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Search And Seizure [UE4 Project] Development underway!!

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    [GAME] Search And Seizure [UE4 Project] Development underway!!

    Hello Epic Community!

    To begin, Elite Force Games, is a Modding/ Indie Group Focused on 1: Developing work towards a Demo of a neat Game Concept, to be worked on in the Hopes of getting to Alpha/ Full Release, and 2: if we do not get the work done and it falls apart, it is stated very clearly that any work on the project remains the IP of the creator, and only gets published by the group upon Title Release...

    I have been managing Free Assets and producing models to fill in any areas not covered by downloadable Assets, ie. i Did get a good handful of Free Assets However i modified most of them and produced my own 3d/2d artwork in 3ds Max/ Photoshop/ CrazyBump/ and UE4. I am mostly a 3d modeller that skins my models and i have a good amount of "Mapping" Experience, however the whole Level Design is a bit much for me, Though i am very well-versed in Unreal's Content Management, and always loved the simplicity of importing my work and doing 'quick n easy mapping'...

    Thanks for any feedback members give,I have supported many games as a Modder, and i hope that Our efforts will be supported in the future.

    Our Site:

    Discord links moved to new server, the old one was Phished and Trolled, i could use a Bot Handler as a member as well.
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    I know the WIP Section isn't really involved with Recruitment...

    However, http://www.WykedProductions<dot>com ... Will be Live in 48 Hours +/- Business days

    - 2d Texture/skin Artists are needed
    - 3d modellers are basically the norm for us, but we are friendly, join if you wish to chat
    - Progammers and BluePrint Designers are Very Welcome...We are basically a group of Artists, with a BluePrint Programmer,

    Our Current BP designer is in HighSchool, though good at what he does, does not have a lot of time.

    The BluePrint Designer i spoke of made this:

    And he also made another piece of tech. that i don't have a valid recording of.Currently, some advanced Features need to be implemented, by modifying some Existing Assets.

    If you think the artwork is interesting, or would like to know more about a "Modding/ Indie Dev Group" looking to make a game, Feel free to Post.
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      We have a Website, however, we are waiting for more progress to drop cash on subscribing to's Domain linking...

      Temporary Site for overall Goals, Project Progress, and Information,
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        mhm interesting ....


          Thanks DAR NAU!

          I am working on getting a version that supports my NPCs, Weapons, Charactes And my Animal AI So that i can make a playable Demo out of the level on the site.

          VolumetricLighting with PostProcessing has done for the looks of the Level.


            Decided to start Learning BluePrints, will help the BP Designer i know on the team, and myself as well... Just had some long sessions with VolumetricLighting and ExponentialHeighFog, with Skylight...

            Updated the site, and here is the .png version with Volumetric God-Rays and Skylight with HeightFog:
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              Got a Test of NightVision as a possible Gear Pick-Ip once you escape, LessThanLethal means are available, as you may read in the story on the link to the Home Page on Original Post...


                Updated the site, acquired Free Assets (i got called a fake because i do research and check out what i can access in regards to "starter kits," ironic no?) and i built multiple versions of the GDC Kite Demo Level, in regard to the Prison Site, and Path(s) out of the Prison Site... The Demo is: Escape And Evade, or Stealth and Interrogate. The Kite Demo Level, at first Glance is simply beautiful, and if you PlayInEditor, the HangGlider with snow and clouds in your path is wonderful. I accepted it as "The right place" to Use for the Demo, I dubit "A Cold, Harrd Slap," because i imagine it as "Alaksan-like" Terrain with a nice Spline Syetm involves, and the Splines will be sued to create different types of Paths, so you have Flanks and a choice(s) of how to Escape,.

                The Demo should Include Wildlife, with PathFollow, Causing HitPoints, and also, Animations that are a tweak of Human Interrgation to "Subdue" [](Not Kill[/b]) theWolves and (I think?) German Shepherds both inside and outside the Prison.

                The point of the Demo is to showcase Art & Tech Blended Splendidly to Produce a Prototype Game Level with Much of the Features, Already Implemented, like Multiple Mo Cap and Technically Advanced Player Movement (not your average Shooter)revolving around a Deep Risk/Reward System, and a Story that is even Deep and Meaningful + Adrenaline Inducing and/ or Tense and Impactful; Involving Play Your Way, and if you like it, and if we make it right, you should, try multiple approaches to complete the Mission..

                Please See Attachments for Free asset i collected, I have a Brief Portfolio (True Story, i lost my More Recent Portfolio due to a Billing Issue with Web-Hosting, and they don't Archive their Customers' Site Databases) and i have a little to show for it, However i have been modelling since 1999, and had Music Production and other things like Modding New Levels and Experimenting with UDK, fairly recently, in regards to my gaming industry hobby, also, tons of hours of research into Bios of Characters, Gameplay Decisions and Balancing, and Proper Platform Marketing.)

                Now, i don't want to knock the Game "Intruder" for it's Earl Access Phase, it's playable and likely Fun for people who don't mind a limited story but many features involved to play with...

                Search And Seizure Intends to be More Tactful, and Patient, Asking Epic Games Grant Program, to "lend us Funding" for Work-Done on Prototype (Compensation for Workers,) Recruiting High-Level Developers from LFW, Freelance and/or Contract, and Further Science and Tech to Make a Thrilling, And Amazing Full-Release that can Rival AAA Games, and Release Content is Scalable to the Amount of Members we have Contributing, and How much those Members can Contribute and Finalize.

                I Will Be Fully Transparent,I am Not a Programmer , but i Do have an Intro to OOP, and a fundamental grasp on the concepts behind what Programming does, it is a BackBone of Any Unreal Tactical Shooter/Stealth Thriller, making the Visual Systems Interactive, and BP is a wonderful thing, allowing Easy-to-Implement Features to be designed quickly, and cleanly, in a but-shell.

                Once i have Teammates, you will see my work in 3D Modelling/Skinning Rise in Quality, as i will not be spread Everywhere Doing Public Relations involviing "getting the word out," Recruiting, Level Design ( ai am not advanced enough in UE4's new systems to handle a Full Lvel Design Task, I siffer no Delusions, it is a Massive Task to developer a Level by yourself, given there is so much to do, that i pretty mcuh just did Experimental Work on the DGC Kite Demo Level to test Functionality and to Vett the Level as a Reasonable and Valid Level to build upon, for the Purpose of the Demo, and Overall, the Game as well.

                I am now asking for a Second Chance at Recruiting for a Singularly Goal-Oriented Demo Protototype We can Submit to Epic Games Grant, and Get Cinematics done of our Art & Tech, it is a sure-fire way to "get the word out" that we are good at what we do, and we mean it.

                [Task List for Post Process Filter Below:]
                This will need to be done in MatEd and/or BluePrint ( I have not done deeply complex work in MatEd. )

                Menu with Basic Functions (simple Modification of Rival Playas Menu) and Keyboard Customization will need Toggles for 2 Vision Modes(Night Vision, Enhanced Vision), miscellaneous Asset Packs for UI and Menu Customization also Included in Content Directory.

                Starter Kit for 1st Person Story, Some UI Management Assets, and two (2) PostProcess systems are included in this pack.

                Long Story short -

                1: The Chamelon Post Processing's NightVison seen here:
                It needs to be Applied to the "Camera Relay to remote Display" system you already built.

                2: The "Post Process Shader Pack v.1.2" In the Content folder of "1st Person Story Adventure" root Folder, contains a "Toon" Shader Post Process, which can be very useful in defining the Outlines of Geometry... I am hoping the Post Processing Can be Modified so that the Cell-Shading of the Majority of the view can be Deleted, and simply put: The Edge Detection will be the section we are interested in, to Enable "Enhanced Vision"... Also, Included is a "Survivor Pack," which should contain some Content to Further Assist The "toon" Outlines so Possibly a rather Transparent Version of "survivor Vision" could be Blended with "Toon" Edge Detection, to make a great looking Post Process to Enable an Innovative 'Enhanced Vision Mode."
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                  Updated Site, with limited Portfolio of my own works.

                  Discord Links Moved to new Server, Please Contact or join for Test of 3d Modelling in high-or low Poly, w/ or without Skinning and unwrapping, if interested in "bartering work" i could defintitely help and would like help with BluePrints, I don't think much string-code will be necessary, much of the Technology is BluePrint-Based.

                  It's quite old, I did not salvage my more Recent Freelance works, due to Web-Hosting Billing Issues where i could not afford the Payment, so my DataBase was Deleted (true Story, and HostGator also Sold my Mobile # to "Scam-Likely", Caller-ID International and U.S. Based Telemarketers.)

                  I have been following NURMS Vertex Weighting, and TurboSmooth, and had an Introduction to MudBox. I can Bake Normals in 3ds Max using NURMS, (my Preferred Method) and also Heightmap Bumps for Parallax, )
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