Some time ago a Halo inspired project was started, this project is still under devlopment but I decided to release part of it in the marketplace.

What I´m releasing is a complete Online Multiplayer stats system, with teams, player stats, scoreboard, medal system and scoring system.

Here are some pics about what I´m talking about:

And this are the main features that will be released:
  • GameMode, GameState, PlayerState & PlayerCharacter example for online multiplayer game
  • Add new medals with easy (unlimited ammount inside a DataTable)
  • Sound effect for medals
  • Medal queue (if player gets too many medals, they will be appearing in order one after another when there is space enought)
  • Medal sound queue (medals appear instantly, but voices are queued to play one after each other)
  • Player kill menu with weapon, team colors and ownership indicator
  • Team scoring menu with remaining time, max goals and indicator of your team
  • "Team scored" animation in scoring menu
  • Scoreboard with player customization & live update

Hope you like and you can give me some feedback or advise if you are interested or not!
Ill be uploading some more content and videos soon.