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《Drifting》Third-Person / Action / Shooter / Parkour (Update: Start Menu)

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    In this week's update, I wrote a short article about the challenges and the solution I came up with making this exotic enemy in the game - The Tentacle. I hope you enjoy reading it!

    Have a relaxing weekend~
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    《Drifting》Third-Person Shooter / Action / Parkour


      For the watchers of this game out there: The article needs to be still authorized by IndieDB staff. So don't be confused, if you can't access it yet .
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        Thanks for the clarification!

        I didn't know people cannot access my article before authorization.

        Much is appreciated! =)
        《Drifting》Third-Person Shooter / Action / Parkour


          A glimpse of combat in 《Drifting》

          Dash FX Revised

          Dash FX Revised

          If you watch the previous videos or images of 《Drifting》 closely, you'll notice the ghost replicate of the protagonist has polygon hair instead of tessellated hair, an issue that bothers me for quite a while.

          A few weeks ago, I manage to work around the visibility issue of the hairworks component and after some performance optimization, the game can now render 24 additional hairworks components in the same scene with a smooth fade in and out feature.

          Have a relaxing weekend! >.0
          《Drifting》Third-Person Shooter / Action / Parkour


            《Drifting》 - Move List

            Move List

            This is the list of all the moves the protagonist can perform in the game.

            Noticed all the moves has a wall-run counterpart, even grab-kick and grab-stun can be performed during wall-run, meaning players get to enjoy all the degree of freedom during wall-run with increased movement speed.

            Most of the moves can be interrupted by another move, for moves that can't be interrupted, remember you can use "shoot-cancel" to switch to another move.

            Last but not least, the inputs are configurable with key bindings, so feel free to set the basic moves to your preferred input keys.

            Have a great weekend~ :3
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            《Drifting》Third-Person Shooter / Action / Parkour


              《Drifting》 - Settings and Performance

              Settings and Performance

              In this week's update, I wrote a short article on my blog talking about performance tests and game settings, which may give people a rough idea regarding how well this game can run on their PC with the desired settings.

              (Keep in mind, however, since the game is still in development, the figures may subject to change.)

              I hope you enjoy reading my article, have a great weekend! =)
              《Drifting》Third-Person Shooter / Action / Parkour


                《Drifting》 - Start Menu

                Start Menu

                (The original 2D art is drawn by Arsenysilver)

                This is a short clip of the game's start menu.

                All the 2D arts are animated in real-time: hair, breast, and hook are made using sprite sheet with UE4 flipbook material; lights and ghosting effects are made using UMG translation and alpha animation.

                The idea of this start menu is to convey a sense of free-flowing momentum that players could experience while playing 《Drifting》.

                I hope you enjoy this week's update, have a wonderful weekend! :3
                《Drifting》Third-Person Shooter / Action / Parkour