obstacles
    * Initial terrain levels can be set with heightmap

    If you have any additional ideas or feature requests, please fell free to comment
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    Added volume support for terrain setup.
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      Really amazing job! I've been looking forward to something like this for a long time!

      Thank you for sharing with the community!
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