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    UPDATE #24:

    So this week was quite, how would you put it... nostalgia driven(?). I kept rummaging through my old files and projects and playing through games from my childhood and what not.
    Needless to say, I got very little actual work done.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	RinaHappy.png
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    Thou I did get a nice sprite for Rina. Now I just need to make some angle shots, so the characters on screen can look like they're actually talking to each other instead of just looking at the main character...

    Also made another one of these:

    Next week I hope I can get away from the nostalgia and actually focus on the present things.


      UPDATE #25:

      I really got stung by the nostalgia bug last week, and continued on to this week with that, spent most of my time playing old games and working on the upgrading the old assets of my first UE project (which I originally used to learn the the engine and the basics of gamedev)

      Thou I did manage to make the first set of angle shots for the characters:

      Click image for larger version

Name:	YuunaStaring-Right.png
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ID:	1769365Click image for larger version

Name:	RinaWorried-Right.png
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      I'm thinking that ideally I would like to have a full 360 degree spin of all the characters so I would be able to correctly project the first-person view of the the main character in the story... I kinda wish I was working with 3d models instead of pixel art models for this... but that wouldn't be any fun now would it, and it would mean that I would also have make all the backgrounds in 3d as well (minigames I could still make in 2d, as they are supposed to be like "games of the mind")... besides, learning the ins and outs of pixel art is quite fun.

      Anyway, I'll be working on more angles for Yuuna and Rina next week.

      This weeks video:
      The videos are certainly starting to take a more sketch-y approach each passing week...


        UPDATE #26:

        As the day draws closer, my focus wanes...

        So I've been doing decreasingly less work as the weeks have progressed thanks to a certain release date drawing closer and closer. This week I spent time checking and fixing some of my script and writing some new stuff, but not really much else. And I would assume the next two weeks won't be much different, at least not in the positive direction.

        But at least I was still able to make another episode (not really sure what these videos should be called):


          This isn't really an update for the game, rather something on the side that kind of has to do with the game...

          So, background: a few weeks back I started doing research on my Master's Thesis topic, which is about interactive novels, their history, trends, and design implementation. This week I started working on the project that goes along with it, actually implementing the past design trends, providing a more mechanical perspective into how the designs worked and how they can be implemented in modern interactive novels.
          To start it off, I transposed my novel (or a small part of it) into a text-based adventure:
          Click image for larger version

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          The whole process got me thinking that UE might not be all that well optimized for text adventure games, or at least that it might be easier to make one with just regular ol' C++, without the engine in the background. Most annoying issues being that I can't disable the mouse to make it keyboard only, and that in order to activate the text box, one has to press TAB every time (instead of just automatically activating upon creation).
          And yes I know that for a text adventure game, UE might be a bit of an overkill, but since it isn't the only part of the project, having the potential for more advanced stuff is good, and I doubt that in the end, it'll have much "wasteful power."

          I know this is a pretty random addition to devlog, but it is still kind of tied to the game, and who knows what discoveries this Master's Project might bring in to the actual game...