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    [ASSETS] Horror Living Room

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently brainstorming some ideas for my next Asset Pack on the Unreal Marketplace. It will be called "Horror Living Room" and in the same style as my other Pack "Horror Dining Room" (Preview ArtstationLink).

    So far I like to include:
    • an old TV
    • a Couch
    • Ceiling lamp
    • small table
    • window
    • draggable door (like that in Horror Dining Room but different mesh ect.)
    • cupboard
    • cobwebs
    • floor, ceiling and wall materials
    • ...
    So if anyone wants anything specific in there that would fit the scenery I would love to hear about it and try my best to include it. :-)

    If you also have ideas that would better fit to my "Horror Dining Room" Pack you can post it there Forum link and I will try to include it in a future update.

    I will also try to target the same Price as for Horror Dining Room, which is $19.99

    PS: I'm also developing a game called "A Story of Hope" you can check the WIP Thread out here :-)

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    Currently working on A Story of Hope : WIP Thread // Website ||

    Finished the TV today. And some UE4 Screenshots will follow. You will be able to rotate every Button :-)

    Currently working on A Story of Hope : WIP Thread // Website ||