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    Originally posted by OniZonda View Post
    VerumBit I'm new to this whole thing but I want to learn how to do stuff like this so I'm researching it as well. I know I have a long way to go before I can share my original work, but I have found a video on the subject that has gotten me interested in the topic. if you wanted to learn how someone has made something that looks insanely good and is very basic, yet really powerful. What I would like to do is ultimately point to a sekeleton, plug in poses, and be able to animate anything with just a few inputs. I have gotten a bunch of free assets and paid for several as well so I have a few really nice quality animation sets, but the idea of procedural animation feels like it'll be the most fluent way to create a game and keep it running smoothly, especially for small teams (ie, if I were to keep going solo, I would benefit from a system like this). If you ever manage to get this system working well and sell it, I would definitely buy it.
    I saw the rabbit video. Very cool approach, blending from pose to another pose.
    I recently was fascinated by the work of Mattias Malmer on twitter, who gave mne an explanation on how he moves each leg of his creature:

    Click image for larger version

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      VerumBit, Will we be able to pull off tail / tentacle procedural animations like these with multi segment limbs/spines? is now part of


        Originally posted by TechLord View Post
        VerumBit, Will we be able to pull off tail / tentacle procedural animations like these with multi segment limbs/spines?
        Ahhh that tail stuf is a new entry! Very well made.
        It could be done using my fractaltree bprint and animating 1 line of points connected together, rotating in a loop and then set these point in a vecotr array as world loc and use them to create a spline. Lot of test and work to reach that fluid animation!

        I saw this work in Houdini and is an amazing creature with procedural walk! The camera motion movement is also amazign and is captured from a real camera movement with motion capture.


          I'm not sure it is interesting for you but I've read your subject and found it really exciting. Recently, I've seen some papers on this kind of work made with Unity and neural networks, so I wanted to share it with you :
          It's a Github with videos, demos and papers published on his researches.

          PS: sorry for my English if there are any mistakes left.


            this video have good advices
            Animation Bootcamp: An Indie Approach to Procedural Animation
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              Originally posted by Corrado0 View Post
              Yes was one of the first video I saw: as written above, it uses poses and blending from pose to pose + some compression and rotations.
              What I'm working on is a more structured creature, where you start from an IK leg (3 bones), attach it to a body (a sphere that should be the pelvis) and frome there move the body and have the leg follow it on any terrain. Then add more legs, arms, bodies and so on. You can make a man, a spider, any kind of creature.


                Found this thread when researching how to make procedural animations in Unreal (still pretty clueless atm) and just wanna say thank you everyone for sharing all the links and lessons learned.

                Out of curiosity, it's been over 9 months since last post here. OP, how ya hanging in there? Did generalizing the procedural animation system at a high level of quality with plenty of params become too complex? If possible, could you share the technical downsides that got in your way?

                Really interested in hearing more about your journey here, sounds like a lot happened!


                  Originally posted by Jaycob View Post
                  Is procedural animation kinda like what Rockstar use with their games using euphoria natural motion, Say AI gets knocked over they attempt to stop their fall or cup their head? or is this something else?
                  It's like you are telling the character.:

                  'start off standing up here, like this, then figure out (by yourself...) how to end up standing down there like this, all bent over with your hands over your head… k? Also, if there is anything in your way, like a rope or a pipe, don't forget to react naturally to it! like, hold your hands out to deflect if there is time, or just smash into it if there isn't!


                  It won't (necessarily) have personality, it is intended to do the necessary physic 'basics' using 'physical' mechanics necessary to get from where you were, to where you want to be. (Not having tried it but knowing so many things a lot like this even from as far back as the DOS days (30 or so years ago, :O I was working in 3D Studio for DOS what became 3ds Max!) anyway, i'm certain, it is as extensible and complex as you want to make it, ie: I fully suspect you could configure it run from here to there and favor your left leg, (Running while hurt preset' … I know IU could do all that in Character Studio (not procedurally) but using multiple motion capture tracks (or takes) that 'informed' each other in a weighted fashion,. This would allow the same sort of layered approach, just without using motion capture,
                  (or maybe also with Motion Capture: to add what might be called (instead of 'blend shape') with BONES, (OR BONES THAT HAPPEN TO MORPH> I have used that too.)
                  So,. more like,. 'Blend Relative Bone-Group Positions' to layer specific personality or even reactive acting or DIALOG!!
                  Using bones instead of morph targets like I did way back when in DOS!) .
                  ..) but mostly, this tool is about, using the …'natural' physical abilities (and maybe more importantly: LIMITS!) of the body, the joints and (and perhaps more importantly: WEIGHT!) and Gravity and Time,.,. All come together to make one perfect solution that a Human (Or Centipede or Alien Jelly) would use to go from here to there!


                  my new series premieres soon!

                  'WORKING (while...) IN VR!'

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                    Hey OP I was wondering wether you would be open to share the project that you're working on and maybe we could all push changes and make it happen soon because the idea is awesome and I do feel that there is a need for something like this in the Unreal world. Maybe we could start collaborating via GitHub/Perforce etc. ?