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    Content featured Preview of upcoming content:

    From the Shadows.
    Click image for larger version

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    Who is Plank?

    Plank AKA, Rudolf Banderas.. Is a boy who loves outdoors and to dig out of all things.
    His Family comes from Earth and he is the only Enchanted child in his family.

    KNOW ME MORE, Planks Family originates from Madrid España "Spain" his Family are of Spanish descend and they are very Spanish
    Planks dad showed him the joys of being outdoors while his mom loves her baby so much she writes him beautiful Spanish songs and makes him Spanish food
    he has a older sister who lives on her own Planks sister tends to take him with her to places to spend time with her more.

    Plank tends to dig himself......... in to silly situations where he ends up finding things like Gold, Silver, Emeralds and since he is a bit on the more Objective
    focus side he does not care about the precious rocks and continues digging them.


    "Mama! i was digging and look what i found!"
    "What is it my baby?"
    "A big bumpy rock and its brown! kinda smelly"
    "Eww No! Rodolfo Banderas you throw that away right now!"


    "TIOS! look what i found!"
    "Henry, For Crying Out Loud Plank! how many times must we tell you you want the prettier shiny rocks not the smelly ones"
    "No Tio, look its Green"
    "Swan, that dont look like a rock its bumpy but.."
    "Henry, Oh oh..."
    "Henry and Swan. SSNNAAKKEE!!!!!"
    "Ohhh so thats what it is.. Esta bien Tios it likes me!"

    "Silly stuff XD "

    "Henry, Oh oh lads it looks like the doggy is "excavating" for multiple holes to store his treasures
    "Henry, You!! stop digging for treasure on my lawn!!"
    "Plank, Sí, ese es mi trabajo!"
    "Henry,Thats not what i ment Plank"


    From Eleni
    Hi i am not perfect but i like to try..
    You see sometimes i like to sing and sing alot
    Im not good nor great but its okay i try anyway..
    But then sometimes i fall..... OOFF
    Sometimes i FLY!!....... WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
    Sometimes i do so well my heart beats so hard..... AND I NEVER KNOW WHY!!!

    I want to tell you about Enchantium which is my home.

    From the Earth they came up above with the sky of Gold and new light.
    From here on now , From here on now they all lived in a new place.

    From the stars below and a ocean of green they came to a place with comfort and warmth, away they go
    in a place like Gold the new world they call Their Home.

    He built the place, He built the place a sweet world like Earth Was, with mountains , forests and land so far its just like winsomeness
    My oh My the land is a place so fine with a world that sits on a Place thats Smooth yet imperfect oh my.

    The land is Far and yet so wide go fly high you see why! from its planes, mountains and lakes all is visible to the eye.
    And a beautiful Azure sits above with one side Blue and Black and the outer Gold.

    This is the land of... ENCHANTIUM!

    AND that is that, i told you it all and i wont say any more on this thing.

    Thank you! *Giggles*.

    - Eleni Heart


      The big update
      Hello everyone how is it going? i hope well, so today i have some partial news to share with you all so lets dig in.
      A big new update for Fantastical is on the way the game is aiming big! and i mean BIG the new generation is here and that means that its time to
      take the development for a whole new standard.

      Fantastical is being slightly re-imagined where the game is getting some few changes in the graphics department the game is in a state of various experimental builds
      and its now going for the next big thing and that is "4K" Fantastical will be 4K Native.

      I am taking big steps to ensure as much of the games resources are being well used in order to proceed with this new standard, this also means that the game is
      getting much more performance improvements and this is a huge one the game continues to work flawlessly with so much efficiency this current build is much more
      efficient and it continues to redefine the requirements for Minimal and Maximum system specs.

      New content on its way.

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        Fantastical and the revamping.

        Hello everyone today i am going to share a few more info on my game Fantastical.

        The progress on developing this game is a bit rocky but its going alright the game is getting some new design changes done to it.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot-from-20190629-203135.jpg Views:	1 Size:	399.0 KB ID:	1637571

        The goal is to bring as much detail to the screen as possible with 4K and this succeeded so well so let me explain why im showing this image.

        This is a compressed cut image of the game taken with the game in 4K despite the compression alot of new information is depicted with things like the bricks of the walls on the building to the 3D fabric on Henry and the statue of Echo on the center of the current zone of the city.

        The other thing is that im trying to enrich the detail of the ambiance and even the Shadows the shadows are another improvement in the game as they draw several
        distances much further, with Ambiance im trying to mimic CGI film but its hard.

        Like i said this is a revamp and im not entirely happy with the games sky since its too blue and its just not fitting in with the original idea of the games concept so a much
        more fantasy like sky is being planned.. Another thing is the Volume Clouds as i want a better alternative because the old clouds just felt boring and gloomy and the removal
        of Volume Clouds that my game uses are special and they dont really impact performance as much so adding them is a simple bonus in term of design.

        Since several things are being changed i have been thinking of new in game mechanics for Henry and a new mode that allows me to play with the extra horsepower
        of the games available resources.

        How much is the game using to display this resolution? Not much its fairly cheap in raw performance this however required so much experimentation to try to get it
        at a insane sweet spot and when i say insane im not playing its INSANE! to the point where im very confident on the setup and its hardware.

        The lowest and cheapest FPS for 4K is 30FPS im always aiming for 60FPS however the game is so responsive that 30FPS felt ok to be allowed and if anything
        the game is very efficient so its not much to get it to run at 4K 60FPS things however like Motion Blur are being pulled from the game by default because the
        affect just felt sluggish in some cases where with it off just feels faster this also works best with 60 so Motion Blur is now just a option in the game and its
        not that expensive either.

        Mad Dinos!

        Since the game is so well optimized i am now planning to increase the dinosaur count more this will actually affect the previous "Horde Mode" since back then it was
        ..not exactly easy to put more than 50 Raptor Bots in a actual level unless it had this really annoying Micromanagement that i really didnt like but since the games
        resources are being put to better and more smarter use more Raptors are finally a thing.

        Preview Three

        Click image for larger version  Name:	Hen_fa_M_2134.jpg Views:	1 Size:	74.2 KB ID:	1637572

        Who is Henry?

        Henry Lončar "Хенри Лончар" is the games main character.

        Henry is a very smart and mature kid for his age.

        Henry is the smartest kid in his classes , he enjoys outdoor activity with things like sports and he also likes to be creative. Henry is also known as the "Golden Heart Kid" Henry is
        also the boy who helps others and helps kids in need he is no stranger to helping in school if a kid gets hurt he runs to help, if some one needs school help he is there, if he sees that kid
        is hungry and wants food he will share his food that he has and even give over 3 quarters of that food to that kid.

        Henry is also very strong for his age if some one is in trouble he will attack and defend them even if its some one much older than him he will pin them down and force them to put a
        end to the madness all be good and shall remain good... or Henry will break your arm in half!

        Henrys Family comes from Belgrade, Serbia " Србија Београд " Henry is the only child in his family and is Enchanted Serbian he being born from Enchantium likes to
        learn from his familys history he does not know alot of Serbian and tends to speak the Enchantium main language known as "Cuteshia".

        Swan is Henrys best friend and they both enjoy to spend time with each other Plank is also Henrys best friend and Henry tends to teach Plank new things in various cases
        Plank likes to spend time with Henry and invites him over to his house as well as they both would play outdoor games in Planks backyard or even get some delicious Spanish food
        that Planks mother would serve them.

        Henry , Swan and Plank are seen together alot and everyone knows that when they are with Henry they are in good hands! Henry is also seen as the leader of the bunch he is
        seen as a Noble kid.

        Henry enjoys to Read stories to Plank and Swan also other kids the school during lunch hours when they finish over more than 20 kids will gather together to hear Henry
        Read them lots of books and even to the younger children and also brings his friends delicious treats his mom made for his classes.

        Henry does not like disorder and is fast to restore it, Henry seeing the situation of Enchantium he goes right at it to save it.

        "The Big Accident"
        "Plank, TIOS! i found something real neat like!"
        "Henry, Is it another Snake Plank?"
        "Plank, Its a huge Black Rock"
        "Swan, What is that? it looks all charcoal like"
        "Plank, Thats cause its Discovery! Haha
        Cuánto pasta darían por esto?"
        "Henry, Oh oh"
        "Plank and Swan, Huh whats wrong?"
        *** Henry grabs both Plank and Swan and jumps away from the object ***
        "Henry. Plank you dug out a Volcanic Orb again those explode"
        "Plank, Yikes i didnt see that coming good thing you where here"

        "Silly Stuff XD"
        "Plank, Today Tio i am working on the latest in awesome digging adventures from the side to the nether"
        "Henry, Really? and how did you manage that.. wait what are you making now?"

        "Plank, I am making a beach!! it will be awesome tio we will open it and call it Plank Side with slides and ramps and all of that fun jazz!!
        I got inspired from the pictures i saw of my parents taking their trip to Castellón

        "Henry, I dont think thats such a easy task Rudolph even for you"
        "Planks, NO ME RALLAS!!!! im going to work on my new beach and since you dont want to help il do it alone"
        "Henry, Plank thats not the point i.."
        *** Plank hits something underneath the dirt ***
        "Plank, Oh no... a fountain!"
        "Henry, We are in a water theme park Silly"
        "Plank, i thought it be easier to save on the slides"



        Fun Fact about Henry

        Planks joke gone wrong: Henry and Plank one day where making a professional layout with Henry on it using Bumble Beez Software and
        Plank was thinking of Lions that day and he wrote "LEON" after Henrys name and when the flaw was discovered it was too late to change it

        "This flaw is only present in the Fantastical Demo Menu"

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          New World Revealed: The Land of Toys

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Fant_ernesto_dsf3214_lgf.jpg Views:	1 Size:	240.0 KB ID:	1641909
          The Land of Toys is a world created out of Giant Toys of all kinds from the Giant Blocks and the Birthday Gift Mountains or the enormous Trees that tower the
          vista of these worlds its really a place that stands out from the others in some ways.

          This world was created by Eds wife who has 3 children and created this world just for them but time has gone by and its now unused.

          From the floating gift surprise boxes and the giant balloons Land of Toys is not as much a safe place due to the huge amount of Raptor Bots that
          infest the area.

          The world has a theme where a green sky is shown with a yellowish fog and this has its representation of Green = Go "Energy" / Yellow = Happy".

          This world is too far and getting there is not easy it is also known as the Toy Desert.
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              New World Revealed: Temporal Sands
              Click image for larger version  Name:	Fantastical_Ernesto_de214_te.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	358.4 KB ID:	1646622
              Temporal Sands is a world where Time and Phenomenon occur these worlds belonged to Time.

              These worlds are not so well known as to what they are about and only Time knows as he is the only way out because there are no teleporters
              in these mysterious worlds.

              The land is made up of Clocks and Machinery these worlds tend to lean on more of the Pay Attention to the Surroundings.

              From Time to Ed.. Ed offered Time a place of his own if he changes his freak experiment ways but it turns out he never did so Ed
              reclaimed his world and Time no longer has any domain over it, this is why Times worlds are now available and Henry makes it in them
              as they originally where blocked.

              More content coming soon. /
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                  Picture of the moment
                  Click image for larger version

Name:	Annotation-20190830-220729.png
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                  From being on top of a small mountain to know being completely hidden in a mostly green land this city is another place that did not
                  go well because of just how far it was.

                  Downtown Enchantium is another fallen land that hardly got the speed that Southern Enchantium City did infact this was
                  even worse the city is even smaller and more and more further in the middle of nowhere mostly giant trees loom over this place.

                  However some one of interest to Henrys mission was infact on this abandoned city and he needs to see that person..

                  Futuristic Tech cities are in many cases simply frowned upon in Enchantium.

                  (In this picture, Downtown Enchantium City)

                  More coming soon,
                  - Ernesto Marquez.


                    Picture of the moment
                    Click image for larger version

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                    Why is chocolate so important?

                    Chocolate.. the real stuff not the processed nonsense!.. is very good for Henry the deliciousness of the chocolate is slightly bitter but tasty
                    not only is Chocolate so good its Henrys healing ability thanks to Elektra who makes them just for him.

                    These pieces of Chocolate are hard to find in some cases so these tasty treats encourage Henry to explore the world in order to find some
                    and to heal as well.. they are scattered all over the worlds he visits.

                    So lads you must keep an eye out for these pieces of chocolate they are not easy to find but it encourages you to look for them.

                    From the delicious Cacao pieces of chocolates to other favorites like Fizzy drinks nothing beats Chocolate in Enchantium.

                    Featured: Henry and a piece of Chocolate.

                    New Experimentation for Fantastical.

                    When a special Experiment build of the game is in place this is always good news as im trying to come up with new ways to improve the game.

                    - New and Improved Graphical quality: Fantasticals graphical features are being revamped and further improved in order to improve efficiency.

                    - Destruction: Destruction is being reintroduced back into the game from its old first build so far the tests are going well but its still experimental.

                    - DirectX 12 Testing: Despite this originally being the planned API it has been slightly disappointing to use DX12 however new tests are being worked on
                    to see just how much more i can get out of the API.

                    - 60 FPS all the time and Graphical Tweaks: 60FPS is a priority and the demand for it is not as much with things like 1080p the final default look is still being
                    settled on but the good news is that 60FPS is the solid target and you dont need to go overkill to run the game with it even at 4K.

                    "Features such as Motion Blur are now Luxury features as i continue to improve sadly some things did get heavier and Motion Blur is much more richer this
                    results in it being one of the most expensive features in the game but the game does not default with Motion Blur so its completely a option to use"

                    I love to experiment and i always try to look for ways to add more to the game and so far its been crazy but new things are coming to mind for the development
                    of my game.

                    More coming soon.
                    - Ernesto Marquez.



                      Hello Everyone

                      So today i have some new info to share about my game Fantastical.

                      The Unlock Dare!

                      Fantastical is loaded with more than 22 levels full of Beat Em Up / Platforming goodness mostly Beat Em Up!!

                      5 secret Platforming levels can be unlocked in the game to add some more extra platforming goodness to your play.

                      How can i unlock these levels? : You must follow the games instructions to unlock these rewards for you to play and try em.

                      These platform levels are fun and have a unique look to em but they are ment to be unlockables and are not Campaign related at all.

                      Example one:
                      You must complete ONE world in a certain wa
                      y in order to access that level in question you seek to play.

                      In order to access these levels you need to first understand that the game can mention a level that you may or may not have visited
                      BEWARE! If the game tells to do a certain task in say "Celestina" and you already completed that level without completing the task
                      you already missed your chance to unlock that level.

                      "Can i unlock a secret level by completing the entire game?" : If the task admits to it being a possibility.

                      I will share more about these levels another time.

                      Click image for larger version  Name:	Fantastical_CS_Ernesto_WP_PRE.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	174.1 KB ID:	1666527
                      Image of the moment

                      What is it about? This image depicts five of my characters Henry , Bellissa , Plank , Swan and Eleni.

                      This image shows my characters in a world called "Ice Cream Sandwich Islands and Gumdrop Isles" a Arch failed and took Henry and his friends here
                      the world is depicted in a unhappy and mostly vicious appearance with violent waves of Chocolate milk splashing giant Ice Cream Sandwich like pieces
                      of land the world depicts "Sweet gone Sour" as Fantastical is extremely surreal and my artwork shows this in a unique way.

                      Our Hero Henry is awaiting for his Fairy Mother to pick all of them up from the island if you see Plank flashing his light in the sky in the form of a
                      beacon even Eleni who is the only character with Flight capabilities does not like the world but because Henry is there she wont leave him.

                      With a menacing sky above and vicious Choco splashing and banging the giant dessert world our Hero and his friends remain very calm.

                      *Broken Arch* (MINIS)
                      (Henry and his friends were all on their way to the park but a broken arch was found by Plank and he did not
                      know it was defected and it led all of the 5 characters to a strange candy like world)
                      Henry: Well done Plank you got us in this mess
                      Plank:It could had been a short cut... if it wasnt a broken arch tio
                      Swan:How much longer Henry? i dont like this place and i wouldnt eat this crud if i wanted to
                      Bellissa: Yeah i want some fruits you know something healthier!
                      Henry: EASY!!!!!! shes coming take it easy! whilst we wait lets just calm down
                      Eleni: Unlike all of you i can fly and i can fly away from here but im not leaving without Henry
                      Bellissa: Oh shut up you!!
                      Plank: Henry are you sure shes on her way
                      Henry: Yes she is but this weather sure is not gelling as a good time to be here for sure
                      Swan: This is all Planks fault! we should had just walked!
                      Plank: Oh yes Swan.. like my parents stories of their wonderful vacation on the English country sides just walking!..BEAUTIFUL!
                      ???: There you are my Henry
                      Henry: Yeah hi can we go now?
                      ???: Oh why the rush its so sweet here
                      Plank: Try a place of Veggies instead..
                      Henry: Your barking at the wrong tree lets just leave already.

                      Fantastical By:Ernesto Marquez. |

                      Coming soon for Windows 10


                        Now imagine this your in a level where its mostly platforming and the only way out is to escalate higher well this is one of those levels this is called "7 Layers of Hell Cake".

                        7 Layers of Hell Cake "NO RELATION TO ANY OF MY FOOD WORLDS" is one of few platforming levels that you can play as the big difference is the levels have no enemies but except the level IS THE ENEMY.

                        The twist is you have to get up high to the golden arch so you may progress on to a new world to continue on 7 Layers puts you in a place where the level gets more deadlier the higher you climb and the levels layout gets confusing the higher you go and in some cases you be afraid to proceed on because one wrong leap you will have to start all over.

                        7 Layers of Hell Cake
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	Fantastical_Ernesto_EAS_1234.jpg Views:	1 Size:	103.9 KB ID:	1670482

                        Now... here is one of those cases in the game where these kinds of worlds are simply not the design of the top creators such as Ed this is a world made by the enemy.

                        The enemy knows Henry is on his way but what better way to stop him than to make these worlds that simply put him in a higher chance of being captured,
                        Henry is capable of going through these worlds but they are simply not easy in many cases some worlds can be much more deadlier at start also but in
                        this case the worlds can also lead you to confusion "Where to go next? Will i fall here? etc..".

                        This is a platforming mostly/only world that is not locked but part of the games campaign mode.

                        Mastering Henrys Speed, Jumps and proper timing are massively critical to succeeding in these worlds.

                        More content coming soon.

                        Fantastical By:Ernesto Marquez. |
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                          Image of the moment

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	frgth54334235y.jpeg
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Size:	223.2 KB
ID:	1674269

                          One of the key things in Fantastical is too keep Henry strong and Training Henry is one of those things.

                          This world is one of many different worlds that are mostly ment to put Henry to the test and to see just how much the player is skilled.

                          These levels feature "Break The Targets" and the purpose is for Henry to look for and destroy every Target at a certain time span and/or or Could
                          require some other objective such as avoiding obstacles.

                          This world requires all of the stunts to be pulled of and Henry will have to destroy all Targets.

                          "How many Targets could be in a level?" There can be more than One Hundred Targets there are NO number lower than
                          One Hundred its either One Hundred targets or much higher.

                          "How much time?" It depends but the player will have to be quick.

                          "Are there any penalties?" YES.. if for example Henry instead of breaking a target that floats just drops it it will make things
                          worse for the player because that time trying to break the target went instead for Physics taking over and instead dropping it and he
                          must get down to destroy it in other words this increases the chances of being unable to finish on time.

                          "Can targets be stronger ?" Yes

                          These worlds are to Train Henry so he can be faster and stronger and get used to tricky moves/attacks the worlds actually belong to
                          Selena, Selena loves Henry and wants him to get stronger.


                          Following features: Break The Targets
                          part of various other Training challenges in the game.

                          Fantastical coming 2020 for Windows 10 x


                            Hello to everyone,

                            So far i hope you all have had a pleasant one for the past several days and i have some news to share about my game so lets get into it.

                            THE NEW DIRECTION.

                            Fantastical is going to do some new changes that where originally not planned as much as to how the game is now and that means some sacrifices are incoming.

                            XENON HENRY CANCELLATION.

                            So earlier i shared a new character design of Henry in a Super Hero like outfit called "Xenon Henry"..... Yes this has to go!

                            First of what is it? Its from a major event that was suppose to take place in the game Henry visited a world where super heroes where a thing and Henry was actually not a
                            Hero but the most powerful and dangerous Villain.

                            The world was called "Your All ZEROES!!" this world was about Henry actually having to Kill 3 different super heroes and it took place in a Futuristic New York like world in
                            the game, Henry is considered the "Boy Chaos" the most unstoppable villain who wants to end all of Earth this world took place on a Earth like world the reason for ending it
                            was because it was too corrupt and the Earth the way it worked was upside down compared to the Enchanted universe in other words "Corruption" and the worlds where
                            very demolish-able.

                            The reason why it got cancelled was simply because............. well im a person who puts parts of me in my games so fun fact.. I HATE COMIC BOOK SUPER HEROES and
                            well adding it to the game felt meaningless and unexciting, the other thing was that the world took place in the games "PAPEL ZONE" the world was a Giant Magical Story Book.

                            It was just a slightly more powerful Henry also..

                            This world will be replaced with a new major event instead.

                            Platform expansion

                            As much as this is a hard one im thinking about adding the game a new platform support for modern current consoles but the reason why im not a fan of this is because i dont
                            want to sacrifice too much of the games performance porting it to a static console also my characters when there are alot in one place can murder frame rates as one example
                            of this situation.

                            ..........This is a MAYBE but im still willing to try. "Console not Linux".

                            2020 Expand

                            Like i said the game is going some rework so il bee needing some more time to work on my game more worlds and even new characters are on the way and im
                            pretty happy with how it is now.

                            - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

                            Fantastical coming 2020 for Windows 10 x
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                              Hello and a fine day to you guys,

                              Experimentation is ahead... and i love it.

                              New Moves and New Worlds
                              So recently my game has been on a exciting new change and this means more levels and even more new moves for Henry, one of the things that Fantastical had
                              in the past was only 4 attacks but im making some new changes to make Henry more powerful and to deal with more enemies on screen. The game has 3 moves
                              true... but for those who can execute the RAGE attack this counts as the 4th as it delivers much more damage to the enemy.

                              During this experimentation the goal is to give Henry over 5 or 6 attacks.

                              Keeping it Compact
                              During the development of this game i always try to make the game as small as possible in the terms of storage and to make it a nice compact file size is a key
                              goal in all of this recently i been working on new ways to make the game much smaller but at the same time adding much more content to the game. Letting the
                              player download a game as fast as possible is a huge plus games are huge these days and can go up to 100GB or a more common size is over 30GB Fantastical
                              was not as efficient in size in its early days it was close to 9 - 10GBs so some management had to be done in order to make the game smaller in size.

                              Console optimization ahead
                              I am keeping a eye on console but the power is not good enough to run Fantastical but its a chance to experiment with my software to see how much i can put
                              on a static box so its off for some research!! if anything this can further improve the Windows 10 version anyways.

                              More content to be shared later on.

                              - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

                              Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.

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                                A brand new update

                                Hello everyone and for today i have some new info on my game Fantastical.

                                Its been a good long while for getting some experimentation going and so far the results are very good.

                                Fantastical Version 3 "Experimental".

                                So one of the big challenges was to make Fantastical much more faster and efficient and so far this has come a very long
                                way and the game is getting much higher frame rates making it fast is always a plus but the game has other tricks up its sleeve
                                for why its getting much more faster.

                                The game is aiming for the next generation for Windows 10 but along side it MAY be a Console version this is also one reason why i have
                                been working on speeding up the game as for it being on a console and well lets face it the static boxes are not as powerful so
                                i have to come up with multiple ways to get it to run on it and the previous version all be it more faster then the old version
                                including the Demo version was not cutting it as much.

                                The goal is pumping up more speed into the game this has proven to be a success.

                                The new upcoming move or move(s)

                                The game gives players 4 attacks "Punch , UpperCut , Body Slam and a Super Punch like attack by bombarding the X button so i have
                                been thinking about increasing the attacks by 1 or 2 more and so far i have had a brand new attack on mind lately and i am planning to make
                                it a reality to add to the games current list.

                                Buttons are a issue since all of the face buttons are taken i was thinking about doing it in a more clunky way "X+B" but it just didnt feel
                                nature so im still thinking on how to assign this to a button or Trigger, i will reveal the new attack another time.

                                DirectX 12

                                Fantastical is now ready to go with DirectX 12 as its default API.

                                More content to be shared later on.

                                - Ernesto Marquez. / Elegance Analysis Software.

                                Fantastical coming soon for Windows 10 2020.

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