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Need some pointers to get started with a personal project

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    Need some pointers to get started with a personal project

    As the title implies I'm wanting to start a personal passion project in my spare time, I've already taken courses in game design so I know most of the basics of what I need to do (although those courses were in Unity rather than UE4) but I just wanted some quick advice on how to start my project.

    To give you a quick idea, I'm planning on making a 2.5D fighting game (3D assets, 2D gameplay) but I'm honestly not sure where to start so I'd appreciate some pointers.
    The main things I'm looking for tips on are:
    • Implementing camera that follows both on-screen characters and zooms in and out based on their distance from each other (with a max distance and a min distance) and also won't go beyond a certain point.
    • An additional feature to the camera that adjusts it's height based on the highest characters position (with another max height limit).
    • Properly implementing hitboxes and hurtboxes that trigger certain states when they make contact.
    • And giving different characters different movement properties.
    Any and all help will be appreciated, and if I've posted this in the wrong part of the forum let me know and I can move it.