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Unreal Open Movie Project - Steampunk Bounty

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    Unreal Open Movie Project - Steampunk Bounty

    Hello everyone!

    My name is Gilles Charbonneau, I am a senior animator from Montreal, Canada.

    A few words to announce that I am beginning work on a personal project for a 20 minutes’ animated film called Steampunk Bounty, and that I intend to produce it with Unreal 4!

    It is the story of a bounty huntress who goes after the mad scientist who saved her life, and, of course, mayhem follows.

    So far it is a one-man project, a project that, in my opinion, would not be possible without Unreal, the new ray-tracing tool was the definite plus that ultimately made me choose UE4, and after almost a year of research and experimenting, it is now obvious to me that only Unreal can make such a project possible.

    My goal is to make all the assets available to the community for free as they are completed, at first, I will make them available from a landing page, but after the film is done, I will probably upload them all to the market place with an open license.

    You can download the first draft of the script in both English and French if you wish, but I would appreciate comments if you do so.

    I will post on this thread as often as possible, I am planning on making video tutorials as well, and I will start interacting on the forum as the project moves along, looking forward to meeting you all.