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Company Property: Top down horror game

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    [GAME] Company Property: Top down horror game

    "Then I saw it, now hiring at Waken Co. ..."

    The game is a work inspired by resident evil five nights at Freddie's and amnesia. With themes dealing with corporate entities mistreating employees.

    ///about the game\\\

    You play as a newly hired employee who is desperately hunting for a job and end up finding one as the maintenance/ security man at a company called the Waken Company. The game play is mostly a mix of top down and fixed camera angles more a kin to old school style horror games like resident evil and silent hill. You go through each day repairing machines and dodging the 'experiments' that sometimes get loose. You have to be careful where you shoot though because any property damaged, comes out of your paycheck. And your blance at the end of the week determines what 'Ending' you get.

    Apologies if the screen shots are fuzzy, I didn't have any photo's suited for forum posting. I have tons more on my game page linked below. As well as a playable demo. Please let me know what you think!

    Game Jolt Page:

    A german youtuber did me the honor of doing a play through of it if you'd rather just watch it instead:
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