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Cy RealTime Debug Value [Blueprint]

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    [PLUGIN] Cy RealTime Debug Value [Blueprint]

    Cy EditorTools - Real Time Debug Value
    Click image for larger version  Name:	CY_EditorLogos.png Views:	1 Size:	113.5 KB ID:	1611708 WIP

    For Marketplace , currently in development , coming soon.


    These different tools allow to visualize values on screen with advanced modules using widgets and blueprint editor.

    Three modules are available, visualization by text (unreal engine style), by a curve or even by a bar, the whole works in real time and allows to visualize the behavior of a value.

    A tool allows you to manage and create value groups using a simple function, it is also possible to save a demo in a file and read it again to make comparisons.

    Feature :
    -Draw Text value en screen
    -Draw Realtime tick curve
    -Draw Bar value range
    -Make text group
    -Make Float Value group
    -Make Curve group

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    Youtube Page :

    Smart Interactive Object100% BluePrint