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[VR] CRT-X (Hotline Miami inspired FPS)

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    [VR] CRT-X (Hotline Miami inspired FPS)

    I think it's about time to actually release a game.

    Been working on this in my spare time. Long way to go... Going to blog in various forums to keep me motivated to finish it.

    Not sure what to call it but it's a Hotline Miami inspired VR shooter.

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    Been playing with Chaos destruction in VR

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      Added a basic kicking mechanic today. AI and Object Pooling for Brutal Doom like blood next...

      Fleshed out the art style a bit more.


        Spent some time optimizing the content. It's very easy for things to get out of hand. Cleaned up my Blueprints to not reference any other blueprints, utilized Async loading and pooled projectiles and emitters.

        I'm always checking out the "Asset Size" window now. It's amazing how easy it for assets to explode in size. Almost all marketplace content I've purchased needs an optimization pass for VR.

        Next round of work will be for AI and get the gore to be a little more like Brutal Doom.

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          Bit the bullet and deleted my current AI system.

          It was based on behavior trees from an excellent marketplace plugin with a layer I put on top. It had major problems. I liked how the plugin abstracted away all the various Behavior Tree assets but at the end of the day you're still spending a lot of debugging time in there. I made an already complicated system more complicated and that's on me.

          I had the very basics of a Hotline Miami AI system working. Guards, patrols and random patrols. It was just dull, not fun and very difficult to make nice and spicy.

          Tom Looman has a very nice article that touches upon the major issues with the Behavior Tree system in UE4. On top of these issues... At the end of the day I'm not able to experiment quickly. It was all too fragile, difficult to integrate and cumbersome to use. I avoided doing the AI work.

          Have you had issues like this with the Behavior Trees?

          There's an excellent article on F.E.A.R's AI here that I had forgotten about :

          Very interesting interesting concept - Essentially runs on TWO states feeding into a goal system. ANIMATED and GOTO. I think this will be a good base to reboot the AI. It's all a Hotline needs.

          On a side note I found this interesting free plugin I will experiment with it to implement the tasks.

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            Integrated the Action Extensions plugin from the marketplace with great success. With a very small amount of code I have a random walk around the level AI. The Action plugin makes it super easy to organize discrete units of AI code.

            I feel this will be a much easier system to iterate game play.

            As I'm developing this, I'm seeing where I'm not clicking with the current AI system and thinking how I'd improve UE4. I'm essentially recreating existing systems (tasks and decision trees) but in a manner that works for me.

            I don't have a good answer yet. It's a really tough problem to create an approachable AI system.

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              Implemented Goldeney64 animations. Back to the AI system.


                I've essentially redone the first pass of the AI in C++ using this - - as my AI design document.

                The core AI API is very good. It takes bit of experimentation to get the hang of it but it's very solid. I wasn't sure if I could use UAITasks to break up the various states in C++... I used Actions Extension from and I highly recommend it.

                I do have a new found respect for the Behavior Tree solution in UE4 but I don't see myself using it again. I'm able to iterate much quicker with a straight C++ implementation.

                Time to get a game play loop to build upon.

                Example of a patrol AI investigating a sound source and then going back to its initial task. (hiding behind a wall as the AI is set to shoot on sight). Very impressed how little code you need to accomplish this. Seriously, the AI API is very good and naturally steers you towards an efficient event driven design.

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                  Worked on melee. Not particular happy with how it feels in VR. I might play with what Robo Recall did to add a sense of weight to weapons.

                  For now I think the axe will just be for AI and the player only gets a knife.