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    In the world of Fantastical things sure arent easy.

    So after some time playing my game it is playable from start to finish, the other new content is unlockables.

    In order to make this work somewhat i had to tone the unlocking down only slightly the content in Fantastical that is locked
    can be unlocked by playing the campaign or replaying a certain stage in the game.

    To unlock something like Break The Targets levels you can get some easily by mostly guess work from the first run of your
    campaign some other levels require revisiting some levels in order to unlock new content, levels can only be revisited when
    you have completed the game.


    In Fantastical new mechanics are being worked on and some introduced various new ways to
    travel faster, new limited enhancements and enemy take downs along with others are falling well
    into place that being said alot of testing is still needed.


    Click image for larger version  Name:	Fantas_Bellis_Ernesto.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	118.5 KB ID:	1773927

    In this image we have Henry and Bellissa.

    Bellissa has her own part of her dads restaurant where she likes to make sweets and she gets visited by Henry
    with alot of happiness she gives Henry a Chocolate Donut "Hes the only one she will ever give a free sweet to".

    This is a prototype of the store this is technically in the game but the way i took this image is just
    pure illustration as you can see its poorly lit.

    Henry is telling her a story and she is so immersed in his story telling.

    Whilst she is baking she likes to listen to her music with her special crystal headphones that operate with crystal


    Sweet to Sour

    Henry: Hello Bellissa

    Bellissa: Henry! please come in! are you hungry here take a chocolate donut!

    Henry: Oh thank you i did just finish lunch so i was going to get something sweet

    Bellissa: Oh wow its like we knew... oh my

    Henry: Whilst we often do meet outside with the others you do this every time i come here

    Bellissa: Which is rare! next time it will be Gelato my special recipe

    Henry: Well that sounds lovely me and the mates we could try some of that i got a tenner with me i will share it

    Bellissa: NO only you and my family can try my special treats not Plank , Swan , Elektra or
    the others.

    ** Plank blasts opens the door with the others outside with him**

    Plank: Henry! i found you tio lets....

    Henry: Oi!! we are talking and you interrupted now take that ghastly nonsense elsewhere!!!

    Plank: Uhh...... Vale tio sorry... Vamonos!

    Bellissa: That was mad the slam was loud thank you Henry

    Henry: Ehh the chap must still be happy after his mountain drilling for treasure
    he did find Tanzanite maybe thats it.


    Fancy a challenge?
    Play the Free Demo available now on the Microsoft Store.

    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

    Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.
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      The fascination of indoors "Hidden Level".

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Ern-Fantastical-Ernesto-Ex.jpeg
Views:	85
Size:	100.9 KB
ID:	1780992

      Now Fantastical is mostly a outdoor level and indoors isnt so much but it sure is interesting with things like Light Bounces
      and just how the world is illuminated.

      This is Bellissas bakery and in here Henry is standing inside with light from the outside mostly illuminating the place.

      Fantastical pushes not only the amount of triangles but also materials such as Glass the glass in this world
      is very unique where it gives it a very happy fuzzy look and also reflections , shine and some blurring but the
      downfall is that the material is mega expensive and hard to use since this is in a controlled level the glass works fine.

      Henry loves to see a good community flourish and develop so does the others in a world where big corporations
      dont exist and only the people can thrive this is one of Henrys favorite stops a nice calm small town with lots of
      trees and a green so beautiful you just want to picnic on it Henry and other friends would
      visit the town and read a good book which is typical for Teenagers their age.

      This room is a unlockable if you unlock it.............. you are doing well.

      New Ability Number One.

      1. GRINDING
      Grinding has been in the game for many months now but it was painful to iron out the reason to why this was
      added is to increase his travel speed and just to make it fun to go faster Henry can also do tricks when grinding
      increasing his speed.

      Henry can get on a Rail and start grinding immediately!

      Desc: When grinding Henry enters a state of balance in a near perfect equilibrium , it is not required
      to adjust balance as this was originally intended but Henry can "Trip", what this means is that he has the
      ability to mess up either a jump off the rail or to completely fall of the rail.

      When doing tricks it is important to not over do it or you will "Hiccup" this means that his fast speed that
      he gains when doing well timed tricks will lead him to slow down to the default speed of grinding.

      DIFFICULTY: 6 / 10 "HARD".

      Alot of solidity with gameplay and alot more still to come.

      With Henry on the ready no demon shall survive!!!

      - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

      Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.


        From start to finish your expected to know how the enemies work and they dont work under your favor at all.

        The dangers of Enemies

        Alright so lets start with this chart right here...
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Stats-Fantastical-Ernesto.JPG
Views:	78
Size:	61.5 KB
ID:	1785190

        As you can see enemies in the game range from Grunts to "Unknown" Raptor Bots are the typical enemy you will encounter from Blue to Gold


        Fantastical has four types of enemies the Two Raptor Bots , the Eksplaud that i revealed in a previous post and a new never revealed character
        the characters fade of based on how hard they are to encounter like Eksplaud these characters come along later in the game.

        Raptor Bot Blues have been slightly toned down from the original intention to simply not bite even when they have been defeated and this is now
        only possible with Gold Raptor Bot enemies.

        Raptor Bot Blues are no longer capable of attacking after the take down "The whole point is for you to get away from them...." but they
        are more faster to attacking.

        Raptor Bot Gold is more Faster and durable with higher HP

        Eksplaud is easy to kill but they are also a serious threat they can kill in 1 second max entirely... its over... thats it!!!
        A Eksplaud has a explosion like attack and you dont want to get this to be near Henry its very difficult to evade these guys.
        Eksplaud has a GRACE METER the Grace Meter is a slight forgiveness to get away from him but this Grace is really just a mini
        build up on your impending death if Henry gets touched even slightly 3 times by a Eksplaud running toward you Henry will be taken
        down.... Try avoiding a hoard of these mutants.

        The last Unknown is a much more rarer character that is very fast, attacks fast and takes a good hit from you, this enemy has a HP
        much higher than Gold or Blue Raptor Bots infact these are almost mini bosses by themselves but like Eksplauds they can show up
        more than one and are fast to take Henry down.

        A Master is a Boss fight... those Vary by their own.

        Special Stage
        Click image for larger version

Name:	Light-Fantastical-Ernesto.JPG
Views:	33
Size:	146.6 KB
ID:	1785191

        Alright in this image we have Henry inside the infamous Pillow Factory now this is one of the early levels you will play through in the game the
        reason for this level being special is because Henry needs to use a light source in order to platform his way out of this factory.

        So Henry meets up with Plank who himself loves making, building and construction like stuff so he lets Henry use his Helmet with a very strong light
        source but it even proves to be a bit too dim for this world.

        Now originally i was going to make the player search for batteries in order to continue on but i said i rather give him a infinite light source instead.

        Henry is using a Helmet with Industrial Lighting those aint cheap Plank warns him that its too dark to see and boy was the lad right the world
        is hard to navigate but hey the lamp wont die out but the bright light can be distracting if you face it on the camera so watch your step.

        The world does absorb some of the lighting making it hard to spot some raptor bots and the other way to spot them is to
        look for their glowing red eyes.

        With Henry on the ready no demon shall survive!!!

        - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

        Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.


          More new content to share in this new post.

          New abilities: ARMORY ""Odd for some reason the image was removed here..""

          So in Fantastical Henry has the ability to use special weapons for specific purposes the image shows him using a Bazooka.

          These things are not for constant use if anything they are tightly controlled and need to be used with serious caution.

          BAZOOKA: The Bazooka is a devastating weapon that Henry can use to kill demons or other places such as Break The Targets.

          The Bazooka can only be summoned by using a special place and it will grant you the ability to use the weapon for a very short
          amount of time.

          The Bazooka is near too difficult to aim properly due to Henry simply not knowing how to use the weapon in other
          words You will have a hard time using it and also its hard for Henry to get a good aim with this weapon so it takes
          some tries to get used to it.

          This gun can be used to kill enemies but only some will go down easily such as a Raptor Bot Blue or a Eksplaud "See the enemy chart above this post"
          But this can also put you in some grave danger as it slows Henry down, lower jumps , inability to run so its a matter of knowing when
          to use said weapon cause its a greater risk to mindlessly use this thing.

          The Bazooka is super dangerous "To you also" as using this thing is not easy for starters its too powerful the
          firing range is outrageous and far this is not a simplified Bazooka its serious business! so this means if a enemy is
          in front of you odds are you will 100% miss the shot because instead of firing in front you just shot a round thats
          about 900ft...... thats insane!!!

          So what you need to do is compress the shots and by compressing Henry wont be pushed back by the force
          and a more lower shot will be done, Higher shots are useable but only if the aim / compression and Henrys
          focus is good enough.

          DIFFICULTY: 8 / 10 "Very HARD".

          The uses of Highways

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Fan-Can-de-36634.jpeg Views:	36 Size:	157.6 KB ID:	1788422

          The image is a early demonstration of "Highways"

          A Highway is used to get from one part of the level much faster compared to running or sliding.

          Some worlds in Fantastical are far too big that i had to think of a way to speed up the games travel in some way
          so i created special Highways that can be used to travel much faster these highways include the ability to Run Fast
          or even Grind.

          Fantastical has Turbo pads that can be used to make Henry Run Faster, however Highways use their own special Turbo
          pads that dont require Henrys actual stamina they can make him run very fast up to 2x faster as long as he stays in the




          DIFFICULTY: 8 / 10 "Very HARD".

          With Henry on the ready no demon shall survive!!!

          - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

          Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.

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            As this cute challenging game continues its path to completion things are now being polished to get the game up and running whilst also done and away with most of the
            old outdated look.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Fant-Ernesto-Prev32424.jpeg
Views:	26
Size:	326.6 KB
ID:	1796289

            (Modern Celestina, work in progress)

            Depicting a much more detail , prop , effect richer version of Celestina.

            So in this image is Celestina which is a world i have mostly shown the most in this world the game is getting a massive
            upgrade graphically its now taking its unique Fantasy appearance and more of this will follow.

            Since Fantastical is being made with UE4 the game had a hard time being made since it was just too GPU
            intensive in the past but it took a long while and so far the game is more optimal and the UE4 is being used
            much more smarter now.

            Engine Speed Up

            So i had a good long time using this engine when making my games and so far UE4 was a nice challenge but its finally
            to a point where im getting good at optimizing and getting the good use out of the hardware to push as much out of it as

            Fantastical is getting a huge performance gain this means more props, enemies, effects , Grass and of course a
            solid 60FPS.

            Fantastical had tons of issues in the past when it came to GPU utilization im not one to just give up on a card that easily
            so i made sure to get the most out of the current card that i picked for the games development a GTX 1050 2GB.

            So the dedication actually payed off and the game is much more graphically intensive and can handle much more
            tossed at its way the final game will be much more efficient than the Microsoft Store demo.

            The New Hud

            The Hud is simpler and easier to follow the old one was just a mess the turbine meter is no longer available
            and it is now just a matter of remembering how long the turbo lasts.

            Chocolate: Is your health your HP is a total of 100% damage reduction will only last you 3 hits if you get hit
            the fourth time Henry is taken down.

            RAGE: Is the meter that detects how much you have bombarded the X / LM+Q in order to award you
            a much stronger punch.

            Penalty: Is used when Henry body slams and this move requires a cooldown.

            With Henry on the ready no demon shall survive!!!

            - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

            Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.