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Hack n Slash DmC Arkham alike Overdrive X

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    [GAME] Hack n Slash DmC Arkham alike Overdrive X

    Overdrive is a solo project made entirely in blueprints...

    The game is a sci fi hack and slash set in a dystopia cyberpunk world with overarching themes of evolution and identity...

    Its currently going through a bit of a redesign... Magic is out and telekinetic powers are in.. The lock on system has been redesigned to be similar to the batman arkham games... Best way to describe it currently in terms of how it plays is the love child of rocksteady and ninja theory..
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    Combo KILL!!!!


      More batman and less DmC these days lol


        Hi L04D3D,

        Glad to see you started a new thread for OverDriveX!

        After watching the combat video, I'm curious to know, what happened at 1:03?

        It's like a time warp occurs and enemies were being sent back to their pre-hit status, is it an intentional game design? Seems this could lead to some interesting combat strategy.

        (I need to double-check the video, to ensure this isn't due to youtube doing random playback or video display bug)

        I wish you the best with your project and have a productive weekday!