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    [GAME] GhostTrain

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    [About Us]
    We are a novice development team - qTx Game Studio.
    Now we are developing a game: GhostTrain.

    [About Game]
    Genre: Horror, Adventure.
    The game is implemented in 2D, will have black and white tones, with a very small admixture of colors.
    Development began not so long ago, but we already have some groundwork for how the game will look and what will happen in it.
    We have already compiled: The main concept of the game, the story, gameplay, characters and the history of the game world.
    The gameplay time is approximately 2 to 3 hours.

    [Readiness stages]
    Story: 100%
    World: 10%
    Characters: 20%
    Other: 10%

    [Beginning of the game]
    Our main character is a student. And it all starts with the fact that the student gets up from behind a computer in his small but comfortable room, remembering the birthday of his girlfriend. It remains for him to complete a couple of preparations and he can leave the apartment.
    But what awaits him outside the door? This question hides many mysteries...

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    As you update information about the game, we will update this topic!

    We are also looking for financing for the project (investors / sponsors / other ways of financing) and opportunities to get with the project on Kickstarter (if it makes sense of course), but in any case, we will be very grateful for any assessment and opinion regarding our project!
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    New update!
    We're sorry that we had no updates in a while.

    We have just created the first promo video!

    ​​​​​​​We've been quite busy lately and would like to show you some results of our work:

    Street update!
    Now there is an old lady sitting on a bench lit by the flickering streetlight. She’s asking for our student’s help… But what does she need? And what is she doing there? Alone… At night…

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    Dark and gloomy, with howling wind and echo from rumbling train wheels. Of course it is only a prototype, that needs to be improved. But all in all we choose this concept as the most fitting for our project. We added the train (with exterior and interior) that arrives at the station. You can enter the train and explore its secrets. We will be adding more details to the station and the train’s insides in the future.​​​​​​​

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    We added the inventory (in shape of our heroe's backpack). Now you can pick up items, open and close it. The items from the inventory (food, drink and so on) can be applied to the main hero or to some objects in the game. Inside the train on the seats you can now find bags and suitcases, that contain many interesting things, some of which are vital for the hero.

    Carriages of the train! They are of special interest, as they are full of things to explore and secrets to uncover. There will be strange objects, mysterious characters and many other content, that we will touch upon a bit later.

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      Hi all!
      Update story line
      And to next time we are add prototype our game

      Short start:

      The main character takes a train in the subway to get to his girlfriend. However, having entered the carriage, he realizes that it was by no means an ordinary train.

      This is a train with an endless line of wagons rushing through the darkness of another dimension. There seems to be no way out of this place. But this is not all - the infernal creature, a kind of “conductor” that brutally punishes free riders, tirelessly follows our hero along the train.

      In search of a way out, the hero travels through the carriages and explores the stations of this parallel world. There he encounters bizarre creatures and strange puzzles, as well as those unfortunate passengers who fell into this dimension’s trap before him.