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SinSeed - Fantasy Action Game / Speech Recognition

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    Nice liking this so far... Are you thinking of doing air combos that kind of thing?

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    Supline Hi, just watched the video, really good, but I didn't hear that many commands, but I am interested in what you used as a plugin for the speech recognition. Was it Google API or Sphinx, or even another one ? Please do let us know because I am working on something and deciding which to use has been difficult as the tech is limited at the moment.

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    What are you using to handle speech recognition and how far have you managed to take it?

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  • SinSeed - Fantasy Action Game / Speech Recognition

    Hey! An indie game I created using UE4.

    I've been working on this game for three months,

    This game has a Speech Recognition it means, you can speak with NPC (Yes, You can talk with your microphone).

    And also i start to create Random Dungeons for Main Story and Side-Missions, Example, Diablo.

    I try to combining Devil May Cry with Diablo actually.

    Hope you like it!

    Gravity Skill Gif

    IceBurst Skill Gif

    Follow the game development on :
    Twitter :
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