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SCATHE - Co-op Doom style FPS on steroids! Fast paced gore fest in a maze.

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    [GAME] SCATHE - Co-op Doom style FPS on steroids! Fast paced gore fest in a maze.

    Hi all!

    We're a team of three working on a new co-op FPS called SCATHE.

    Aiming for early 2020 launch.

    It's a game we've wanted to make for such a long time!

    In short: It's fast-paced (think old school Quake), co-op (up to 4 players online) FPS (think Doom), powering through a maze to collect the four Hellstones to escape (with some killer weapons and intense enemies thrown in).

    Have a look and let us know your thoughts!!

    [Just added a Coming Soon page on Steam, more info/screenshots/video etc. HERE]

    Click image for larger version

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    Scathe looks amazing!


      Johnny_Mou - thank you!!

      Hello all!

      Thought I would add our teaser trailer and a couple of art concepts, let us know what you think!

      Reaper Concept
      Introducing the Reaper! A nimble and cunning air defence grunt. With quick manoeuvrability and two fireball launching cannons at its disposal - careful to avoid all line of sight!
      Boss Concept
      He's one of the feared Hellstone keepers. With acid pumping out of each of his four guns and forming gunky death puddles, it's safe to say it won't be easy...

      We're coming soon on Steam - WISHLIST if you're liking it!


        this looks great - what is the best way to contact you guys


          Scathe looks hella cool and you have definatley hit the DOOM vibe. I'm loving how fast paced the combat is and the concepts are beautiful xx


            This looks fantastic! I think we can never get enough Doom and Quake clones, especially when they look this good. I'm going to be watching this one.


              JamesMoorby, leb78, KillThePublic - Thank you!! Great to get feedback like this.

              Been a little while since we last updated... so what's new?

              We put together a developer walkthrough; it's very much a work in progress area but it helps explain and show how the gameplay works.
              That said, it's progressed quite a bit since this video (early December) - the projectiles are faster and the difficulty is much much more satisfying amongst many other things.
              We'll have a new dev walkthrough coming soon to show these changes.

              Unfortunately, we failed in our attempt at the Epic Mega Grant. Still, it was worth a shot and congratulations to everyone who has managed so far!
              It doesn't stop us making Scathe as awesome as we want it to be, just slows it down, sadly.

              If you ever want to get in touch with us - fire us an email at - support @ or hit us on Twitter
              OR we just set up a Discord - (Finally!)

              If you're liking it - why not WISHLIST on Steam!