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    Bug with Nested Prefabs: changing a static mesh component in a BP within a nested Prefab reverse to class defaults if that component doesn't have the "DefaultSceneRoot" component (e.g. if the static mesh is made the new root or a "Scene" component is created to replace the DefaultRoot).

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Create an empty BP and add a StaticMeshComponent (set a default mesh, e.g. Cube)
    2. Move that StaticmeshComponent onto the DefaultRoot component to replace it (alternatively create a "Scene" component and make it the new root)
    3. Place that actor in the scene
    4. In Details->Components, select the StaticMeshComponent and change the mesh (e.g. to a Cone)
    5. Make a Prefab out of the Actor
    6. Drag that new Prefab into the scene (should still show as Cone) and make a Prefab out of it
    7. Drag that nested prefab into the scene and see it revert back to a Cube

    Expected result: at step 7 mesh settings should not revert back to class defaults.
    Note: if the Root component of the actor is not altered (left to "DefaultSceneRoot") - everything works fine.
    Last edited by Cpt.Trips; 11-19-2020, 03:31 PM.

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    Not sure if this is a missing feature, bug or something I haaven't figured out yet.
    Can Prefabs with nested collections be linked with a Prefab Seed Linker?

    I have a sample prefab that holds two Prefab Collections (each of those has 2 unique prefabs):

    TableWithDeco (Prefab):
    - Table (Collection)
    -- Table1 (Prefab)
    -- Table2 (Prefab)
    - Deco (Collection)
    -- Deco1 (Prefab)
    -- Deco2 (Prefab)

    If I place any of the two collections (Table or Deco) directly in the level, create copies in the scene, link those together, and then randomize, all works as expected, they will have always the same result.
    However, if I place the TableWithDeco prefab multiple times (or make copies in the scene), link those through a Prefab Seed Linker, and randomize via the Prefab Randomizer actor, they will have different randomization outcomes.

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  • replied
    Any linux support?

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    Really appreciate giving this away for free. We have started to use this in some of our projects as an alternative to blueprints to use as containers.

    We have found 1 issue currently which is quite a blocker for one of our projects.

    Spawn prefab at runtime that contains a blueprint that runs a timeline node, the timeline doesn't work. (This is on multiple classes with things like platforms moving, visual effects being triggered via timeline and various other movements, none of them work).

    It works if spawned in via editor, which made me think it was related to world context object, initially it was in the game mode with 'self' connected to it, I then proceeded to try it on various other locations but had no luck fixing the issue.

    Would appreciate any insight into why this might be happening or even better, a bug fix for this particular issue.


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    Documentation indicates replication is supported. However when I spawn a prefab at runtime on the server (using the SpawnPrefab node), it is not replicated to the client(s). I'm testing with a simple prefab containing a single static mesh. Prefab asset has the "Replicates" boolean checked.
    UE 4.25.1
    Win10 x64

    is this a bug or is there something I'm missing?

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    Hello, I'm using Git for version control. I added the plugin to the project plugins. I'm getting compilation error after cleaning the ignored files and recompiling the project. Prefabricator is causing the error. These two directories are in my ignored list:


    The gitignore file I use:,unrealengine

    Error message:
    ... could not be compiled. Try rebuilding from source manually.

    Environment setup:
    Unreal Engine 4.25.1
    Prefabricator 1.5.2
    Windows 10 1909
    Visual Studio 2019 16.6.2
    MSVC v142 - VS 2019 C++ x64/x86 build tools (v14.26)
    Windows 10 SDK (10.0.18362.0)
    Last edited by emirhanaydin; 07-09-2020, 05:37 AM.

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    Im trying to set prefabs along the spline(imagine fence, or street lights) Im trying to do it the same way I scatter static meshes. but it doesnt seems to work. Can you help me and point out to me what im doing wrong?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_28.png
Views:	405
Size:	317.5 KB
ID:	1781144

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  • replied
    Originally posted by Ali Akbar View Post
    Thanks for the response, I checked this page and I'm not sure if this works anymore. The box just seems to follow the meshes when I move them, or it re-generates each time I move something. My prefabs are floating above the ground because the box extends too far below them and I have to manually lower the whole prefab.

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  • replied
    Hello Ali, as an ex-Unity, new-Unreal user all i can tell is "your plugin is just a dream". I cannot believe how this can be a free plugin!? .. Thank you so much!
    Last edited by darkcodegames; 06-05-2020, 08:01 PM.

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  • replied
    Submitted a new update

    Version 1.5.2
    • New: Added engine 4.25 support
    • New: Project settings has default thumbnail settings which will be used while saving the prefab asset

    It should show up in the launcher in a few days

    Grab this build (Win64) from github

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  • replied
    timtimmy Thank you Please consider joining our discord channel if you have any queries, we have an active community there:

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  • replied
    Ali Akbar Wow. I just found this. You are amazing.

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  • replied
    Originally posted by Ali Akbar View Post
    I've submitted a new update. Lots of new improvements and bug fixes. It should show up in the marketplace in a few days

    Version 1.4.0[LIST]
    (...)[*]New: Construction System - Enable your players to build their own worlds by assembling floors, walls, ramps corrdiors. There's a game sample demonstrating this. [Video](
    what can I say.. 50 points for ravenclaw dude!

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  • replied
    I've submitted a new update. Lots of new improvements and bug fixes. It should show up in the marketplace in a few days

    Version 1.4.0
    • Fix: Massive improvements to runtime prefab spawning. Spawn thousands of prefabs at runtime with minimal overhead
    • New: Procedural Platformer Level sample: Build a platformer level by assembling small building blocks and using those to build more complex nested prefabs, eventually building one nested layout prefab with thousands of valid playable layout randomizations. [Video](
    • New: Construction System - Enable your players to build their own worlds by assembling floors, walls, ramps corrdiors. There's a game sample demonstrating this. [Video](
    • New: Rewrote the thumbnail renderer, drastically improving the performance. The thumbs are rendered and cached only while saving the prefab. This avoid performance issues in the content browser for larger prefabs where they were previously rendered on demand
    • New: Prefabs hold soft references to child prefab assets. This avoids breaking reference issues on child prefabs when their location was changed in the content browser
    • Fix: Fixed a crash issue when prefab settings were changed from other editor windows (like Dungeon Architect's theme editor window)
    • Fix: Prefabricator loads correctly in custom viewports (like Dungeon Architect's theme editor viewport)
    • Fix: Deep nested prefabs sometimes had their mobility incorrectly set to movable (when they were static). This also fixes the actor hierarchy unlinking issues where the actors were moved out of the prefab hierarchy
    • New: Added a new samples submodule under Content/Samples. All sample content reside in this submodule to avoid increasing the main code repository's size
    • New: Prefab Randomizer actor has a delegate to notify when randomization finishes
    • Fix: Collision profiles are now saved correctly (Doesn't work in some cases and is still an open issue)
    • New: Updated the prefab toolbar icon in the editor window and the prefab actor icon
    • New: Moved the documentation to sphinx-docs for cleaner organization and maintainance. Updated the docs with the new construction system feature. [Link](
    • New: Disabled Undo / Redo transactions on creating prefabs to improve performance while mass creating prefabs. This might be restored in the future versions

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  • replied
    Thank you Jan Byška . I looked into the first bug but couldn't get it into the next update (1.4.0) I'll fix this in the next update. I'll have a look at the second one too

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