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    New Preview content.

    New Boss Character Revealed "Eerie".
    Click image for larger version

Name:	FantasEerieErnestoEAS.PNG
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    Who is Eerie?

    Eerie is a "Lethal Weapon" created by the games villain to defeat Henry and this character is a Boss who you will encounter in the

    Eerie is a demon like creature but he is not alone Eerie has his minions looking for Henry to take him down just like Raptor Bots and these new
    enemies are interested in a good fight, Eerie is one serious brute he is sure to give Henry a hard time.

    This ghost demon like creature is not good and must be taken down Eerie actually has no ability to see but has the ability to sense this character
    is very fast delivers a serious punch.

    To unlock this Lethal Weapon boss fight... you must progress on the game and you best Master Henrys skills and beware of his minions on other worlds
    as they look feverishly for you.

    More content to be shared later on.

    - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

    Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.


      Fantastical Version 3

      The new version of my game is kicking in very well with tons going on but im still debating on its solidity but here is some brief content.

      Global Illumination comes to Fantastical

      Click image for larger version

Name:	FantasticalDepictionSSGI.jpeg
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      Fantastical pushes graphical features hard and one of the few features i been after was Global Illumination.. granted the game had GI but it was very weak and it
      sure didnt do much justice in even the Demo version so it was a real weak effect.

      So i decided to add SSGI in the game to add some more advanced lighting features in my game and this is so far paying off, the feature has been on the game for
      a while now resulting in some wonderful lighting effects.

      Whilst a nice feature this thing is expensive so i had to do alot of experimentation to get this to fit on my game scenes where more characters are present can be a problem
      since they are so expensive and not counting other pricey features, i managed to get this to run with Factory settings specially set for the game and of course the big
      challenge... 60FPS this is crucial to Fantastical 60 is a must for my game and its working well so far and of course the game is getting improved more and more.

      The following image shows Henry in a GI ready level you can see the wonders of this feature as the light bounces all over the world and carries
      hues , brightness and such all over the scene.

      Much more content to be shared later on.

      - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

      Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.


        Hello everyone so today i have some new content to share of my game.

        Experimentation and the long progress paying off.

        So it feels like the current progress is paying off for the Version 3 changes.

        The game has new mechanics that enhance gameplay and they seem close to being ready to go but its
        in a state that needs some more attention.

        The new attack "Ultimate Rage"
        Ultimate is a new attack that i plan to introduce to the game, Ultimate is a brand new
        attack that allows Henry to use a special move that is only given to him by meeting certain
        requirements in this case the move is Chargeable by attacking enemies as one of the requirements.

        The move powers him up and increases his attacks by pressing the designated buttons
        this uses a new attack move and not the default 3.

        Designated Buttons: B + Y

        Global Illumination For Fantastical

        So this is one of the few big new features in the game and it is very optimal now to run for gameplay

        Click image for larger version  Name:	2435.jpg Views:	0 Size:	164.9 KB ID:	1695874
        In this image we have GI disabled and results in very weak lighting in the game worlds even bright worlds.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	ewrt4243.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	166.0 KB ID:	1695875
        In this image we have GI Enabled with this lighting effect the game is able to depict a more realistic lighting effect but in this case it
        focuses on giving the game a CGI like effect.

        The Rays bounce around and hit props displaying a more next gen lighting experience.

        Conclusion: The GI effect can work very efficient and since the game focuses on 60fps this was a huge priority to get
        done, its more advanced and demanding than the old techniques we are all used to.

        This is called "GI Mode "Friendly".

        WARNING: (GI MODE "High")

        This mode does a better job at Denoising but at a massive price.


        - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

        Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.
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          Xbox One Edition Progress and such..

          So lately i mentioned that i wanted to bring my game to the Xbox One and so far it was a success to get it up and running on the Xbox One.
          Click image for larger version  Name:	FA_XOT.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	307.5 KB ID:	1703128

          So in this image it shows the Xbox One version of Fantastical running on one of my screens and i took the picture on my smartphone.

          Now this is as pretty as it will get..

          Wheres the grass?: It cant have it
          Wheres the Volumetrics?: It cant have it
          Why are the shadows on Henry so weak?: It cant get any more higher

          The Xbox One version is a total failure unfortunately the Xbox One can not run Fantastical and it required so much changes
          this is a completely different build of Fantastical compared to its Windows 10 counter part this version has smaller textures, weaker effects,
          60 FPS is impossible, Grass alone is enough to tank the FPS to the 18FPS, the shadows in this build are the typical weak dynamics completly
          tossing the RayTraced shadows of the PC version.......

          This version will not work its not possible Fantastical is too demanding for it to run and unless playing a game like Crysis on the PS3 , 360 with
          unstable framerates sounds like fun this could be a situation with Fantastical for Xbox One.

          The system is simply too weak to run this game and i tried for a good long time to try to get the game up to speed but Fantastical is very
          GPU intensive and the Xbox One has a cruddy GPU that Fantastical maxes out easily.

          I was able to get the game running at 30FPS with 1080p and the optimization on that was brutal but not enough in a world that is barely 50%
          complete this world in the image is another version of Celestina but the Xbox One simply cant run it and it drops to the early 20s at certain areas.


          Fantastical for Xbox One was a neat idea and i wanted to create a free demo to let Xbox players try the game but i really and i mean REALLY
          underestimated my own games demand the Xbox One just cant run the game at all and its not worth putting much effort in it any more it was quite
          a crazy and mad ride.

          Plus Fantastical for Wiindows 10 pushes graphics the characters are very round and high poly props are everywhere along with Micro detail on
          the textures and with Xbox it tosses it out the window and treats it like rubbish.

          So i gave it a shot and i simply dont want to proceed on with a Xbox One version it just cant run it.

          More content to be revealed later


          - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

          Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.

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            Development continues..

            Click image for larger version

Name:	FaPC_Ernesto.jpeg
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ID:	1707834
            So far Fantastical is seeing some good development progress and the game continues its development.

            Some new mechanics have been in the works for a long time now and when they feel just right i will reveal them
            they are not quite ready just yet.

            Challenge levels

            One of my previously revealed challenge worlds is "BREAK THE TARGETS" i absolutely love these levels and up to 5 of them currently
            exist with each level getting much harder and full with more targets with a extremely limited amount of time that can NOT be paused for you to complete.

            The Target worlds Selena created just for Henry and her Dad to practice on will give you a good run!

            IMAGE DEPICTED: "Hello From Enchantium".

            In the current image Henry is in one of the very early worlds of Fantastical.

            Things are getting Spicy!! so more to come later.

            - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

            Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.



              Some new content to share about my game.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	dwfewfew.jpeg
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ID:	1720629

              IMAGE: SEA OF THE FAR

              The Hud and its improvements "EXPERIMENTAL"

              The new Hud in Fantastical is almost final but it still needs some improvements.

              What does it do?

              The game depicts 6 bars and all of them have their purpose:

              1. Chocolate: The Chocolate bar indicates Henrys health
              2. Rage Meter: The Rage Meter is a very heavy meter that requires the player to bombard the X button or "Pound" the
              meter when full will activate Henrys much stronger Punch.
              3. Penalty: The Penalty bar is exclusive to a very Heavy move such as Henrys Body Slam attack when done the meter will
              refill after a certain amount of time.

              What about the other meters?

              The other 3 meters are very complex and im still debating about keeping them, so basically the 3 other meters indicate "TURBINE"
              Turbine is a necessity in the game in order to travel as some levels are pretty large this is suppose to help remedy the long
              run time that Henry has to go through.

              The Vertical Meter indicates Speed limit reach when its down your slow back to Walking resulting in a "SPEED HICCUP"

              The Long Blue meter slowly depletes when its in the middle Henrys high speed
              is halfed and it creates what is called a "Precious Rush" and this is vital but extremely hard to keep.

              The last short Green bar indicates "Last Warning" why is it called that? Last Warning is one other way to maintain speed
              as long as its full and the blue meter is at least 50% full that can keep Henry going further "Precious Rush".

              If you dont use this properly it causes "SPEED HICCUPS" that will cut off Henrys full speed resulting in walking.

              Now the thing about this Mechanic is that it is so hard to use and its very complex and this is without explaining its
              invisible meters as well.

              ... So its basically for Turbine its a very hard mechanic to explain and its not even final.

              The hud is still in development and im still trying to finalize it.

              Other features still in development

              There are some big changes close to being final im still working on it aint easy but its getting there experiments
              are vital to my work and so far im pleased with how they are coming out.

              Click image for larger version

Name:	Henry_PREVIEW_PA.jpeg
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ID:	1720630
              In this image "Henry in the Life Garden" , "Polska".

              The image is a series of other versions depicting my characters.


              Fancy a challenge?
              Play the Free Demo available now on the Microsoft Store.

              - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

              Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.



                Very nice screenshots. The texture you are using on some of your ground elements is really distracting. Maybe get rid of the current noise/normal maps. It might be better to use fresnel for the grass area. Nice work!