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The Knight Game : Iron Blood ♕ Medieval hack n slash melee combat fun made in Unreal!

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    [GAME] The Knight Game : Iron Blood ♕ Medieval hack n slash melee combat fun made in Unreal!

    Hello folkz and welcome to the thread of Knight Game Iron Blood.
    A medieval hack n slash, sideview melee combat game, similar to the game moonstone : a hard days knight, released on 1991 on the amiga plattform.

    Short description:
    So one day we looked at the old amiga game moonstone : a hard days knight and thought we could go over it and take it to next gen, in our own imagination and perspective of the game. It's not meant to be a copy or something similar. It's our imagination on what the game could be nowadays with a reworked fight system and modern day graphics.
    The game will have multiplayer support, for now its bound to steam but we will also cover consoles in the near future. The game will also have a single player campagne where you can play the game locally with up to 3 friends or alone with AI.

    In multiplayer you can do that with 3 friends over internet connection.
    The game will feature AI you can fight against as well as player vs player fights.
    We hope that somehow points you in the direction the game will go at.
    For now we focus on bringing the player vs player fights to life for an upcoming early accces and / or kicktstarter.

    Here you can see the first two maps of our game, iron blood, rendered using Unreal Engine 4:

    Thank you!
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    From photo to game-ready model. At the moment we are scanning and preparing some trees for our new upcoming map, which takes place in the woods!



      Part 2 of our iron blood knight game, video development blog is online. Part 2 is all about our prototype of the block/parrying system.
      How it works, is written down in the description.

      Thank you!
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        Hey Folkz!
        We prepared a detailed article about the movement and combat system of our knight game - iron blood.

        So if you want to know how to kill monsters and how to avoid getting hitted by enemy knights, tune in =>
        Thank you!


          Tis but a scratch!

          So far so good. I wish you good luck!
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            Looks interesting, I like the art style, very realistic. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the combat


              Thank you guys and funny video BrUnO XaVIeR
              Yeah, at the moment we are working on a new map and on the code of the game.

              Most parts of the combat-system are already re-written in c++ instead of BP only. We hope to have a better performance with c++ code!
              Also, new assets are needed for the new map. So we are outside to scan trees, rocks and scary looking tomb stones

              New screenshots, soon!

              Thanks Guys!


              Hey Folkz!

              In our newest blog post, we are talking about our role model and inspiration, the amiga classic: Moonstone A Hard Days Knight. You can find the article here: Moonstone A Hard Days Knight, role model and inspiration for our knight game, Iron Blood

              Have fun reading!
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                WIP of our new map, an old cemetery which takes places in the woods. Stay tuned for the final version of the map!


                  Still working on the "old cemetery in the woods" map for our knight game Iron Blood, which is similar to the Amiga classic Moonstone A Hard Days Knight.
                  Night- and Daylight setup.

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                    The two-handed sword of the beheaded knight.
                    One of the swords you can buy or plunder in our knight game Iron Blood.


                      Hey folkz!

                      Because we want to bring you the best possible performance and game feeling in our knight game Iron Blood, we are working on bringing all the blueprints into clean c++ code. Meanwhile we are constantly rethinking and redoing our combat system to deliver you the best and smoothest experience possible. This video also shows the latest state of our newest battlefield "Cemetery in the woods" which is still in progress.

                      Thank you!

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                        Hi Guys!

                        Our Knight Game Iron Blood has a new map. It takes place in the woods:

                        And we also reworked the mountain map:

                        Hope you like it!

                        Thank you!



                          Hey everyone!

                          Long time nothing, until now!

                          Finally we are able to tease you our upcoming demo of our Knight Game IronBlood. In a matter of a few weeks you will be able to fight against your opponents on PC, maybe against a dreadful AI Monster.
                          We will see how time goes. Make sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date.

                          Social Media:


                          Thank you!


                            Hey People!
                            Time is flying but we still have to fix some bugs before we can release our Iron Blood multiplayer demo.
                            As a little consolation we have created this in-game render of Sir Godber´s and Sir Jeffrey´s helmets.
                            We hope you like it!

                            Thank you!