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Diagonal Legends - Isekai Theme RPG

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    Update 1: Added the examples of Family Background, Races & Jobs. More stuff to come in next few days

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  • started a topic [GAME] Diagonal Legends - Isekai Theme RPG

    Diagonal Legends - Isekai Theme RPG

    Full Name of the Game: Diagonal Legends

    Scope: A Single player, 3D role-playing game in Non-photorealistic graphic style (1:1 scaling), with an early-medieval setting. It is a deep-story driven action adventurer with branching choices & non-linear gameplay, inspired by the isekai mangas and novels, based in a fantasy world.

    Short/Basic Plot:
    You are transported to an another world, and are born in a household belonging to a happy couple. Fast forward.. and you have just turned 15 and are ready to go out to explore the wonders of this world. Your destiny awaits... !

    Background Lore:

    Starting Player - Family Backgrounds (options):
    1. Peasant
    Example Starting Skills: Farming Knowledge Lvl 3, Strength Lvl 2, etc. (Physically strong raw skills, but lack of advanced skills like 'Swordsmanship' or 'Negotiations', etc.)

    2. Soldier
    Example Starting Skills: Strength Lvl 3, Swordsmanship Lvl 1, Bartering Lvl 1 (Physically best skills, but lack of field knowledge like 'Botany' or 'Appraisal', etc.)

    3. Merchant
    Example Starting Skills: Negotiations Lvl 3, Sneaking Lvl 2 (Physically weak, but strong knowledge of the arts like 'Potion Making' or 'Path Finding', etc.)

    In-game Races (examples): The classic stuff plus more

    1. Goblins
    2. Elves
    3. Humans
    4. Dwarves
    5. Dragons
    6. Undead
    x. etc

    In-game Jobs (examples): Jobs with pay, skill requirements and consequences. You can get fired too!
    1. Tower Guard
    2. Potion Trader
    3. Royal Gardener
    4. Military Advisor
    5. Black Marketeer
    6. Herb Gatherer
    x. etc

    About the devs:
    Main Developer & Lead: Ahmad Bilal, 27, based in New Delhi, India. Business Grad by education, self-taught 3D Generalist & C Programmer. Nice to meet you.

    Discord: SomeAB #4529

    Support Us:
    Paypal: | Patreon:

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