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    [GAME] Fantastical Game

    Hello and welcome

    Im developing Fantastical and this game is still in active development however along side the development I have released a free demo of my game for people to try out.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	fdgr3523qwwe.PNG Views:	1 Size:	177.2 KB ID:	1594279
    Quick Bio
    Fantastical is a game about a boy who lives in two worlds the False World and the True World, the False world is identical and similar to our real life world as Henry lives in a small mountain desert town and lives a normal life with his friends and his best friend they simply cant live without each other.

    Henry one day discovers that the world that he lived in was fake and he discovers the True world a world of complete fantasy and he also finds out that he was missing and his friends and best friend are extremely happy to see him.

    Henry goes on a crazy adventure to find out who is the one behind locking him in the fake world, why they did it and whats going on in his world.

    Hard to the Core!
    This is a difficult game! in the final build the game gets much harder as you advance onward as things such as dynamic and scripted hazards make appearances, Increase in enemies called Raptor Bots and boss battles.

    The game focuses on giving the player NO POWER UPS you have to use what you where given and this means that you have to learn and master the main character and a limit in life supply, the main character eats chocolate and with chocolate it can restore 25% of lost health but once you eat them all they are gone.






    - PLATFORMS OF AVAILABILITY: Windows 10 Family (Windows 10 , Windows 10 S)


    Just Search for "Fantastical Demo" or "Elegance Analysis"
    Now you can play Fantastical Demo as a taste of the game! the free demo lets you play one of the early levels in the True World where Henry is placed to take down the evil Raptor Bots who are trying to capture him and it wont be easy.

    The final version of the game is not the same as the demo version.

    Thank you - Ernesto Marquez.
    My Official
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    Hello everyone,

    Today I will be sharing some few new screenshots of the game and whats going on in them, if I add more this section will update.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture1.PNG Views:	1 Size:	534.0 KB ID:	1594960
    World Name: Astaluna
    World Alignment: FALSE

    In this screenshot you can see Henry in a world that looks pretty normal to ours this place is Called Astaluna which is a small desert mountain town. In this world Henry is prisoned but makes it out by crossing through a super natural portal called Gold Arches.

    WHATS THIS WORLD ABOUT: The world is simple, boring, symmetrical, Normal Suburban neighborhood and Henrys School is down the street to the right. In this world simplicity is key to keeping Henry prison and not allowing him to question his False world this was extremely genius because Henry almost never bothered to care about leaving his Mountain Town because its simple and its full of happiness and good times and he knows the entire neighborhood so he couldn't imagine leaving this place.

    But Henry at times did question his world according to him he remembers going to a cave by the lower mountains with his false parents and a few friends in a camping trip and a few years later he returned to that same spot only to discover that it was gone even his friends and family dont remember going to a trip he clearly remembers.

    The clever thing the Villain did was make Henry have Memories of being Born in this world further making him accept this false reality.
    The one thing Henry can do that the villain simply cant is restrain his freedom of will, Henry is a dedicated boy if he wanted to he could cross the mountains if you pay attention the Mountains are the biggest and the farthest obstacles for him to cross but what will happen if he did cross it? Henry will see that there is nothing else out there but pure black and he will question his reality Who am I? Whats Going On? or worse Who made this world? this will break his matrix and he will realize that this world is fake and will wake up.

    In True World everyone knows their crerator and that all is good but in this world its too restricted and its a complete lie.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture2.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	145.7 KB ID:	1594961
    World Name: DinnerTime
    World Alignment:TRUE

    WHATS THIS WORLD ABOUT: This is DinnerTime this is a example of what True Worlders can do a world of pure immagination.

    In this world Henry is seeing the distance with a giant table and chairs taller than the trees next to them, this world is ment to depict a world where food can be enjoyed outdoors the world is set in a large narrow grassy area surrounded by trees.
    In this world Henry has to climb on the top of a giant cake to leave to the next world.

    In this world Henrys adventure takes place on a giant table with a mess of plates, saucers and some food and cups of Tea, Henry must platform his way out on this one also and interesting enough at the end of the table at the far left corner a giant whole on the grass lays like some animal leaves and enters in a hurry.

    Thank you.


    Hello everyone today i got another new world to show you guys.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture3-2.PNG Views:	1 Size:	479.2 KB ID:	1595565
    World Name: The City of Southern Enchantium
    World Alignment: TRUE

    WHATS THIS WORLD ABOUT: Henry comes across one of his Memory restoring moments when he remembers about a city far away from his home region.

    "The City of Southern Enchantium , Created by: Echo Chase"

    The City of Southern Enchantium is a city that was built the early days of Enchantiums existence the original creator of Enchantium named Eds close friend Echo created this world.

    The city is built small but they later found out that they needed more room since the city was on top of a mountain this ment that space was limited so they stacked the buildings on top of one another and they built metal platforms to hold them in place.

    Built as a Technological city with the intention of developing new ideas, this place developed the Blue Arch which was used to teleport people to the platforms above or back down this is also where the Gold Arches was made and they are used to teleport people back and forth to new destinations because this small city is extremely far away.

    Built by a man named Echo his Gold Statue can be seen in the front of the city and also some farmers where allowed to live in this city to help grow more food and design wise it lacks certain Enchantium culture designs,

    Henry visits this city to continue his job to take down the Raptor Bots.

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      Game Screenshot of the moment

      Would you like some Chess Pieces with some Checkerboard patterns? Said the voice
      Click image for larger version

Name:	FantasticalUE4Ernesto.jpeg
Views:	2
Size:	396.7 KB
ID:	1596190

      So onward with the challenge.


        Hello Everybody today i got some new content to share with you guys.

        New World Reveal - Spotlight "The Hills of Sorrow".

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture4.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	151.9 KB
ID:	1597114

        This world introduces Dynamic Hazards that can go anywhere in the world they are called Death Balls one touch from these and your good as gone!
        Also while your at it be sure to take down the numerous Raptor Bots!

        This world is based of a Hellish Desert and Antique design combine with a uncanny feel of a blue sky, once in this world you will know its not all safe and

        This world is also a world that makes the player focus on multiple objectives further increasing the difficulty.

        Thank you.


          Hello Everyone,
          Its been a busy week but new content will begin to roll out very soon here are some new updates on the game.

          Image of the moment

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Capture4-2.PNG Views:	2 Size:	495.0 KB ID:	1599583
          The city so small but full of big ideas
          What crazy place it is and for sure its a wonder, the City of Southern Enchantium is by far the most interesting place Henry has visited.
          This city is infamous for being built extremely far away from other worlds and the travel time is just crazy long that the teleported had to be used to take people
          from one place to another and to Southern Enchantium due to its crazy distance.
          A Futuristic city that despite its advanced methods ended up being a small Technological / Rancher city.
          But hey at least they have neat Farmers Markets at the front of the small city and restaurants.. they have awesome Mozzarella sticks and fine dinning.

          Great idea, Echo! but.... Why so far!
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            New World: Sea of The Far.

            Sea of the far is a world far away in Enchantium it is mostly populated of various island sections in this level Henry does not only have to deal with Raptor Bots but now a more deadlier threat is in this paradise of a world.

            In this world the islands are divided into 5 and they contain various bridges that twist, bank and warp for a good reason this is to keep Henry moving as fast as possible by running and using Shovel or "SLIDE" when the player Slides and Jumps continuously Henry can go extremely fast in movement but he lacks good air control.

            The owner of this side of the far far away ocean wants the Raptor Bots gone or will not grant Henry the chance to leave as the Golden Arch is gated by a Glass container that only the owner can open, she is very confident in Henry to get this mess off of her islands but of course Henry made it this far he will take on the task.

            As long as he gets things done he will not miss his next trip.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	SOTF_ERn543r.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	187.3 KB
ID:	1601206

            The owner of these islands likes Henry so much and she knows he can do it!

            We are from worlds far apart,
            I will still keep you in my heart!

            A boy so tough yet oh so cute,
            I will always be true to you!

            But........................ Will Henry survive the upcoming horrors once he gets out of this Roller coaster of a Island? Things will get grimmer down the road.



              I downloaded your demo game and was able to play it about 2 times but I often get an error like this: " Fatal error! The UE4-Fantastical_Demo Game has crashed and will..." so I have a very hard time booting up your game and playing it. What should I do?


                Originally posted by leb78 View Post

                I downloaded your demo game and was able to play it about 2 times but I often get an error like this: " Fatal error! The UE4-Fantastical_Demo Game has crashed and will..." so I have a very hard time booting up your game and playing it. What should I do?
                Hello leb78

                Im sorry my game is not operating as it should and I thank you for bringing this to my attention as this is new information I had no idea about.

                This is a very interesting issue and I will take a look into it but first some simple troubleshooting that could help.

                1. Ensure that your machine meets the requirements in order for it to run
                2. Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date "I cant say the same for APUs or Integrated CPU graphics but by all means be sure they are updated."

                Steps on the games UWP
                Lets go ahead and repair the games UWP!

                1.Open the Start Menu
                2.Look for the Fantastical Demo , UWP game
                3.Right Click the game and select "More - App Settings"
                4.Select "Repair" on the games built in settings to attempt to solve any issues that the game might had gone through.
                If this does not help try to "Reset" it.

                Please let me know if this helps.


                  It's not really a problem anymore. I just try to boot it a few times in a row and then it starts fine. I have other games that I bought on the Windows store that also crash on start (like ACA Neo-Geo Art Of Fighting) but I just try to launch them a few times in a row and then they start fine.

                  Your game is pretty nice, good luck with it!


                    New Game Feature Revealed (UPDATED CONTENT)

                    "Forbidden Access"
                    Click image for larger version

Name:	Fan_Wos_erne_254r3.JPG
Views:	1
Size:	226.5 KB
ID:	1613720
                    In this world we see lots of delicious candy , cake , ice cream and more for anyone to eat.. but guess what? YOU HAVE NO ACCESS TO IT!!

                    These are called "Forbidden Worlds" these worlds can only be accessed by accomplishing special tasks with in the game.

                    This world is called "World of Sweets" and these worlds take on a Happier and sweeter look but in reality these worlds are much more brutal and will required the player to
                    take the hardest decisions from Taking Down Raptor Bots , Avoiding extremely deadly hazards and worse AI enemies that are not involved in the mission and simply want to take you down.

                    These worlds add more levels to the game and more challenge you will encounter the games villains most brutal creations to try to take you down you will encounter "Gold Raptor Bots" a Gold Raptor Bot is another robotic enemy but are very difficult to destroy and their running speed is enough to catch Henry even when he runs.

                    This world is far and very dangerous and difficult to access along with the other hidden worlds.

                    Forbidden worlds are not accessible by default and are deceptive in design, these worlds are also signs that Henry is doing a great job and that he is on the right track to success.
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                      New World Revealed

                      Wonder Castle?
                      Click image for larger version  Name:	FanErnestoWonCas.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	231.3 KB ID:	1612391

                      Far ahead of the game Henry will encounter a strange castle mostly known as "Wonder Castle".

                      Wonder Castle is said to contain a world inside the Castle or that the Castle is a Entrace that leads to another world to that world OR that the Caslte contains a paranormal OR magical place within it OR that its........ No one knows!!!!!!!!!!!!

                      Wonder Castle is a complete Mystery and if anyone is to know about this mysterious place is probably Ed but how would anyone know about this place? There is no door to enter the castle at all except a blunt hard rock solid wall.

                      But Henry encounters a new friend in this place that reveals to him how to go inside the castle apperantly this individual is from that castle and claims to know the way inside so Henry of course is very interested.

                      According to this individual Wonder Caslte is actually a portal to the Castle itself and that the inside looks nothing like how it is on the outside and not just that it leads to what it calls the "Wonder Court" which when Henry asked what it is.. no response was given, Henry actually wonders why this place is so secretive and according to Echantium legend this world was on Earth but some how merged with Enchantium but no one knows.

                      Wonder Castle inside is also said and confirmed by the individual to be nearly nothing like the outer worlds that Henry knows its much different and not a safe place at all, Henry discovers strange phenomenon in this world and must remain cautious he has no idea on how the world works.

                      "Silly mate, you know not what you get yourself into, onto into or onto maybe to or about to!!!
                      In this land its not like yours you risk being you and to be like you whoAreofOuterandOtherForWhyBotherrightBrother?"
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                        Hello Everybody today i got some more to share about my game Fantastical so lets get right into it.

                        Fantastical has been going a very interesting development state lately and alot of neat process has been made with this game and also including pulling of some new features.

                        Whats new:

                        Further DirectX 12 progression: Fantastical in general is a ambitious piece of work of mine that i have been wanting to bring to life for a long time and with that came a few ambitious goals that i wanted to bring to life and that is Beauty , Speed , Efficientcy and using the latest in graphical features with little to no hit on Performance of the machine in question.

                        For years this has been something i always wanted to do and thankfully Fantastical hits the spot.. from high quality Volumetric Clouds , Volumetric Fog , Bigdata character design and clean smooth CGI film like picture with no jaggies i tend to like to push on to what else i can squeeze on my game.

                        Like i said that the game basically pushes far into the graphics department with alot of UE4 graphical knobs already being used and the game has managed to become much more efficient and with the extra leeway available i have been doing some extra with the games new available resources and making the game take more use of things such as extra enemies in one level and such.

                        So alot of work has been put on to the game and i have got alot of new graphical features up and running a bit unstable but its getting there and i will share these changes by time.

                        A new trailer is planned: I made two mini trailers but they are not exactly ment to show much other then the silly cute nature of the characters and the worlds so a new one further revealing the game is planned.

                        New in game feature (UPDATED CHANGED THE NAME TO "XENON"):
                        Click image for larger version

Name:	FantasticalP_HenryXenon.PNG
Views:	1
Size:	374.6 KB
ID:	1614258

                        This is Xenon Henry.. Xenon Henry is a special new mode in the game that the player gets a chance to play. This new mode is mostly that of a level where Henry is introduced to a brand new SuperHero like world by a entity in the game but i wont spoil anymore.

                        This mode gives Henry brand new options and abilities to play around with for example "Super Jump , Turbine Run and Super Strength" to name a few. Henry must complete this level by using his powerful new abilities but be warned just because he is powerful does not mean the villain will go easy on our hero.

                        This was actually a very interesting new addition to Fantastical and also because as a kid i loved the idea of Kids being the heroes so this gave my younger self a happy feeling deep in the soul.

                        So i thank you guys for reading and i will reveal new content of my game soon.

                        Thanks so much.

                        - Ernesto Marquez.
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                          New World Revealed

                          Sleepy Castle
                          Click image for larger version

Name:	Fant_erne235453.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	264.7 KB
ID:	1619071

                          Higher Provinence is a place where mostly the night looms this is how its known as a endless world of slumber basically being named "Sleepy".

                          Sleepy Caslte is not a castle but a old abandoned Factory where Pillows get made but alot of people dont know that this castle is actually a secret location where it leads to a different world that only a few people know of and Henry is up to the task to find out where the world leads to.

                          Henry meets up with his friend Plank "Rudolph" and according to Rudolph a portal is inside the old factory and despite its appearance it is a much more mysterious place where it leads its been said that the castle does not even have any real working operating machinery of any kind inside but they are all decorations to fake its true purpose its not known what it is but lucky for Henry Plank guides him through.

                          Plank has been researching this world and he suspects that the factory is a portal that leads to another world but it was sealed of for unknown reasons giving it the old abandoned look.

                          This is also where Henry meets up with the girl of his dreams who also helps him in this world but the rest is on his own.

                          But with Planks investment in this mysterious Factory not much is known.


                            New Game Mode Reveal (Horde Mode)

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	Fan_W_Ernes42346763243.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	195.2 KB
ID:	1621328

                            With Fantastical by further advancing into the game you will be given a few challenges this one is called Horde Mode.

                            In this world Henry is in a arena style level called "Mattress World" this world is themed of that of sleep related such as two giant bed sheets and giant pillows, this is the first place that Henry encounters after he goes through the gate in the Sleepy Castle but in order to go to the next world Henry must win the challenge and his reward is the next mysterious world.

                            In Horde Mode Henry will go through two sections that are being divided in the level the first section contains 50 Raptor Bots to defeat all will go after Henry at once Henry will have a massive space to think fast and plan his attacks and a few resources of Health or "Chocolate" to restore Henry.

                            Once the first section is completed the second one will allow him access to continue the event this time he will have to face another 50 Raptor Bots and when completed Henry will be allowed to progress on.

                            This is a challenge of Skill and most important Bravery for our hero Henry it wont be easy as this challenge is a requirement to further advance on to the next world.

                            After he will visit only the strangest world he has probably ever seen the world is well known for being a complete mystery however turns out some one got there and Henry wont be alone in there.

                            - Thanks


                              New Game Feature Revealed

                              "Lethal Weapons"
                              Click image for larger version

Name:	Fan_LeW_Ernes423.jpeg
Views:	1
Size:	60.0 KB
ID:	1623003

                              In the game you will encounter what is known as "Lethal Weapons" Lethal Weapons are Boss Battles or Boss Related Activities in "Lethal Territory".

                              Lethal Weapons are very challenging and difficult characters they are no small tasks and are hard to kill.

                              A Lethal Weapon is not mention in the game as much and they are not free willed they are all in control of Eleni and they have one mission to destroy a lethal weapon are not always recognized by Henry heck... some Henry has never met or known.

                              The above character is a Boss character that uses dangerous weapons to try to take Henry down this also shows how truly Evil Eleni is and how rotten this little girl demon is and has no empathy for anyone or anything her joy is evil and Henry will try to stop her by all means... just dont expect much Mercy... really DONT!! they have no free will and to Eleni its fun!

                              Some control Lands and others have just outright frighting and nightmare fueled intentions, some Boss battles do not take it kindly in general where Eleni simply fools them to do her work since they are already neutral and open to anything bad.

                              No going back once you are in a Lethal Territory and no advancement till you win!