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Iragon - An Erotic RPG Game with a story about magical girls, elves, and a bisexual sorceress.

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    [GAME] Iragon - An Erotic RPG Game with a story about magical girls, elves, and a bisexual sorceress.

    Iragon Logo


    Click "notify me on launch" to get a notification when we start our campaign. We recently made the page and it still needs a lot of work before we can officially launch it. But hey, you have to start somewhere. ​

    A world on the brink of another devastating war.

    Amidst the chaos, a young nobody will rise to the occasion. The race for Iragon begins here, and the only thing that could prevent the darkness from taking over is you.

    ‘Iragon’ is an RPG adventure, inspired by some of the greatest fantasy epics in anime and film. The game will take you on a daring quest through the dangerous lands of Balmoros. Along the way you will meet many and various companions - with the right approach, they would gladly fulfill your deepest intimate desires.

    So wonder no more, jump in and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

    We’ve been making VR games for three years now. When we finished our previous project, the question came up. What if we could bring
    what we love most about fantasy anime to a full interactive VR experience?


    The world of ‘Iragon’ is challenging and dangerous. To complete your missions you will face hordes of supernatural beings and treacherous enemies. The more you progress, the more your skills will grow through unlocking new weapons and enhancements, as well as learning powerful spells.

    Put your skills to use, and impress the ladies. The women of ‘Iragon’ vary in terms of looks and character, but they all have something in common. If you treat them well and make the right choices, they’d be more than happy to please you and accompany you on your journey.


    Weather you play in VR or not, you can expect of us to deliver:
    • Compelling story with rewarding quests;
    • Multiple love interests to play with;
    • Nudity and sexual content;
    • A dynamic combat system that features both magic and melee;
    • Difficult, but exciting boss fights;
    • Destructible environments;
    • Equipment and collectibles;
    • A choice system that keeps track of your decisions.


    The fabled lands of Balmoros keep many secrets.
    Lost relics of old carry the memory of a mystical power the world has not seen in decades. An artifact known as the armor of Iragon has been rumored to be powerful enough to end the wars between Balmoros and the neighbouring Empire once and for all. Many have lost their lives searching for the armor and its secrets. Many more will.

    A secret invasion threatens the stability of Balmoros, a new war looms over the horizon, and caught in the crossfire will be Darick, a young hero in the making whose only agenda is to protect those he cares about the most. Little does he know that a fateful meeting with a gorgeous mysterious girl will alter the course of his life forever.

    Together, they will face the many dangers of this world, as well as their own demons and desires. Who will tame the forces within the armor of Iragon? Will Balmoros crumble under the heavy fist of the Empire? Join Darick and his companions on their adventure, and discover the answers yourself.

    We are putting together some of the pieces. We have an early pre-alpha that you can test out. We update it every 2 weeks and also provide changelogs, and videos explaining the changes. Right now we are looking for early testers that can help us make this game better. If you are interested in becoming a tester, or following our progress on this, join our Discord server here:

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    About our studio

    Repulse was founded in December 2016 by inspired individuals who wanted to test the limits of what could be experienced through VR. We wanted to fly, fight, break things, feel like superheroes. The goal we have set for ourselves is to deliver to the world the immersive interactive virtual reality experiences that we have always dreamed of. Production of our first game, Experiment Gone Rogue, started shortly after the company formed. We've gone a long way since then and we are now working on a new and exciting project called Iragon.

    Important links


    Join us in our Discord server to become a tester and chat with us. Give suggestions, report bugs and get the latest news about Iragon.






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    Iragon update 1

    Changes to Annah – You do find Annah passed out in the woods but that doesn’t mean that she can’t look nice. So she now has pretty blue eyes and a whole new outfit to make her look good, even in a dire situation such as this.

    Controller support – VR is awesome! And keyboard and mouse have served us faithfully for many long years. We do however realize that some people enjoy playing with a controller, so we integrated that into the game.

    Additional checkpoint – Being fantasy knight Spider-man isn’t easy. It’s also not uncommon to fall to your death in this world, so we decided to add a checkpoint after the first swinging section. Now if you happen to fall at the very end of the second swinging section you won’t have to go through the entire first part, all over again.

    New text background – The old background for the dialogue was a bit boring and it lacked character. That is why we stuck some rocks in there and called our best blacksmith to make a nice steel border.

    Level 1 redesign – The entire level before you reach the cabin has been redesigned from the ground up. Gone are all the invisible walls that trap you in a tight glass corridor. Player is a free elf now. Go explore… Well the new level IS still in gray box, so you won’t have many interesting visuals. But that’s a small price to pay for freedom!

    Swinging – Regardless of how funny swinging around in a squatting position was, we decided to make an actual swinging animation. Darick now soars through the air in a way more natural pose, reaching the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.

    Hand crossbow – The days of having an arrow that magically shoots itself from your hand are long behind us now. Darick got himself a fancy new crossbow that he stuck on his hand. He uses it as a grappling hook, to swing from rock to rock.

    Changes to the sky and clouds – We often stare at the sky and daydream about the awesome games that we are going to make. Fortunately, the sky in Iragon is something that we can change however we like. So we made like an airbender and shaped in a way that we find even prettier.

    New sound – Don’t you just love falling to your death? No? Well at least if you do that in Iragon you will hear a nice little scream. And if you jump from a reasonable height, like from the ground, you can hear a pleasant landing sound. We also tweaked some sounds and booped others to make everything sound nicer.

    Skip button for cutscenes – We realize that not everybody is into voice acting, or reading for that matter. Some people just want to go kick *** and take names, so we added a skip button for the cutscenes that you have already seen once.

    Invisible wall changes – Believe it or not, we are not insane. We know that no one likes invisible walls. But they do help us a lot by keeping the game world a manageable size. Some walls were moved, some were removed and a few new ones were added. There were so many moving walls that you would think this was an ancient tomb, hiding some shiny treasure.

    Bug fixes & small changes – You can no longer go on the wrong side of invisible walls. Hitting the ground with the rope still attached to a flying rock will no longer send you to sideways walking purgatory. The cabin has gotten minor interior improvements. You can no longer fall between tall trees and get stuck. And a bunch more.

    There were enough bug fixes and small changes to make your head spin. Surely you don’t want to read about every little texture change and every insignificant new variable that was added to the code, do you?
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      Iragon Update 2

      Level 3 redesign – The third level, the one after the cabin, went through a complete redesign. It is currently in a greybox state, but it’s much wider, with more to explore, no invisible walls and new targets to grapple, some of which are located on the ground.

      New particles – There are now particles for when you hit something with the arrow of the grappling hook.

      Added feedback form – There is now an in-game feedback form which you can fill out at the end of a playthrough. This way you can more easily share your opinion with the devs.

      Swinging control – There have been improvements made to the swinging control while grappling to make swinging more enjoyable.

      VR hand model – In VR there are now actual models for the player’s hands.

      VR grappling hook – You can now see the grappling hook on your arm in VR and the rope has a rewind animation after firing.

      New sounds – The grappling mechanism now has sound and you can also hear the rustling of leaves when you hit them with the hook.

      Hook indicator – When a target is within range of your grappling hook your crosshair will now become green.

      Bug fixes and minor changes:
      • Fixed foliage where the player could get stuck
      • Fixed tree stuck in a rock
      • Fixed getting stuck in grapple mode after respawn in third person and added a collision feature while grappling
      • Fixed Annah moving before standing up
      • Improvements to spell targeting
      • Fixed skip cutscene button for gamepad
      • Fixed bug where you couldn’t attack after putting sword away in intro
      • Animation bug fixes
      • Fixed a hole in the ground where the player could get stuck
      • Fixed issue where you can skip the soldier cutscenes by jumping over a tree
      • Fixed issue where you can jump over Annah if you climb on the brick wall
      • Fixed glitchy cloud
      • Added sword sounds in VR
      • Cabin music adjustments
      • Synched voice and disappointment animation
      • Added more trees to prevent the player from going around the cabin


        Iragon Update 3

        The environment of the first level and the beginning area after the cabin cutscene fully textured and populated with art.

        Grappling Improvements – the grappling hook now corrects it’s rope height while you swing.

        Added hand animations.

        There have been new checkpoints added to the level after the cabin cutscene.

        You no longer “float” while jumping.

        Extended the level after the cabin cutscene.

        Landscape has been capped with rocks.

        Bug fixes and minor changes:
        • Mesh no longer floating above ground
        • The speed of shooting the hook has been slightly increased.
        • Added collision to hands
        • Added an additional island to the left of the main arch
        • Added impact sound on for when you hit leaves with the grappling hook
        • Fixed landscape issues and text in VR
        • Fixed terrain under the ruins
        • Fixed terrain issues bad foliage
        • Fixed lighting issues
        • Fixed bad foliage
        • Fixed floating tree
        • Fixed glitchy arrow in third person


          Iragon Update 4

          Magic system and tutorial – We decided that using magic would be more fun than running around with a big bulky sword. So now you have two fire spells that you can use and a bunch more to come. And to teach you how to use those spells we have made a handy dandy tutorial.

          The staff – Magic doesn’t just happen out of thin air. Everyone knows that. So like every good magician you now have a staff to cast your spells with and as a bonus, it shows you how much mana you have left. Well… in VR at least.

          Health and mana – You don’t want to run out of magic juice mid-battle. Or even worse, you could run out of health. To help you keep track of those resources we have added health and mana gauges in third person and the previously mentioned built in mana ball in your staff for VR. Mana regenerates passively over time and you can press Q to regenerate health.

          Wolves – We all like dogs right? It’s all fun and games with them until one decides to try and bite your flipping face off. You now get attacked by some wild wolves while you’re on your adventure. And like it or not you will have to defend yourself against them or get turned into a class A dog food.

          Battle music – Whether you decide to fight for your life or to feed the wolves your body parts, you will be accompanied by pulse raising music. Nothing like getting your *** kicked to a soundtrack.

          A new and wonderful world – The levels are now surrounded by beautiful mountains, floating rocks, other islands and huge stone pillars reminiscent of the Archtrees in Ash lake from Dark Souls.

          Motion capture animations – Using our fancy motion capture technology we have made new animations for the cutscenes that should hopefully make them look way more natural and less like a conversation between Amazon Alexa and Google home assistant.

          New city level – You can now go further into Darick’s quest to help Annah. After the exciting swinging section you can finally get to Darick’s home town. It is still a bit empty because it is in a grey box state, but that won’t stop you from running around in it, will it?

          Interior of Darick’s house – In this new level you can enter the house where Darick grew up. It is still “under construction” and needs some work. But this will do for now.

          Annah’s new look – Annah got a major facelift so that people won’t be able to take their eyes off her. Of course, her new look won’t be complete without a new haircut and a new hair color.

          Soldier cutscene animations – The soldier cutscene is now far more cinematic, with changing camera angles, close ups, new animations and it’s way more clear what is actually going on.

          Giants – Yes giants! We have three new types of giant enemies that look wonderful. You might not get a chance to take a good look at them while they are playing golf with your head so for now they are just chilling in your path after you go through the city level.

          With every new thing in the game there come new bugs to fix.
          • Removed sword. You have magic now. Who needs a sword?
          • Made sprinting a toggle so that you don’t accidentally open the Steam UI.
          • You can no longer run after Annah after the cabin cutscene.
          • You should no longer be able to get stuck under those pesky trees.
          • Some changes to the cliffs surrounding the first island.
          • There are a few new grapple targets. More swinging = more fun!
          • Swinging improvements. Better swinging = even more fun!


            Iragon Update 5

            Changes on the spell system: We changed up the health and mana bars because we thought the old ones were dumb. And because everything was a bit OP, we nerfed the basic fireball spell and removed the tier 2 spell.

            Changes on characters: Annah has texture and materials improved on her clothes. We also made our soldiers a bit smarter by also giving them an AI for companions.

            Environment changes: Training dummies have new materials and textures, they are no longer boring.

            Size matters! That’s why we decided to scale up the whole town x2 and the buildings are also higher.

            The path outside of town that leads to the combat area has been entirely remade.

            Darick’s parents won’t be living large in a 2-storey house anymore. The second floor has been removed and some room dividers were added in the living room.

            We added a new level – The Guildhall! But it’s in grey box though. And guess what you’ll come across in the guildhall – the guildhall bar layout which is also in greybox.

            Another new level in greybox – The Road to Avoch. Nothing to see on it yet, but be patient, folks.

            Added art to the Floating Islands level so that it now looks a lot better and less boring.

            Some waypoints and quests were added in the town, so that you don’t get lost or anything.

            General changes: We made the big bad wolves even worse by adding a sound when they attack. They have a new texture as well. We also added sounds to the spell charge ups, spell hits on target and foliage sounds on the grappling trees.

            A very crude combat scene has been added in the area of Darick’s hometown

            New animations and cutscenes are being made and added but nothing is final and most of them are very crude.

            Added collectible crystals!

            There is now a crude version of a main menu.

            You are now allowed to have a free will and can choose what to do next in the game.

            You are going to fight some soldiers! We added combat in the gameplay and we have been constantly improving it, but it is still a work in progress.

            You will also encounter your first boss fight in the level Road to Avoch.

            5. Bug fixes:
            – Fixed an issue where wolves appeared to be stuck in the ground.
            – Fixed mana regen in VR
            – Fixed not being able to start a dialogue with the other characters in VR
            – Fixed an issue with the grappling targets on the ground
            – Fixed taking damage in VR and enemies not seeing you
            – Fixed some floating trees

            One of the major changes is the script of the game. We now have a new slightly different storyline that includes new characters and some changes to the dialogue. Of course everything is still a subject to change and the voice acting is only a placeholder.


              Iragon Update 6

              Bridge level – We have added an entirely new and pretty big level in which you talk to Annah, swing on some more trees and fight some wolves. It is still in a gray box state but it’s the beginning of an exciting new level to explore.

              New sounds – There are a few new sounds added to the game, including dog barking, magical sounds, for when you cast spells and we added sounds to the runes that block your path during combat.

              Animation – There are cool new animations for casting spells that are blended with the walking and jumping animations so that they look nice and smooth. Picking up crystals now also have a new animation to make it feel a little bit more special.

              More art in the swinging level – The swinging section after the cabin now has even more art and is looking more and more like a finished level.

              Annah has a stick – We felt bad for poor little Annah for being so defenseless, so we decided to give her a stick when you find her so she at least feels like she has something to defend herself with.

              New dummies – The combat training dummies in the beginning of the game now have a nice straw suit to provide it with some protection from your attacks.

              New cutscenes – We have started working on a few new cutscenes that will provide some much needed character building and story progression. One small step for Darick and Annah but one giant leap for us!

              Introducing Kate – Kate is and elf that despite her young and voluptuous looks is hundreds of years old. So far she has a nice head of hair and a gorgeous outfit but, unfortunately, her face is just a copy of Annah’s for now and she doesn’t have a skin color. Don’t worry, we are getting on that a.s.a.p.


                Iragon Update 7

                Combat – We decided to spice up the fighting in Iragon by making it a bit more dynamic. Now you can choose between wielding a sword or a magic spell in each hand. If you feel like going full melee, just equip two swords. And if spells are more your thing use both hands to cast.

                Dodge and Stagger – With new ways to fight we also needed some new mechanics to make things even more interesting. When you hit an enemy it staggers for a second, giving you a chance to reposition. If they do get to you and try to land a hit, try dodging out of the way.

                Weapon enchanting – If you have a fiery spell in one hand and a sword in the other, you can choose to enchant your sword with the spell. You still keep the spell in one hand but the sword in the other is enveloped in flames.

                Equipment menu – New weapon/spell loadouts means that we need a new way of selecting what to equip in each hand. That’s why we made a simple menu for each hand, with which you can change your fighting strategy on the fly.

                Level changes – We have been working on a few levels that are not available in the build that we give to testers. This is not because we don’t want them to be seen. We just need time to make them nice and interesting for the players so that they are not disappointed when they finally get to play them. This time we changed the beginning of one of the levels with a beautiful cave with glowing red crystals that you can grapple to. We might have also added a few secret paths and places in there.

                Swords – We have some history with swords. We had one when we first started making Iragon. Then we decided that we will only be doing spells and removed it. Well, as you might have read at the start of this changelog, we added the sword back. Not only that, but it now has a fancy new model and it looks great. The soldiers also have two new swords. Your sword also leaves a trail when you swing it.

                Sounds – Oh boy, there are quite a few new sounds in the game. While walking around, you might notice that there are three new sounds for stepping on snow and three for stepping on stone. When fighting with a sword you will hear three new sounds when hitting an enemy and the sound of blood flying. And if your sword happens to be on fire, you will hear another three new sounds. Spells also have new sound effects.

                Other sounds – So far I have told you about what happens when you hit an enemy, but what about when an enemy hits you? There are now sounds for Darick taking damage. And if things aren’t going well and you end up with low health, you will hear your own heartbeat and all other sounds will go numb.

                Ambient – There are new ambient sounds in the cave in the beginning of one of the new levels. The cool thing is that the cave ambient makes a smooth transition into the ambient sounds from outside of the cave.


                  Iragon Update 8

                  Baby’s first grapple – We noticed that a lot of players were having trouble the first time they encountered swinging and they were dying a bunch. And it makes sense. Players need to learn a new mechanic in an environment that does not give them much leeway for experimentation. That’s why we made the gap that they have to swing over quite a bit smaller. Hopefully this translates to an easier and more pleasant learning experience.

                  Soldier should be able to fight – We think that the armored soldiers in Iragon look pretty cool. However, we also think that they have no clue how to fight. So, we sent them off to knight college and they came back quite more proficient at the art of the blade. They now approach you with their shields up and once they reach you, they will try to surround you and attack you from all directions. They will also divide their forces between you and your companions who decide to put up a fight.

                  Mages- Bulky guys in armor is good and all, but what is a fantasy world without mages? These slippery arcane tricksters will throw fireballs at you from a safe distance and try to teleport away once you come near them.

                  Health bars – Mages and soldiers who can actually fight. Things seem to have gotten a bit harder but don’t worry, we have given the player a tiny bit of help too. You will now see health bars above the enemies. Hopefully this will make it easier to prioritize enemies with lower health and make fighting groups of baddies less of a threat.

                  Sword fighting animations – With our new combat system we needed cool new animations. So we put some in. Fighting with swords looks way better now, regardless of if you are using one sword in one of your hands or dual wielding.

                  Main menu sounds – The main menu of Iragon might still be in a very early stage of its development but that doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t even have sound effects.

                  Red tree crowns – They are now red. Sounds weird but it’s true. The red tree crowns stand out way more in our snowy swinging level and it makes it way easier to plan your route of swinging. Bushes are also the same color. Hopefully that helps players realize that they can grapple to them to make their lives a bit easier.

                  New rocks – We have made new rocks to replace the old ones, that looked like they were pulled straight out of a game from 2005. The new rocks look way better and go a long way towards making the whole level more pleasant to look at.

                  Swinging level art – The first swinging level has gone through many, many changes and has stayed in graybox for far too long now. Those days are over. It is now almost entirely finished and we hope you like it.
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                    Iragon Update 9

                    Spells and enchantments - We know that you might have gotten bored of just using fire to slay your enemies. Well guess what. We have a big change for you this week. All four of our current spells are available for testing now. You now have fire, lightning and ice. Unique spells, unique weapon enchantments, unique effects, unique sounds, unique everything. This ought to be a fun one.

                    Darick - After all this time spent playing as a blank placeholder for a main character, we finally added our protagonist. His name is Darick and he is a strapping young lad with blond hair and blue eyes. Like him or not, you have to admit that he is a huge improvement from the blank faceless expression on the placeholder’s face.

                    Page & Lucia -We got a bit tired of Annah being the only girl in the world of Iragon. After many long hours, it’s finally time for a big reveal.Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you,Paige and Lucia.Pretty faces and beautiful figures aren’t the only things that these girls bring to the table. They also have some killer dance moves. Mainly because they aren’t yet implemented into the levels properly, but you can find them dancing next to a fire right after the swinging section.

                    Captain - The knights are stronger and cooler than ever but they are simple foot soldiers. That means that they usually have someone guiding them and giving them orders. That burden falls on the shoulders of the captain. Like the regular knights, he is a foot soldier, but he wields a big axe and orders the regular knights around. He also boosts their morale and I assume that their pumped up battlecries pump him up as well.

                    Crow knight - Knights come in all shapes and sizes and it just so happens that some have crow heads. Well, crow helmets at least. For now there is only one and he is stuck in a T pose but he at least he is in the company of the dancing Page and Lucia.

                    Destructibles - Killing bad guys is fun and all, but what is violence without a bit of destruction to go along with it? You may not be able to hit people with tables and tables with people like in a Jackie Chan movie, but we added a little something to satisfy your destructive needs. Barrels! Destructible barrels. With sounds. Hey, it’s a start.
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                      Iragon Update 10

                      NPC – After you have obtained a good amount of mana orbs you will then be able to exchange those orbs with an NPC. You have two options: you can either upgrade your mana or your health. More mana equals more spells you can use to destroy your enemies. More health is just more health.

                      Mana orbs – While on your journey you will find mana orbs in the levels that you can collect. There is no way to miss them they’re glowing and have cool particle effects. You will be able to see how many orbs you have.

                      Inventory – A traveler should have a place to carry the treasures they find and the weapons they wield. This is why we have added an inventory where you can stash all the goods you get.

                      Collectable weapons – Hidden in the ancient lands of Iragon lie collectable weapons that improve the fighting skills of the owner. One of these weapons is an amazing axe that will grant you melle abilities.

                      Dynamic camera movement – Moving around in the world of Iragon is more immersive. With the new dynamic camera movement fighting, grappling and movement in general looks more realistic.

                      New tutorial level – We decided to take a new approach to the tutorial to see what works best for the players.


                        Iragon Update 11

                        Code Name Wildlander – Wildlander is the name we have given to the new costume for Darick. It looks quite different from the last costume he had. Hopefully it makes him look more like the aspiring hero he is.

                        Annah’s kinky side – Annah has always been the damsel in distress. But as the old saying goes “Girls just wanna have fun” and I guess it’s true. She now has an alternative outfit that’s quite a bit more provocative than her green dress.

                        Mana orbs everywhere! – Up to this point we had these big levels with no reason to explore them. Well that’s not the case anymore. There are mana orbs floating around the levels. Now, you may ask “But what do I need the beautiful orbs of pure magical energy for?”, and that’s a good question.

                        Going camping – Oh, what’s this? A camp that you can access from anywhere in the world and use to fiddle around in your inventory. What? There’s more to do in the camp! You can interact with charming young ladies in order to upgrade your spells, health and mana in exchange for the mana orbs from the last paragraph! Well isn’t that convenient?

                        Pause menu – No one is forcing you to go to the camp to take a breather though. You can just hit escape and go grab a coffee, use the restroom, do your daily blood sacrifice to the goat demons, check your e-mail or do whatever you want, without having to worry about the game.

                        Gallery – Here’s another new feature that will definitely get better with time. Talking to the girls in the camp gives you access to a gallery with pictures that will eventually be full of all the girls. So far it’s just the same picture over and over again.
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                          Thanks for the demonstration. The game has a nice story, fighting system, sound and graphics.

                          But I had problems with the Spiderman part. It was hard to guess where to go. After death, the game teleported me to the checkpoint in the wrong direction (back to the house).

                          On the PC monitor I could hardly estimate distances of objects (red parts of trees have different size + there is no fog). Several times I tried to catch out of range point.

                          It would be great, if we could Player pullup on the rope (with the other hand). Just some chance to save game progres.


                            shipo Thank you so much for the useful feedback! We plan on adding something like navigation. Do you have any suggestions?


                              Iragon Update 12

                              Upgrades NPC – With all the new spells and weapons and everything, things were beginning to turn into chaos. Hopefully, with our new friend, who we lovingly named, the upgrade NPC, things will be a bit more structured from now on. Oh, I’m just kidding. That’s not his name. It’s the spell dude, or Dan the upgrade man. Okay, we’ll get back to you with the final name. The point is that you can now go to this particular NPC for all your upgrade needs.

                              Potential love interests – There sure are a lot of girls hanging around in the camp and if you play your cards right and choose the correct approach for each of them, you can get them to show you a good time. That is, do a sexy little dance for you. For now the system is quite primitive, but we will show it some love in the near future and it will become quite an interesting part of the game.

                              Dummy punching bag – Everyone thinks they’re a tough guy but have never proved it to be true. Now the people over at the camp level have it all figured out. They have a fighting dummy that shows you how much damage you do with each hit. That way you can actually prove how tough you are.

                              New Camp level – We really like the idea of the camp level but it was just a bit empty in its graybox state. So, naturally, we added art and made it all pretty and cozy.
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